Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Female Supremacist Organizations & Feminist Front Groups

---"We support the institutionalization of the on-going shift of authority to the female sex as males become accustomed and increasingly eager to cover a secondary, support role, relying on female guidance. We promote open debate of this transition so that its effects can be properly absorbed by society and its benefits not held back by outdated legislature.

To this end, as soon as it becomes financially possible we plan to begin donating a part of our revenues to feminist organizations who aggressively promote specific, strategic policy changes."

-DreamLover Labs makers of the Dreamlover 2000 male torture device

I often do research into Female Supremacist organizations and their connection to the Feminist establishment.

I have noticed many feminists are involved in a type of lifestyle called Femdom in which they believe in "sole female authority"

Above is a statement from a website which produces electrocution devices designed to be placed and locked upon the male genitalia to repeatedly shock and electrocute the man so as to induce pain and discomfort in order to "train your male". It is to be used in conjunction with "animal training techniques" and "brain washing".

Interesting to me is their link to lesbian sex clubs which serve as front groups that operate legally to fund feminist organizations responsible for forming political and judicial policy.

The feminist rabbit hole and those that are attracted to its ideology go into a very deep and dark place indeed. Yes it is a dark dark place in the belly of the beast. What we are lucky enough to see illustrated on this site is something that most feminist front groups will not usually admit openly as this one did.

However, this is only the beginning. Dreamloverlabs.com (manufacturer of the DreamLover 2000 male torture device) is a primary sponsor of Club Pedestal which regularly holds events that involve the opportunity for feminists to express their deep seated mental pathology upon equally ill and disturbed males.

Feminization and sissification of men:

Male as dog humiliation:

Face crushing, foot trampling and humiliation:

It is scary and astonishing how many connections these organizations have to the financial capital money flow that supports the feminist political establishment. These women are involved in real political policy that affects our entire society and the lives of men and boys everywhere. Ultimately Female Supremacist and matriarchal social, political and judicial policy affects the wellbeing of women as well.

The interesting thing I find so relevant to feminism and Female Supremacist organizations is the real life connections these women draw to legitimize their ideology. Ironically enough they serve as a wonderful resource to illustrate and reveal some premises that detail the real life challenges men and boys face to overcome the adversity of Female Supremacy in our political system, judicial system, social system and Western culture itself. The connections and feminist agenda are clearly illustrated by documentation of the policies feminists enact into law. As you will see below, they love to keep records of their handy work.....

Feel free to view the archives and news articles feminists have gathered as trophies of their victories on the link below:


Update: The link appears to be under maintenance to expand their archive but I've taken the liberty to download virtually every last article from the site prior to this and will upload it shortly to a shared repository for ALL TO SEE : )

Here we go: Enjoy my copy of their archive in the meantime while the Feminists update their archive. http://www.4shared.com/file/RHZrISIb/FEMALE_SUPERIORITY.html

UPDATE: The above documents were removed due to a feminist finding copyrighted material and filing a complaint to the host to take it down. I still have them and will be injecting them back into the MRA realm and will rehost them as well.


Anonymous said...

Hackers need to attack the sites of these cunts, and publish their identities


The multimillion grossing porn site clips4sale makes most of its money promoting this sickness; it needs to be attacked as well

"meeting with the owner of Clips4Sale (I call him the 100 Million Dollar Man, because of his company’s success)"


Fuck femdom and radical feminism

Bwec said...

Interesting links...Yes, this is where feminists can not compete. Only men understand computers and technology enough to hack into computers and networks.

You're right, the real identity of these women should be found out and action should be taken against them in the real world.

Bwec said...

I particularly liked this part : )

"Hi /b/. This has gone too far, you win. I can take the personal attacks, jokes, memes, whatever. It went too far when you started to post my personal information on the Internet, make death threats to my house, and made me legitimately concerned for my personal safety. I'm asking you to stop now, but I know being /b/, this is predictably going to only fuel some of you into trying harder. The FBI will be involved today and will be investigating those of you who continue to harass me over the Internet, if my personal request to you does not work. I hope it does not have to come to that, for the sake of both of us." Sincerely


Good work. Sick demented feminists who take advantage of the men who were raised by single mothers and are mentally ill deserve to get what is coming to them. They are asking to invite horror into their lives and deserve to get it.

It would be one thing if these were isolated mentally ill women but as I said...the rabbit hole goes very deep. The connections to mainstream feminist organizations are what makes them a serious threat. It is the duty of men to defend ourselves, our country and children from the feminist establishment.

ScareCrow said...


Exactly. Sex workers are one thing, but when those sex-workers start funding political organizations - it is going too far.

There would be no men's organizations at all if any of them were funded by strip-clubs - even though strip clubs for men are nowhere near as sadistic as this crap.

Just imagine what the feminists would do if they found out that any men's group was being funded by women paying to have their faces stepped on.

Bwec said...

Actually it is law in Dallas and other municipalities that proceeds from strip clubs for men go directly to women's organizations.

Bwec said...

A percentage of the proceeds that is.

David said...

So... you are aware that the men at these clubs LOVE it, right? And that there are similar clubs where men humiliate and abuse women, who also LOVE it? I guarantee that most BDSMers have a big, fat, thick black line drawn between their fantasies and reality- a line that you are completely missing.

That is, the relationships I've seen between a domme(or dom) and sub is more truly equal and respectful than any "vanilla" equivalents.

That is: Don't be hatin'. People want what they want sexually. It's not a mental illness and it's not forced on them. And it's preposterous to think of these clubs as funding anything politically except sex workers' rights and free clinics.

Thag Jones said...

That site is creepy. Desexualization techniques? WTF?! It's all pretty effed up.

Anonymous said...

You are a fu*king moron David. Go back to your manboobz blog. If your coming here with your feminist politics you would be wise to back up your point that there is no connection to the feminist political establishment.

Unfortunately for you this guy has put an exact quote demonstrating that these people have politicized this lifestyle and it is definitively feminist. Have you see the archive he posted at the end of the post?

Again, David, MRA's are aware of you and your blog "manboobz".

Anonymous said...

BWEC, your right about the feminization and sissification of men in those sex clubs. It must stop! I urge you to act fast. I know! You and your "supporters" need to stage a protest outside these sex clubs. Maybe hold a candlelight vigil. Convince the male patrons that they are victims who are forced to pay their money to sadistic sex workers to degrade and humiliate them. Tell them that they risk becoming "sissies". I'm sure that will go over real well. I'm sure all those guys will probably open a can of Whoop Ass on you, but hey, anything for the cause! Make sure you video tape it and post it on your blog so we can all see how what a real man you are! Bwaaahaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's their problem. If some moron gets sissied in a club by some bitch and allows that, that is HIS problem. You claim to attack feminist for the collectivist bull**** but you don't dare insult those morons who are idiots. Just like the chicks who say "Please Mistress" and get shocked.

Anonymous said...

I think that site is a joke, dude. Like, satire or something. You seem paranoid as fuck...you all do.

Becky said...

This is the way of the future, which is moving in fast. That is why you see and read very abusive comments from men who feel threatened by it. Femdom and female supremacy are free choices of consenting adults. Men who feel threatened by it are insecure. They instead should try to understand it then live with it because it is here to stay.