Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Women Declare Victory Over Men.

Here are the largest growing jobs projected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to the year 2016. ALL of them are WOMEN'S JOBS except one or two according to Ms. Rosin but that's ok, women are working on expanding Affirmative Action and Title IX to all the S.T.E.M. fields (Science, Technical, Engineering and Mathematics). The feminized economy is here. Women are all excited that they are now the majority of the workforce and that men have no jobs..Go figure. I guess they got what they wanted aye?

Why women believe that the above jobs being the top growing jobs in the country is a good thing I don't know. I'm pretty sure it is because they don't understand economics. Below is our trade deficit which is much larger now than in (2005):

I'm not sure women understand what a trade deficit means but in short it means that we don't produce anything of tangible value to offer on the global market. Women are excited about all this and the fact that men are out of work but they have little clue of what this all means for the future of our country. Women are excited about the homogeneous service sector feminized economy but they don't understand the economic impact of marginalizing the nations men.....strange isn't it?? They don't seem to understand what the production of goods and tangible products is. Women are welcome to service everyone in our service economy, this is fine by me. I only wish with as much political agency as women now have that they would have directed the government to do something that would have gotten us out of this. After all, our government does what ever women tell them to do.

There is really nothing we can do now. Women have announced they will get us out of this mess and that men don't have to produce anything any more. They insisted that the Stimulus Package be devoted to them....and it was... There is really nothing men should do except drink beer, watch sports, play video games and collect unemployment until women rescue the economy as they say they will.

Ms. Rosin was right, women lied to us about "the wage gap". They have been out earning men for years. It is only when they decide to have men take care of them does the gap show up at all.
More on the wage gap HERE.

Besides, women have Affirmative Action in job hirings and college admissions anyway.

She was also correct about male college degrees earned. This is a good thing according to Ms. Rosin.

She also mentioned that women's "empowerment" has affected marriage....indeed it has Ms. Rosin, we now have the lowest marriage rate in American history:

....and the highest single mother birth rate in American history:

(Sorry the graph is a little dated we now have a 40% single mother birth rate and growing with significant trend momentum)

This is fine by me, women are getting exactly what they want apparently. Our birth rates have dropped below replacement levels anyway.
None of this is sustainable. In other words the United States is in grave danger.

In the meantime, I suggest we continue to liberate ourselves from the female dominated matriarchy we now live in. No alimony, no child support to women and their children. This is the moment of truth! Women should now provide for men and our children in this new order or not form families at all.

If women form families they must now pay men alimony and child support should we decide to divorce them. Otherwise women should raise their own families. Men should NOW make a full withdraw from women and their families. We will not have to worry about that though because female hypergamous mating behavior will take care of that for us. Apparently, the more educated a woman is, the more money she makes on average. The more money she makes on average, the less likely she is to ever get married or have children...Again, this is fine by me, this is what women want.

Affirmative action for women in job hirings and college admissions MUST NO LONGER BE TOLERATED. In fact, since it is the case that we now have separate and secular representation under law by gender in direct violation of The Constitution of The United States we should now create Affirmative Action for men in all fields of work or study which men are a minority.

Men need to continue to find independence and liberation from women and their matriarchal families. This means complete independence from female dependency upon men in any and every regard. True female independence and liberation is here!.....right????

The comments on the TED video are interesting. Men must now begin to mount an offensive while defending our rights and our wellbeing. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING. From the comments, men understand clearly that women have finally proclaimed victory, and with it, "the end of men". Everything women have sought after has come true for them beyond their wildest dreams......Men must now liberate and empower ourselves as well, we must become independent from female dependency...anything less would be oppression and humiliating to men. Men's Rights will serve to compliment the end goal of women's feminism and everything women have sought to independence, dis-need, liberation from each other and self empowerment.


ScareCrow said...


no wonder the global economy is failing.

Anonymous said...

The question is: what are we going to do about it. Can we stop it or do we lost the battle?

Richard K. Stephens said...

Answer to Anonymous: No. We have not lost the war, but we have lost many battles. What can we do about it? a) educate ourselves, b) then educate others, especially boys and young me. This is an infowar. We lose only when we are spending time in the propaganda matrix of popular culture media, passiviely consuming instead of actively engaging in real life social activites (bravely, honestly, contstantly, wisely).

john_b said...

I love it. Men are the new "ball and chain." How awesome is that. We need to run with this. So we're a big burden, eh? Oh, I agree. We have little education and skills compared to women. So if things go bad and we split up, we'll need the kids (since we take care of them anyway), the house and 50% of wifey's income. Hey, its not our fault. We just don't have the ability to make it on our own. We sacrificed for the family by staying home all these years. Option #2? I don't yurn for children. You want to get married and have kids? Pick some other guy. I'm just hear to get laid and move on. Hey, don't blame me. After all, I wouldn't want to be a burden.

ScareCrow said...

More on Hanna Rosin.

Also, our investigators have allegedly flown to Japan, where scientists there have allegedly made a shocking discovery about Hanna Rosin - story to be printed soon.