Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Proposed Reauthorization of VAWA

  VAWA is up for renewal. Women want protection for illegal immigrants, Native Americans, gay men, lesbian women and heterosexual women but not heterosexual men. If VAWA is a just law we must ask ourselves what the impetus is behind excluding certain classes of citizen from the equal protection clause of The Constitution of The United States.

   The reason they want this is because VAWA is not a just law and thus by excluding citizens based on gender and sexual orientation they seek to leverage the advantage of the removal of due process and removal of equal protection against the excluded class of American i.e. heterosexual men. One can only conclude that women are willing to trade the Liberty and Justice of others to benefit themselves. I do not respect women or their union for pushing such a proposal. As women are the most powerful special interest group and the largest voting block in the nation, I believe they will succeed in their endeavor against the rights of our people.


Nicole Briddon said...
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Roxanne said...

Wasn't the reason for this redundant law being created in the first place because the wording in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, etc., isn't 'enough' to cover basic rights for everyone? (Despite the fact that it already covers everyone, if you 'interpret' the word "man" as "human or the race of man" being equal - DoI)

I see no reason we can't add an amendment specifically for white males, it's not like it would be any less ridiculous than the Amendments we already have... I mean... an Amendment abolishing slavery, TWO dealing with voting rights (wtf?)... Even a third (the 14th) that explicitly states 'male' citizens can't be denied. Our country started out with great ideals, don't get me wrong, but a lot of our history is kind of a joke to foreigners, not surprisingly.

But you're right, change is needed and that's only going to happen by working together, ESPECIALLY since women can vote now. Silly chicks, they think they're people! j/k (Sorry, bad joke about the Santorum-stereotyped politicians.)

citizen said...

Why are you claiming that women want this? Women are not the problem. I'm a woman and I work to reform VAWA. Feminists and the domestic violence industry are the problem.

Linh Cinder said...

is there a problem with helping Native Amaricans ? and how is it youre buisness who is or is not gay ?