Saturday, May 19, 2012

One of Many Simple Reasons I Do Not Respect Marriage Nor Fatherhood

  My brother is doing his child support worksheet right here as we speak. The more children his ex has with her new husband the more my brother has to pay her every month. Let this sink into your mind for a moment......

I will make it perfectly clear....I do not value the institution of marriage and the liability a man bears to a woman. I will not commit to such a thing and I do not respect women nor fatherhood. I am a Men's Rights Activist and I do not stand alone in this. I am MGTOW. I fight for my countrymen and I fight for my country. I fight for our very dignity. I fight for Independence, Liberty and Freedom. I fight for the right to our bodies and the fruits of its labor. I will never surrender. 
Just so you know, my brother emptied his life savings of $120,000 to gain 51% parental time with his son. He provides child support by being a father....yet he owes this w****. Women you have made yourselves devalued, you have made yourselves prostitutes. You have reduced marriage to whoredom and I do not respect you. What have we here? What has my nation become? What is there to believe in? Men....know now what to believe in. Men know now what we must do and do it together.

Update: I found this video that supports the feminist \ default female viewpoint on why the above occurs: So, what women are saying is that men must pay for women to increase their genetic fitness. It is now true that by marriage 2.0 laws women enacted that they bear no liability to men. You are kept as a guest within the matriarchal family so long as you are useful. When disposed of you must pay to subsidize any  offspring she has in the future as well. This is the price men must pay if they want to reproduce. They must submit. 
To women, it is only rightful since it is a privilege to be selected for a mere male to have access to reproduction. He should consider himself lucky. This is the one and only thing women bring to the table i.e. the right to have a fatherless bastard. It is purported as worth it for men to support the matriarchal family for this reason. This is all very interesting and gives us insight into how women think and likewise how the female majority have instructed the system to enact these laws.    
 It also gives us insight into what constitutes "alpha" in the primordial female mind. Any prior male she mates with is beta and any current male is "alpha". In the female mind, any man that reproduces is the "alpha" of the moment and not so once he is discarded. In other words, it is relative. I find this interesting since it has been my observation that female reasoning is based in the relative and subjective realm. It is manifested as something that is always relative to the self and not objective by any measure. One central tenet of Matriarchy is the advent of subsidized serial polyandry. This is what is of central value to a matriarchal construct. If the matriline is unable to support itself the burden is then placed upon men who have been discarded from the family and also the burden of government. Again, this is the central value of a matriarchal society, to support the increase of the female organisms genetic fitness by way of serial polyandry.  

Fatherhood is non existent under matriarchy. To learn more about what women are building please see Anatomy of Matriarchy.


Zorro said...

The more I learn about the divorce industry and the legal structure of marriage, the more I wonder how f***ing delusional a man must be to marry.

Feminism and the pedestalization of women are the worst thing this country has done since slavery, and it is literally killing us.

Anonymous said...

Today, you have to take steps if you are to protect yourself. I set up an irrevocable trust long ago to protect my assets not only from women, but the increasingly confiscatory tax structure of this country. I have had to become a multinational corporation to keep my income from being taxed twice - once at the PoS and another when money comes back to the US. So the money never comes back - money flows out to avoid other taxes to off-set what comes in.

Today, marriage is like any other government mandated tax - you have to protect yourself and your assets to minimize your liability. Too many men do not do this - yes it is expensive and a pain in the a**, but once you go down this road you find all of the nice tax loop-holes Congress set up for itself and their crony friends. So in the long run it is worth it - and makes it so that on paper you look like a pulper but live like a King.