Monday, May 21, 2012

Come..Take My Hand Oh Children of The Western Whore..I Will Help You.

Good news... I've found a better way to employ my convictions. I will soon be working to train horses to work with troubled children who have come of age from the family of a single mother whore and those from govt. foster care who were given up for adoption.....many of them at birth. These young people are the primary demographic referred to the program. I stopped by and things look good. Should be able to volunteer in 2 more weeks. Unplanned and even planned pregnancy from uncommitted alpha cock is the norm under matriarchy. 
Women can't help but follow the gina tingles much of the entirety of their fertile years. Near 30 years old they will look for a committed "beta" i.e. a man on their level who is committed to them. However, I believe they may not be looking for this on a conscious level, they are simply forced to face their actual market value and settle. Many have a fatherless bastard in tow at this point. Don't date them...let em rot.

I remember reading an article from a female dating coach \ match service specialist. She informed the women, I know you were getting with 8-10s in your prime but you are getting older and now you will have to settle for a partner you actually qualify for and this means a 5-6 and if you continue to wait....a 2-3. We have to understand that the numbers of measurement are all relative. This is to say that all women can get with an 8-10 relative to their mate value in their prime years. Many repeat this pattern over and over and don't understand why they can't secure a commitment.
Remember, women want genes and resources. Feminism is simply base female animal nature given license. When feminism becomes the values of a society... abortion, fatherless children, single mother whores along with divorced and broken homes under the new marriage 2.0 laws becomes normalized.

The deluded women in this society do not understand why above par men show interest in them, maintain relationships with them and f**k them on a regular basis but won't commit. Many a deluded woman will get knocked up or deceptively commit paternity fraud by telling an unwitting man she is on birth control because she may hope for more or simply want what she 8-10....or at very least his genes. "Single mother by choice" is empowering. Many don't give the bastard child up for adoption or have an abortion because they know which gender is fully responsible for sex and conception and who will have to pay for it. Others, having some sort of conscience, (not a moral conscience mind you)  after their plan to secure such a man fails they have an abortion or give the child up for adoption. Abortion is the perfect solution to many female behaviors, it gives them license.

They become jaded and bitter against men as a result of these relationships. Many of the potential ramifications of these relationships thankfully are avoided when the relationship is ended but sadly, to many do not end before an unfortunate life is brought into the world. Hypergamously induced pump and dump becomes the norm and in many of these cases it is the woman who eventually ends the relationship because men are quite content to maintain and even seek and create such relationships. She eventually gets the idea.
 Look lower liberated woman, look to your level and you will find those men you think you are above.  Your artificial ability to control conception along with the artificial leverage the resulting sex dynamic brings places you firmly into the cold arms of the consummate man that meets that leverage. 
Remember, alpha male is relative. In this respect all men are alpha relative to the mind of the women who are currently f**king them. So, the pattern I've outlined is something myself and the majority of men experience with women.
The female primordial brain hasn't caught up to our artificially and technologically enabled dystopian reality. Human reason, particularly among women, does not account for the advent of contraception and how it changes relationships and the mating dynamic within our new paradigm. Believe it or not, without contraception men are choosy who we will have sex with and who we will maintain relationships with. Women would know quite clearly who they qualify for. The same is true when women avoid promiscuity. 
Sadly though, it is now a race to the bottom for women. The pussy flood gates are open and many women contrary to ascertaining a man's true interests in her are instead willing to lower the bar and do so quickly thinking they must in order to keep a man. In other instances women will spread right away on the first date for other reasons. This has happened to myself and enough friends of mine to know what it looks like out there. Abstaining from calling these men alphas....including myself, I will say that it is well known in the manosphere that women will forgo commitment from a "beta" for 1 minute of alpha cock i.e. alpha being a relative term this means any man above their station. Today's woman is blinded between the desirable man they are dating and that bangs them on a regular basis and a man who they can actually obtain and who they are actually eligible to secure commitment from. 
Today's woman is caught in a paradox between who their gina tingles lead them to and who they are actually eligible for. It is their one and only filter to ascertain their value on the mating market. That filter is way past gone now a days.

You have opened the gates of your own delusion woman and for this you will suffer...Entitlement induced by delusion is your guide and your demeanor. Women do not know their own station, their own actual mate value. You are now flying blind in the mating game. However, I believe your bastard children once turned out into the world and reaching the point where they are referred to this therapy program should not have to suffer any longer. 
Come discarded ones, you ailing wounded children of whoredom. Take my hand, find beauty and connection to the love left for you. I will not betray you and neither will the beautiful soul of these animals. We will not abandon you oh children of whores.

These lives might as well have been aborted but since they are still breathing I want to help them. Many have trouble holding jobs and deal with a world they view as hostile, cold and unloving. I will open my heart to you discarded children of whores. I will not speak of the horror I speak of here on my blog to you. I will bring you hope and love. We will bring each other hope for a better world. 
These young children and young adults coming into this world see the world as an unloving place where even their own mother will abandon them. Men should know that in many states when the mother decides to give the child up you can not plead to take the about that you sperm donor, you walking wallet piece of shit. This society does not honor fatherhood. I will do my best to help them. I will love them and give them confidence in a world of women that separate them from their father or were abandoned all together into foster care.  I will help them and so will the horses. They deserve a fighting chance. It is not their fault they were born into such a world. God willing let me bring good to their lives.

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