Monday, February 14, 2011

Professor Walter Block On Sexual Discrimination and The Pay Gap

The example of the cows and single bull is something I do not quite agree with. It is not that "men are not needed all that much". Human selection culled out the variables ourselves to select the traits we see as "stud" and seek to cultivate in cattle.

More men are needed than women because male genetic diversity and male variables are needed to ensure our selective adaptability as a species. As such, 107 to 110 boys are born or conceived to every 100 girls. A homogeneous population sired by a single man is extremely vulnerable because the male variance is not present. Never the less, the culling process of which traits and variables are adaptive takes place through the male, the Y.

Women need to understand why they are represented heavily in the clustered mean average.

However I do understand why he had to present this information in a self deprecating fashion i.e. "men as natures crap shoot". Women have forbidden open conversation on these things within the once sacred sanctity of our institutions of higher knowledge. Such things hurt their feelings.

Women demanded and obtained the resignation of the President of Harvard University when he presented this information. Women then demanded 50 million dollars to promote and hire women only. Then they replaced the President of Harvard with a woman and former Women's Studies feminist leader. We all know that women lack reason and as such opinions are not tolerated because female morals and values are centered around the subjective self. Freedom of speech is born from objective male moral reasoning.

"Opinions can only be tolerated where reason is left free to combat them"

-=President Thomas Jefferson=-

These are the things that happen through the manifestation of female social and political agency. It reminds me of the comment I received from Julie in the debate with a feminist two posts down. Though women may not be as consciously aware of their gynocentric nature as her, never the less Julie reveals something important to understand about the essential nature of females.

"It’s a fact male! We are much better than you! We are the center of humankind, the first sex.

Ok boy, let’s just return to the fundamental instinct of Gynocentrism. This is something you must understand because it’s the key of every thing, the crux of it all. Since We have a greater biological value than you. Since every fucking culture on this planet agrees that We deserve that you DIE for Us. We obviously also deserve a superior status, priviledges, deference, etc. We deserve that you serve our needs first. This is a smaller sacrifice than dying after all. So, call it a ‘Princess complex’ if you want but things will remain the same: We are your biological Superiors – period- and you will never ever be able to do anything to change that! You are here for two things: moving DNA around for Women and serving Us.

Keep it in your mind, you will NEVER be our equals, not even in your dreams. Nevertheless, I think you deserve fairness, respect and gratitude for what you are doing for Us" -Julie

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Anonymous said...

Ahh.... !!

These women kept no alternative other then Artificial Womb ... !

Wait Ladies 10 yrs. Not much.
You want to be free... ?? Ok.. then
You will be freed form any duties you have for humankind or society.

Men have never disappointed you, and certainly will not disappoint this time.