Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Questions Mr. President: Men's Right To Abortion

 "I want women to control their own health choices, just like I want my daughters to have the same opportunities as your sons" -Barrack Obama

 Interesting notion Mr. President. Are you trying to say that if your daughter and a young man had an unplanned pregnancy that female right to abortion would afford the young men the same opportunity as her in such a case? What if she wanted to keep the child?

Actually sir, while sex and conception are by nature a mutual act requiring mutual responsibility, giving a female a choice in the matter without giving the young man a choice in the matter changes things. You see, sex and conception at that point becomes a mutual act requiring male responsibility. The sons of others of which you speak do not have the same choices or opportunities as your daughter. The young man is beholden to whatever your daughter chooses for him. Her choice over his liberty is sacrificed where as a woman's is not. In order for the nations sons to have the same opportunities wouldn't they need to have a choice as well?

As it is, lack of male Liberty is used to enable female choices. Sometimes, as females know this fact they trick a young man by telling him she is on birth control in order to use her choices on the sacrificial alter of male Liberty. Women have 100% the choice and men 100% the responsibility for that choice. Constitutional theory dictates that you can not have 100% choice or rights over something if you do not have 100% responsibility. Failing this it is called a privilege...not a right. What women have sir is a that is enabled by male sacrifice of Liberty of right.

 The phrase "my body my choice" is disingenuous. The phrase should be "my baby my choice" or "my property my choice". As it stands, without male right to abortion the mutual act of conception creates something that is by implication 100% female property without 100% female responsibility. So it is only rightful that it be 100% her responsibility. Her body, her choice, her baby, her responsibility. After all, the child from the moment of conception is her property right....right?

Unless of course you give young men a choice as well and in that case each would be able to make their own choice respectively in order to have equal opportunities. A young man can choose to abort the ramifications for the unplanned life created and a young woman can choose or not choose to do so as well. The equal opportunities of which you speak require equal choices. Isn't that what you said, you want the nations daughters to have the same opportunities as the nations sons.....correct? That will require male choice sir.

Here Mr. President. I understand you claim to be a scholar of our Constitution. I suggest you watch this 1st of a 43 part series on Constitutional theory as outlined by our founders to get you started. You will find the rest of the series on YouTube. You see, there is a difference between Rights and Privileges and the difference is directly related to Property and Responsibility. This is important for you to understand if you wish to know Freedom, Liberty and Independence beyond the hollow words that come from your mouth. You see Mr. President, in America, in more ways than one and in all facets of life women have "choices" and men....responsibilities.

I have my own views on the fiscal appropriation of funds to support abortion and also the guidelines in which the procedure should be allowed to be performed. In this respect I will go no further than to say it should be carefully regulated and furthermore limited as to who pays for it and how much if at all. It is a viable procedure in certain circumstances for women's health. In such case it should be covered under insurance. Unregulated free abortions through private institutions as well as federal subsidies to these institutions should not be allowed to be used for such purpose.

Away from it's viability for health reasons and in line with feminist doctrine of open support for unregulated pro abortion, being that this is the law under current feminist rule, being that instead the intended use is for cases of unplanned pregnancy rather than "a woman's health", being that the Constitution clearly dictates that equal rights must be afforded toward the same intended ends for which equal law must protect, equality can only be achieved in this order if men are given equal rights to abortion from the ramifications an unplanned pregnancy has upon our life choices, just as women can.

We must remember, pregnancy is not something a man does to a woman, it is a mutual act requiring mutual responsibility and contained within this, relative to feminist laws in effect and the implication of the purpose of these laws, there should be the mutual right to absolve ourselves from this responsibility.

We must remember that for women, given modern technology, conception and even pregnancy is 100% a voluntary and 100% preventable condition both pre and post conception. Responsibility for women's choices and by implication of current law, culpability and liability for what is currently 100% women's property and what is 100% her rights and decision over that property should not be 100% a man's responsibility. There is no reason why men should not be afforded choice and an equal right to forfeit the ramifications of the pending unintended ownership, unintended fatherhood...just as women can.  See also the complimentary post to this article: Male Abortion Rights

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