Friday, January 7, 2011

More On Female Supremacy and Matriarchy

“Poison in, poison out” -Fidelbogen

There is someone over on the Reddit forum thread who thinks there is no connection between feminism and the fact that these sort of women support it and actively fund it (See: Next article below this blog post.) I highly doubt this guy has put the pieces together. Watch Hanna Rosin's Video at the TED Women’s Conference, go to the archive that I've provided and make the connection yourself. He clearly has outlined the connection that Femdom radicals have to the Feminist Establishment.

Femdom Radicals are the Feminist Establishment’s most ardent supporters. There is a reason they see those documents in the feminist archive as supremacist and leading to the subjugation of men… is because it does lead to it. The goal of Feminists and their associated cadre in Femdom is to CONTROL THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION. This, as any social justice person such as Karl Marx would tell you IS THE KEY TO CLASS EQUALITY (COMMUNISM) BUT ALSO CLASS OPPRESSION.

In Marxist terms, the bourgeois plans of feminists are crystal clear i.e. control the means of human production i.e. sex which is their biological mandate already but ALSO to control access to resources by owning the means of production of resources through totalitarian feminist law over male production and the transference of resources to females by way of men, directly in their personal lives and directly from the public treasury. Feminists also plan to usurp male production capacity all together. In fact, the economy has been homogenized toward the service sector and female dominated industry. Women now control 60% of the nations wealth and outearn men in all major metropolitan cities.

When females are the primary means of resource production themselves, when they own the means to male production (and thus transference of male resources without a fair social contract between men and women in marriage and thus divorce) plus own the means of human production i.e. total control over reproduction and conception the Matriarchy and dream of female supremacy will be complete.

WOMEN ARE LARGELY THERE NOW AND THEY WILL NOT STOP WITH THIS AGENDA. We as men can find solace in the fact that the system will end up consuming itself of its own means of production. Female supremacy and matriarchy is unsustainable.

I have no doubt that there is something in female nature that is all consumptious all consummate. If males served no other purpose than as food after mating she would surely consume us. It is this aspect of female nature which has been obscured as of late but men have known it since the beginning of time. If we continue on course with the dominate social, political and economic agency and agenda of women, the worst is yet to come before the system collapses or is conquered by a balanced culture with highly enfranchised, highly motivated males with families.

We all know the definition of Matriarchy: Men are not members of the family or the lives of our children.

China's Mosuo Tribe: The World's Last Matriarchy? Women from the Mosuo tribe do not marry, take as many lovers as they wish and have no word for "father" or "husband."

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Anonymous said...

The english language isn't my primary language, however I could fully understand it while using google translator. Beneficial article, have them coming! Give thanks!

Anonymous said...

"We all know the definition of Matriarchy: Men are not members of the family or the lives of our children."

You are misinformed. Men in traditional matriarchal society leave their own families to become a member of their wife's family. They also play an active role in raising their children. The musuo may be a form of matriarchy, but it's unusual in the sense they they don't practice marriage, nor have men play an active role in their children's lives. However, they are an EXCEPTION, not the RULE as far as matriarchy is concerned.

Anonymous said...

In America men under matriarchy are not considered necessary members of the family or the lives of their children.

The premise is that the man is subservient to the wife and if he does not please her she will call upon the matriarchal State to remove him from the home, his property, the lives of his children and the fruits of his labor.

In our matriarchy men have no rights and women treat them with brutality. It is my contention that men should not marry nor get emotionally close to their children. They should also not pay child or woman support. Men should not have anything to do with the matriarchal family. It is much this way in the African American community which is the most definitive form of matriarchy in the United States.