Thursday, May 3, 2012

How Feminism Is Merely a Tool

Great show.....Wow, the portion where the professor details his account of how women's Affirmative Action destroyed our Science and Engineering base is truly sad.
 If you are not interested in listening to the whole show skip to the 92 MINUTE MARK. He gets into some real detail on what happened starting at the 97 minute mark. However, I recommend listening to the whole segment.

It's so so sad what women have done. After our colleges are paid large sums of money to make women's numbers equal to men's in these classes, the women drop the course and pursue the social sciences and other subjects of interest. Women do this in enormous numbers. And schools give them admission over men in hopes to meet the women's equality quota set by the government.

When a survey of women was conducted they said they used to Affirmative Action to get admission to the school (taking men's seats) then pursue another subject. The monetary incentive created for schools to give women admission over men is terrible. The school administration told the teacher not to talk about it. Women petition the government to offer the large sum of millions upon millions of dollars to any schools that do this to our science and engineering base in the effort to make women "equal". This is nation wide and implemented in part through Title IX women's equality compliance law. It's so sad what has happened. Obama has recently announced the plan to double down investment in "women's equality" in S.T.E.M. fields of science. I fear for the future of our nation. The future of my country does not look bright.

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Zorro said...

Women are parasites.

Bwec said...

Well, women are simply acting out their instincts of entitlement to provision and protection through their agency in government. It has really done a lot of damage at all levels of the social, political and economic, the entirety of society. Especially they changes they made to marriage law and thus divorce law.

Female gynocentric hypoagency is entirely destructive.

Bwec said...

The female favor policies at ALL levels of education has decimated the nations boys and men. I really fear for our future as a nation.

Zorro said...

Feminism is economically unsustainable, and its demise is nearing. That will take the form of economic collapse, and men will be blamed for usual, but it won't stick. I predict before this century is out, there will be a presidential candidate who will propose the 19th Amendment be abolished. The war on men and boys can only result in social and economic devastation.

I also predict that between 10-20 years from now, prominent feminists will be assassinated, Women's Studies departments firebombed, and other acts of violence. More and more men and women are waking up to the lie that feminism always was, and the MRM is far from alone in its position that something terrible will befall this country if women aren't held accountable for their ridiculous beliefs and desires.

Marriage is all but dead, the nuclear family is a laughingstock, husbands and fathers are trivial options and our welfare system is economic blasphemy that is tearing our nation apart.

Feminist lies can't continue for much longer, and they won't. But their death will be very painful for us all.

Bwec said...

Yes and I've seen meta-analytic studies on the academic performance differential between boys from a single mother fatherless home and girls from the same home. There is a marked detriment to boys in this case in terms of other health and wellbeing indicators.

This is a serious problem. Marriage laws must be reformed from feminist marriage 2.0 laws. Women initiate 70% of all divorce but the divorce rate since women removed all liability to themselves under law has skyrocketed. I believe they are acting on impulse to increase their genetic fitness as I've outlined in my article Anatomy of Matriarchy.

It is clear to me that unless we make change and do so now the future of our nation and our people is in grave danger. Since women are the dominate political force and have enacted all these changes only they can change it. Due to their nature however I believe the destruction will have to run full cycle. The implications of what this means are grim.

Zorro said...

I remember reading something about what people are calling the "Fempocalypse." It's a basic prediction of how our entire economy will implode because of feminist legislation and its impact on male/female dynamics in the workplace and the welfare system. I'm no economist, but I am aat a loss to see how this dire fate can be escaped.

I also have read about the impact of fatherless homes on boys. The women in this country are literally manufacturing a generation of men that nobody will want around, least of all them.

I'm 51 and all I can say is I'm damn glad I don't have kids. The USA the young people today will inherit is going to be a shithole, and our government is playing a fiddle while the whole structure is burning.

Zorro said...

That Fempocalypse thingy was on GirlWritesWhat's blog "Owning Your Shit."

Bwec said...

The effect of Matriarchy and the single mother fatherless family has a disproportionate effect upon boys compared to girls from the same single mother home. This serves to further push men and boys to the margin of society and is another aspect of the cause behind the male marginalization in educational attainment.

Zorro said...

Totally agree. I've read similar findings.

Fuck, but I'd like to buy you a goddamned beer!

Bwec said...

lol, thanks brother : ) I think if we keep it up our message will spread. We have truth on our side.

Never in American history, not since slavery has there but such disparate representation by class through law, policy and monied devotion than there is now between men and women / boys and girls.

The effects of feminism are now bearing their fruit...and it is rotten.