Monday, December 21, 2009

Wow A Brave Young Lady Speaks Out !

My Women's Studies Class in college was the final experience as a male in our culture that inspired me to speak out. I could not be quiet any longer. It is what helped make me a Men's and Father's Rights Activist. What this young lady speaks of is just the beginning of what young women and young men are taught about themselves and men in these classes.

The radical political ideology of feminism is often taught under the guise of "science". My class was called "The Psychology Of Women". I was so excited as I LOVE WOMEN and thought we would get to see comparative functional MRI brain scans and all kinds of good stuff. I was so excited that science could teach me more about women and about me as a man. I was so angry with what I experienced there my parents were worried about me. I came home red in the face with tremendous anger. I sought to reach out online but at the time there was no such thing as a Men's and Father's Rights Movement, there was no MRA's, no Glenn Sacks, Warren Farrell, Christina Hoff Summers, Steven Bakersville, Bernard Chapin, Cathy Young,Steve Moxon, Kathleen Parker etc etc etc.

I would not be so concerned about feminism if it did not have the effect it has had on me personally and society as a whole. I've written extensively about my personal experiences, thoughts and feelings on this blog. Feminism has effected me and my experience as a male in our culture very deeply. I hope to illustrate where we are with the course feminism has taken us and hope to make a difference in the world. I hope to heal this. I want to make something good of what has become......

It is highly unusual for women to separate from the pack like she has and speak out about this. I commend her for her courage to do so. Deep in my heart I really believe that it is the awareness of women, the active role of women in the changes I hope to make in our social fabric that will turn this around. I know that men can not do it without you.

Ladies, I love you and fundamentally revere your essential natures. I revere and hold in the highest regard how we compliment each other. But I can bear this no longer, men are no longer going to stay quiet about this. Our male nature has been used against us. We have slain ourselves, stepped over each other and provided, protected, sacrificed, passed law after chivalrous law in your favor. Women it seems want more so men came to the rescue and heed the call. We take the pain as we have always died for you. We have always put women first. We have always put children first..

If you do not think we are mutually bound, mutually dependent on each other, if you believe that men succeed and dominate ANYTHING for the sake of ourselves and are men for the sake of ourselves you are gravely mistaken. Men are angry and our sacred bond with you has been sullied and desecrated.

In this blog I will illustrate this to you with facts, graphs, pop cultural expressions and a myriad of other sources including those of other men to show you my anger, my pain and suffering and that of men and boys. I know male suffering is expected of men, I know that we are not as valuable as you are. I know we are expendable and disposable by law but I ask you to listen....listen. I will show you that male participation in society is dwindling.

I will show you suicide rates, marriage rates, divorce rates, single woman birth rates, male health in comparison to women, male education in comparison to women, women only laws, family and divorce law, homelessness and the "glass floor", Domestic Violence, the state of fatherlessness and the family, disease, voter participation of men, the wage gap, rape law, and even the essential soul of men, our essential nature... I will show you functional MRI Scans of the male brain in relation to territory and resources! You have a lot to listen to, I know you are not used to this but you have a lot of work to do and it is your turn to listen.

I do, I do invite you to join beside men in this fight. I will leave no one behind and believe we are in this together, our experiences and essential natures define each other. The male experience becomes the female experience becomes the male experience and vice versa..

THIS IS NOT MY "FRAGILE MALE EGO" TALKING.. I AM NOT a MISOGYNIST. I AM A MAN, A human being. I hope to be a husband and father someday. Listen to us, hear us and do not shame us for speaking out...We will no longer be silent.........


Zeta - Fire said...


Did you catch this one too?

Anonymous said...

You seem to be pleading for mercy.

You seem to implore "Please, let me live".

As a victim, you beat the feminists.

Wrong strategy!

Not the way to go at all!!


Anonymous said...

I don't believe women are more valuable than men. It doesn't matter what law says or what popular opinion tries to ram down one's throat.

Anyone who thinks they're more valuable than me because they possess female genitals is nuts. That could be a lot of people. Still nuts though. All of them.

Anonymous said...

You have really great taste on catch article titles, even when you are not interested in this topic you push to read it

Anonymous said...

The number of genuine antifem women is TINY. I'm sorry but I won't be applauding or ralling behind them any time soon.

Womanhood, as a mass, loves feminism and hates male freedom.