Monday, January 3, 2011


I found this guy on YouTube: Interesting stuff. I'm glad that men are increasingly speaking out about the injustices we face and how complicit women have been in implementing them against us. I started this blog on my own and it was months later that I started to realize that this was a growing movement and that there were so many others out there. This video reflects my sentiments in regard to something women should have more of, HONOR AND ACCOUNTABILITY.

HONOR AND ACCOUNTABILITY are masculine values I know but I'm hoping women can earn respect. I'm hoping women will take action and see themselves as more than passive beneficiaries to the feminist onslaught. Women and society are beginning to bear the consequences of feminism. Women deserve the men they are creating. Continued Complicit inaction will reveal the true intentions and character of women.

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ScareCrow said...

One of the best pro-male videos I have ever seen.

I'll spread it around some...

Thanks for sharing.