Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dr Tara J. Palmatier, PsyD on Men's Rights and Interview with MRA luminary Mr. Paul Elam.

She makes some very good points:

--"The post-feminist pendulum has swung too far to the other extreme. How is it just that a man can be forcibly removed from a home he paid for based on nothing more than an unsubstantiated claim of abuse? (Just do a search for ‘how do I get my husband out of the house.’) How is it just that one adult, by virtue of his sex, is financially responsible for another able-bodied adult just by virtue of her sex after the relationship ends and often for the rest of his lifetime? Even child support ends when a child becomes an adult. Why isn’t custody automatically presumed 50/50 in every state? Why aren’t women required to pay support for the 50% of the time the children are with their fathers (if the father is lucky enough to get 50/50 custody)? Why aren’t women prosecuted for making false abuse claims and violating court orders?"--

Somehow we must figure out a way to get women to support shared financial responsibility and shared parental responsibility. We must put our foot down and get women to take on adult responsibilities, obligations and liabilities. We have to make this law so that men can be treated as human beings and obtain rights over our bodies and the God given right to fatherhood as well. Women have no right to do what they have done and I expect them to take responsibility in changing it.

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Just B. Happy said...

Dr. Tara is absolutely on point. Men have been demonized in our society to the extent that unless you are a "man of means", we are relegated to second class citizen, even pariah. How far indeed has the pendulum swung. Not being an abuser, a molester, a womanizer, or an alcoholic but, just an "average" AMERICAN male who has worked and paid bills for over 40 years, taking care family, when will women realize that weakening men economically, professionally, or spiritually will NEVER achieve the goal they are seeking. You can't build on the destruction of another human being - even if that human happens to be a male.

Anthony said...

First of all, I'm a guy. I enjoy a lot of what feminism has to say. I don't think I'd have a problem with being the stay at home dad/husband (as long as I get to pursue my own goals and career while working at home. I like writing and I want to get into art and a few other things. Most of that can be done at home.) I absolutely love women who are empowered. I think strong, intelligent, independent, successful women are sexy.

That all being said, I do feel that some people who proclaim themselves feminists are taking it to an extreme. Bringing a group of people down because they can is really hurting the cause instead of helping it. I think feminism is supposed to be about equality. Its about giving one part of the population the same shot and opportunity the other part has and, as Lois Griffin said in an early Family Guy episode (Yes I'm referencing it) Feminism is about choice. A woman should be able to choose whether she wants to stay at home with the children or have a career.

Unfortunately it feels like it has become some kind of vaccine we are now becoming too overly sensitive to. whenever some little "bug" comes along in our society, the antibodies that supposed to be looking out and helping with equality overreact and become hostile to it and the tissue surrounding it. Its just like with the other issues. Civil Rights, Gay Rights, Worker's Rights whatever other movements there are out there. All of those things have become too inflamed with extremism that people have to live in fear. Political correctness too is possibly something. All of these things are good but people need to be responsible with them and make sure they don't use them to hurt, subjugate or bring down others.