Thursday, July 16, 2009

Article: The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education is a newspaper that presents news, information, and jobs for college and university faculty members and administrators. The Chronicle of Higher Education is the major news service in the United States academic world.

Who Needs Men?
By Prof. Laurie Fendrich
Professor of Arts: Hofstra University
Hofstra University is the largest private college on Long Island

No sooner did I digest the news that 40 percent of American babies are now born out of wedlock (the fathers are now quaintly known in newspaper announcements as “fianc├ęs”) than along comes an article by Sandra Tsing Loh in the current Atlantic revealing that she’s getting divorced. It turns out she’s unhappy with her otherwise happy marriage because of her sex life. With a hefty dose of pissed-offedness, the author excoriates the institution of marriage for failing to sustain romantic and sexual love. (Ultimately, to mix metaphors, she had to go off the ranch to get her ashes properly hauled.) Ms. Tsing Loh offers what she considers the stunning insight that traditional marriage is outdated and tells the rest of us—in considerably more words than Dorothy Parker needed to convey the same message—never to get married.

Whoa! Them’s big conclusions to draw from one particular divorce. But her musings got me thinking. Sandra Tsing Loh’s conclusion isn’t big enough. The real problem is, very simply, the existence of men. What the hell do we need them for anyway?

Granted, men are already here in the billions, and eradicating them would be a logistical challenge. And granted, civilization thus far was built mostly by male brainpower and testosterone. Now, building civilization was no mean feat, but it was accompanied by an awful lot of rape, pillage, beheadings, spearings, burnings-at-the-stake, you name it. Not many of those good deeds were performed by women.

But the building phase of civilization is by now more or less complete. (Nation-states? Check. Constitution? Check. Airliners? Check. Cable TV? Check? Internet? Check. Diet Coke? Check.) We’ve moved firmly into the maintenance and improvement phase, and it’s time for women to take over. They’ve proved themselves superb at keeping things going whenever men went marching off to kill each other. There’s no reason they can’t now be handed the reins of civilization itself. They already hog more than half the educational pie here in America, and are, when all is said and done, the smarter of the sexes.

By cutting to the chase, and getting rid of men entirely, women could care for and improve civilization very nicely by themselves, thank you. OK, a few male geniuses won’t get born. But who needs them at this point? All they’d do is discover some new thing that would make even more pollution or superweapons and end up making us even more miserable than we already are. And we’ve already loaded Mozart onto our i-Pods.

If we did away with men, we wouldn’t have to worry about women like Ms. Tsing Loh being unhappy in marriage. Why, there’d be no more marriage! No more self-absorbed loutish husbands, no more men who can’t sexually satisfy their wives, no more men who won’t take out the garbage or do the dishes or make the kids’ school lunches (like Mom does before she goes off to her 9-to-5 job). And, outside the issue of marriage, there’d be no need for highly-paid male statistician-nerds to track divorce rates, or wimpy education consultants to do studies on wiggly boys in junior high, or philandering politicians to defend the sanctity of marriage. Children (nice, orderly, studious female children, that is) would be happier, too. They’d never again be made miserable by the desertion of a father. And there’d be a reduction in the murder rate of approximately 93 percent.

Men may protest. They’ll say that they’re indispensable to the running of the world. Wrong. Male bodies aren’t necessary. We’ve still got water buffalo for the heavy hauling and robots for more complex tasks (men might have invented them, but women will be great at keeping them oiled). True, no more NFL or NBA, but only men watch that stuff, so it’s two birds with one stone there. Anyway, Candace Parker can dunk. Male minds? A no-brainer (pun intended.)

To perpetuate the species, only women are necessary. Sperm you can harvest now and freeze for later, storing it in big vats in Hackensack, New Jersey. And the Brits are about whip up an artificial (we’ll stop saying “man-made” right now) version. Women could order sperm online, and with the help of their female gynos, could give birth to only female babies. In a generation or two, the few remaining males on the planet could be rounded up and put into petting zoos. As for sex, that’s what all those toy stores in Greenwich Village are for: a couple of “D” batteries, and away you go! For those heterosexual women whose sexual tastes run to the nostalgic, maybe a few men could be kept on a Viagra drip in brothels.

Think of this wonderful new world! No more war, rape or pillage! No more “The Man Show,” Spike TV or Jerry Bruckheimer movies! No more women getting blamed for men getting lost when it’s a man driving. No more computer crashes due to hard drives clogged with porn. No more wide receiver touchdown dances. Five out of six prisons turned into hospitals or community colleges. No more commercials for Extenze, Hair Club for Men, or beer for men with no sense of touch who need the can to turn blue to know that it’s cold. Sure, women would still have hissy-fits and bad hair days, and there’d be the rise of the occasional threatening woman—a Sarah Palin or a Hillary Clinton. But since women—even studies conducted by males prove—are by nature more cooperative, caring, loving and nurturing than men, it’d all end in a big hugfest on Oprah.

Sorry, men, but the writing’s on the wall, right above the urinal: The world no longer needs you.

Only women are allowed to speak this way in our colleges. I don't even think men have ever spoken this way about women. Misandry and open anti-male hate is ok. This woman spoke in such a manner with a feeling of impunity and with no reservation. Men if they ever did want to speak like this risk loosing their jobs and worse. If a man even so much as speaks about anything in relation to women he looses his job even when speaking of science data and gender dimorphisms or even gender preferences as Dr. Lawrence Summers did.


WooZoo said...

What a bitch!
What she really needs is to put over my knee and given a good old fashioned spanking.

Anonymous said...

Even the most misogynistic of males would never advocate doing to women what this article advocates doing to men.

It's pretty horrifying that they're allowed to get away with this crap. I'm sure Hitler's "final solution to the Jewish problem" was worded very similarly to this woman's article.

Anonymous said...

Women like this are not only hateful,but severely delusional.Do they really believe this utopian male-free society will ever materialize?

Anonymous said...

the problem here is that this dumb cunt and her dumb assosiates are woven through society with other dumb attitudes that do even more damage because they are not recognized for the dumb ass nature of their stupidity...examples...nationalized heath care...trillions of dollars of tax and spend crap....regulation upon regulations...and on and on....typified in the obama presidency, what's good about this though is that the internet can bring this crap into yea to web 2.0 and 3.0....

Porky Domesticus said...

Having bumped into the link to this post at Misandry Review i checked the article and yeesh, it's like being a black man at a meeting of the KKK. Thank you sir for giving me December's Misandrist of the Month.

Fidelbogen said...

Somebody will tell you this is "just a joke". . . or "she isn't really a feminist."

That is how they get away with saying such things. They make it SOUND like "satire"...

So. . as long as women like this are given a free pass in society, you'll never see ME socially "counselling" every dude who makes a chauvinistic wisecrack!

Let the feminists kick his azz if they wish to do so; I personally will not touch him! ;)

David Wallace Millar said...

Crimony! I guess male education has been dead longer than even I had imagined.

Consider British satirist Jonathan Swift. His "modest proposal" to end the famine in Ireland logically and persuasively argued for deliciously prepared Irish babies to be eaten, for their high nutritional value.


Nor does the above author seriously propose the extermination of men. Really! Rub your eyes and read again!

Laurie Fendrich is listed as Professor of Arts. That means she would have spent her academic life studying the great works of art, which are almost exclusively the works of men. Actually, just some of the geniuses among men.

Look at this selection of quotes from the above article"

"And granted, civilization thus far was built mostly by male brainpower and testosterone."

"(Women) already hog more than half the educational pie here in America, ...."

"OK, a few male geniuses won’t get born."

This is a satire. It begins with the observation of the bitter rantings of a then divorced woman, and takes that unfounded bitterness to its logical illogical conclusion: No men needed.

Moreover! read here to whom this article is addressed:

Article: The Chronicle of Higher Education. The Chronicle of Higher Education is a newspaper that presents news, information, and jobs for college and university faculty members and administrators. The Chronicle of Higher Education is the major news service in the United States academic world.

I understand full well the bitterness of men who have been scourged by the so-called "Family Courts" in North America and now the world. And, how that blinds us from seeing anything funny about being so tortured.

But seriously! WtFU!

Anonymous said...

"Huge .

I'll just give you a few pointers in case some very intellectually poor person thinks there is some sense in what you say :

(Nation-states? Check. Constitution? Check. Airliners? Check. Cable TV? Check? Internet? Check. Diet Coke? Check.)

As you probably know, women are very strong at survival, keeping the business running and general stagnation for safety.

Men on the other hand can be totally suicidal just in order to improve life conditions.

If you had only women before those things you cited were "made", then it would have been another chick like you saying : "trees : check,clothes:check,patriarchy:check,human sacrifice : check, disease and ignorance : check".

Men will always be needed *if* there is any interest in going forward.

Besides, you say for reproduction "male" are useless ?

How interesting, you probably don't know much of science, but we men invented in vitro, we men also can handle reproduction without any women - strangely enough we don't want that."

Sort of what I would've said if I could've posted on their no-comment page ...

Gotta admit that chick is completely retarded and agressive and violent and .. gee the hugfest on oprah ? with chicks like you ? .... right.