Friday, February 25, 2011

Male Abortion Rights

I received a question the other day: "Alright, how is it that the male's right to abort has absolutely nothing to do with a woman's right to her body?"

Ethical and moral reasoning aside, being that abortion is legal men should have Rights and equal protection under law to reach the ends to which abortion accomplishes for women. Equal protection under law is paramount.

A man has the right to abort and a woman can choose to do likewise or not. Male right to abort is not about a woman's body but rather in MOST ALL cases the implications, implied responsibility and ramifications addressed by the female right to abort which has more to do with the body of the child, conception itself and the effect thereof rather than "a woman's body". It should be made clear that abortion addresses the ramifications of conception and not a woman's body, this is a feminist farse to detract from the principal purpose and object of abortion.

Conception is not something a man does to a woman, it is SUPPOSED TO BE a mutual act requiring mutual responsibility and as such, the mutual right to abort such responsibility or consequences of conception SHOULD BE AFFORDED EQUALLY. It should be understood that men don't "get women pregnant". For an unplanned pregnancy men deserve equal rights as women to reach the same ends that abortion reaches for women, that is, the termination of the ramifications, responsibility and supposed consequences of conception. A woman's choice in the matter is not affected by this right of men.

Feminists have challenged this notion in that if a man has "choice" this infringes upon the Liberty of women's "choice" and is a form of coercion which forces her to abort. This is a remarkably gynocentric viewpoint as it is currently male Liberty that is compromised in order to enable female "choice".

As is current, her decision to keep or discard the child can be made regardless of the father's moral convictions or his wishes in regard to the ends of "personal health and life choices" to which abortion achieves for women. Coercion upon the Liberty of male "choice" is not even a question in our current system because currently men have no choices.

Women should not have default right to male commitment and resources in order to enable their "choice". Currently men do not have the right to our own "choice" of commitment or devotion of resources. These resources I might add are produced by our bodies, they are our property just as the child both pre and post conception is erroneously and wrongfully considered the property of the women. If women have the choice of complete ownership over the fruits of the labor of their body then men deserve the same rights over the fruits of our labor and sole property as well.

Women claim that it is their body and thus the child is their property and thus their choice. In reality the child is not their property and it is not entirely their choice. You can not have exclusive rights to property unless you have exclusive responsibility for said property.

Constitutional theory dictates that you can discern the difference between Rights and Privileges by understanding the delegation of responsibility. As such, sole female Right to abortion is a Privilege and not a Right as this female "choice" is currently financed by male responsibility. Furthermore, male abortion rights will serve to protect men from paternity fraud, some cases in which are perpetrated without intercourse ever having taken place:

"Sperm: The 'gift' that keeps on giving
Court dismisses man's theft claim against lover who kept semen"

“Equal rights for all, special privileges for none” -President Thomas Jefferson

To learn more about the difference between a Privilege and Rights in relation to property please take the time to study the free course below:

Professor Michael Badnarik's Constitution Class


Recently a historian I read about wrote that the founders of the Constitution believed that just a people have a right to their property, so to do they have property in their Rights. People can not merely claim their Rights but when deemed equal and inalienable they own them as well. Thus the title to their Liberty was as sound as their title to their land. The question was asked "what is the difference between claiming a Right and actually owning a Right and how important is that difference, how are the two differentiated?"

Rights can be differentiated from a Privlege by understanding where responsibility for property is delegated.

For instance abortion is not a Right but a Privilege because responsibility for the Privlege women hold of sole property rights to a child is placed upon men to bear. Only if men have an equal right to abort responsibility, ownership or consequential results of conception of said property as well would abortion become a Right and as such equal protection under law be established.

Suffice as to say that at this point conception is seen as something a man DOES to a woman rather than a mutual act requiring mutual responsibility and therefore equal property rights to a child are not afforded to men BOTH pre and post conception, as such, the equal right to abort such responsibility is not afforded equally. Men actually have no paternal rights to children nor our bodies and thus fruits of property beared forth by its labor.


SandyO said...



Now, THAT'S responsible.

Anonymous said...

I believe in male abortion rights-when they act like Seahorses:

"Male seahorses compete with each other to become pregnant for three weeks (during which time they cannot move around to search for the best food), go through 72 hours of labour and exhausting final contractions to release up to 200 baby seahorses. During this process the natural colour of the male seahorse drains from his body and he becomes white and pasty looking. The experience (yes, we have it on film) looks painful and I cannot imagine that he would want to experience a baby seahorse birth again. But, after a very short time, sometimes only hours, the male starts showing off his pouch, begging to be pregnant again."

Anonymous said...

Male abortion Rights have nothing to do with your body or pregnancy. Nice try though. Do what you want with your body. I never said women can't have an abortion.

How is it that you twisted the entire point back to women? You are not listening, your reason and logic is lacking as is your reading comprehension. Your statement has nothing to do with the topic. It is a non-sequitur.

bwec said...

The woman being pregnant has nothing to do with mutual parental rights pre conception or the mutual right to abort such rights.

Anonymous said...

I think a man can abort and a woman can do the same. Each have the right to abort an unplanned pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Only 20% of men use condoms. Make that 100%, and this wouldn't even be an issues.

Bwec said...

Where did you pull that statistic...out of your ass?

You mean if a man and a woman decide to have unprotected sex when pregnancy occurs it is something a man did to her and not a mutual act requiring mutual responsibility?

You prove my point...GREAT COMMENT.

Chris said...

What's far more important is for men to have post-conception reproductive choice to opt out of parenthood during the first trimester, just as women can. To stand against this is anti-choice at it's worst.

Anyone who considers themselves pro-choice must be for men's reproductive choice just like women's reproductive choice.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's fair that I a man has no say in it. I've been in a relationship with a women. We have been using birth control. We both agreed that neither her or I wanted children, at least now. She changed her mind, stopped taking the birth control. Only thing is she stopped it 2 months prior to telling me. Once she told me she stopped she is already pregnant. She says, "I'm having it, get over it" Now I have no rights or say!? But I will be required to support the child, by law. I think it's screwed up. I've been lied to & tricked, and can't seem to do anything about it

Anonymous said...

i think if they can force the father to be a father then they need to force the mother to be a mother hence if the mother can abort the child,then father should be able to get a paper abortion from the courts

Anonymous said...

Rights and responsibility go hand in hand. Anyone who has or thinks they should have all the rights in this matter, I believe should also have the responsibility for that decision. Either males should have more rights in the abortion decision or females that do have all the rights in it should also claim all the responsibility. Isn't that equality after all?