Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kay Hymowitz Audio Interview: "Man-Children"

She uses the phrase "man-child" as if men are not living up to something. As if under performing boys from single mother homes are supposed to change this situation. All the data shows that boys from single mother homes do so much worse than girls in academic performance and just about EVERY other health and wellbeing indicator.

You've all seen the Single Mother Birth rate since women began their "revolution" :

She expects these "man-children" to be able to stop women only funding, "women first" Affirmative Action in college admissions, job hirings, Title IX, The Council On Women Girls etc. You simply can not favor one portion of the population with "equality" over the other with social, political and even economic policy and expect the other portion of the population not to fall behind. We are talking serious resources here. Women only loans, mandated government contracts to women owned businesses, women's "advancement" business centers, women only scholarships, grants, "encouragement" programs etc. They have even rid our schools of any semblance of competitive learning models in favor of cooperative learning models. When the boys get bored they get restless. They give them pills and tell them to shut up and sit still. She expects men to be able to stop women's "equality policies".

All of this is women's responsibility not men's. Women are not only the majority vote and the single largest voting demographic but they are the dominate sociological force in the cultural dialog and social fabric. "Women's issues" are always the ONLY focus. Women removed all of men's rights in marriage and thus divorce some time ago. The Soviets created the same family policies we have. I don't see why we expect a different outcome. When you remove all of women's liabilities in divorce they abandon their families on a whim. They initiate 70% of all divorce and we now have a 50% divorce rate...if people get married at all. Anyone who studies feminism like I do knows that women said marriage and family was oppression and set out to change that some 45 years ago.

She speaks as if men of lower status and earning potential is a turn off to women when women have been denying this throughout their revolution for "equality", "independence" and "liberation". Women simply lied and will not step up to the plate as a provider for their families nor support stay at home Dad's. Nor will they marry what they are calling "man-children". Men owe women and women's single mother matriarchal families nothing in order to repair this situation. Men, at this point anyway have no institutional power to dictate and change social, political and economic policies when it comes to gender class along with the separate and secular representation under law and policy it now entails.

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