Saturday, May 21, 2011

Is A Hostile Raiding Party On The Women's Center In Order?

Hmmm, I just got done reading an article over at Avoiceformen.

Yale University has banned all male activities on campus for a period of 5 years.

There is a reason those boys chanted hostile slogans in front of the women’s center. Women should perhaps ask themselves why that is. It was a rightful response to the Take Back The Night from men rally and Vagina-Day being held on the same day as Valentines Day. Men should respond to this hostility with hostility. Good....the fraternity has been banned, time to form a secret fraternity, time to go underground brothers : )

I am lucky to have my grandparents still around so I ask them about these issues on occasion. I know I know…our grandparents are wondering why on Earth these boys were expressing themselves this way….Things have changed grandpa and grandma…, for the worse : )

I wonder what response these young men will have now that they have been pushed to the margins. Is a hostile raiding party against the women’s center under the cover of the new moon in order? Sound insane……Yale should ask themselves what type of hostile environment they have created for young men in academia. They would be wise to ask why. Isn't the act of overt hostility at the same time inspired by the subjective feelings for defense? What are these boys defending themselves from?

You see young men, we just want you to be shamed while attending school..that's all.

Young men, we know you are a minority here in college but we just wanted to make you feel welcome.

Welcome to school boys, we’ve placed a welcome sign on the entrance ramp for you. Make sure you all to attend your “She Fears You” orientation. Next week…Take Back The Night from men rally will be held and you are all welcome to attend. On Valentines Day we will instead be holding V-Day or Vagina-Day, you are welcome to bring a date. Feel free to make up your own catchy slogan, we prefer shouting "no means no" or how about "my vagina is mine, it's only yours when I say it is". This is all done in case 99% of you were not already living under this doctrine faithfully since you were born so we figure we will throw it in your face to make things clear....clear??? Yes, crystal...mistress. The idea is to make an affront to your very dignity and honor as men.

“When I first began teaching college classes 20-some-od­d years ago, my classes were about 50/50 male to female. Since then, I’ve noticed a distinct drop in the male to female ratio. Now, some of my classes are all women; in classes with men, the men are outnumbere­d 3:1. Congratula­tions, ladies, for moving on up; and shame on you dudes for slacking. ”

“The most reliable current statistic on campus assaults — which still comes with caveats — is that nearly 3 percent of college women are raped in an academic year. While that may seem like a slim stat, a report from the National Institute of Justice explains that (taking into account that some women are assaulted multiple times)”

Hmmm and how many of these three percent were violent pathological rapes???? Why do a portion of this 3% of women have multiple experiences…Doesn’t anyone find that odd? Rape being so rare, violent pathological rape being even more rare don’t you think we need to ask some questions here?

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