Sunday, June 13, 2010

Male Chauvinism Or Simply A Perfectly Functional Search Engine

I came across the above image the other day on a feminist website and wanted to explain to women how search engines work in order to clear up the confusion here. This is not some patriarchal sexism designed into the system by men but simply a perfectly functional predictive analysis algorithm at work.

To explain it in basic terms the google database algorithm continually scours the entire internet and finds every reference on the face of the planet it knows of in relation to the word "invented" and found that the overwhelming results did not match the search query which was proceeded by she. The predictive analysis algorithm was functioning properly. It is simply that in all the known world of human knowledge it found that proportionally speaking "she invented" was a statistical anomaly and suggested what it knew was the actual case....which was "did you mean, he invented"

Now upon women's complaint the google engineers specially altered this just for you ladies! Who ever said you were not special in men's eyes? Men are not mean and evil creatures and are sensitive to your feelings. I think it was quite nice of them to do this for you... We even give up our seats to you like gentlemen in "women first" Affirmative Action policy within STEM (Science Technical, Engineering and Mathematics) college admissions. Now who said chivalry was dead?

Oh they are watching alright. In H.R.5116 The Act contains the requisite demand for gender equity and data collection for keeping track of the workforce by race and gender. The Council On Women and Girls is always watching, always acting. We almost defeated preferential treatment of women by Affirmative Action here in the State of Colorado but lost by a 2% margin. Telling this to the 40% college minority that are boys is of little consolation to them. We should let young men know that maybe next year they could be selected by grades and merit!!!

HERE the Council On Women and Girls discusses the extension of Title IX for women to the STEM fields. Has anyone seen what Title IX has done to male sports programs and scholarships!?

Anyway, we must understand that search engines are completely non subjective to human perceptions of things but entirely logical in function. Search engines will tell you the brutal truth about things which can be a very useful tool. I'm not sure how many politically correct alterations have been made but I'm hoping the alterations are cataloged for scientific reasons (I'm kind of a science geek so the whole thing concerns me).

It's kind of like having to create a flaw in a perfectly functional airplane part in case the statistically improbable were to happen. In short it's very bad engineering especially when other systems rely on it. The google algorithm is capable of SO MANY THINGS BEYOND THE USE FOR A SEARCH ENGINE. It has been used for predictive analysis of disease vectors etc... Anyway it's very important to note the intentional flaws introduced so that the errors won't propagate when using the database for other forms of scientific analysis.

If you don't believe me that the algorithm is so brutally honest take a look at the screenshot below.

So when you ask it where it thinks men are going it responds with "their own way" which is actually very true and related directly to Men's and Father's Rights or what is known as the MGTOW sect of the Men's Movement. Last time I checked it was the leading indicator but I'm sure it's well past the 52 million 500 thousand result mark by now. Here we go, just had to grab it real quick it's now 63,700,000.

Oh and just ignore the "men going extinct" part. That was simply some info propagated by pseudo scientists who are just starting to understand human genetics. It has since been debunked my MIT and others. Never the less women LOVED THIS INFO and used in in all sorts of feminist publications such as "Are Men Necessary" by the New York Times writer Maureen Dowd..Women are so brave speaking openly about men this way I swear...

Many in the femisupremacist sphere are really hoping that it's true. DON'T FOR A SECOND believe that this is a niche group of women but instead feminists have a tremendous amount of funding behind their ideology. Women routinely speak openly with anti-male hate with impunity in main stream culture and academia as well. These women now have representation at the Federal level within The Council On Women and Girls.

Here is a comment from When you are as passionate about understanding feminism as I am the connections are astounding. The date on this comment was just the other day in fact 6-10-1010. It is regarding the article The End Of Men in the main stream magazine The-Altantic (for which I've done a separate blog post upon below). This sentiment has become a feminist cultural meme.

Anyway I hope I wasn't to long winded in explaining this whole misunderstanding. So in reality this is most likely where men are going...The google search engine algorithm is quite a useful tool in predicting social trends etc... It's really used for all sorts of interesting things besides doing internet searches...

Anyway it's called women's liberation and it's worked out for the best wouldn't you say!

Never Married Men

The momentum behind these trends is simply undeniable : )

Strange that women compete directly with men for territory and resources and legislatively handicap men from producing such things which make us eligible to you but such is the case in our gender war. Strange that you diverted the Stimulus Package to yourselves though 80% of all jobs lost in the Recession have been to men in order to to handicap males from producing but such is the case in the gender war.

Don't worry though, the coffers of the public treasury that are stocked by male labor and incentive to produce will run dry very soon. We will be wiping our ass with the dollar soon and then men are going to have to kill each other over territory and resources when the system collapses. Have you seen the graphs on male labor force participation lately...ouch! And this graph only extends to 2005, you should see it now! Economists predict that the trend will continue and that 1 in 5 men will be without work. This should make for a solid 18 to 20 MILLION MAN REVOLUTIONARY ARMY!

Women actually make up the majority of our labor force now and the trend is continuing. Now it's time to celebrate just look at the cover of The Economist magazine "WE DID IT" ladies, we beat those filthy pig men! You know ladies, when the ship is sinking you should really consider thinking about the welfare of people other than yourselves. Men could have used that Stimulus money. Now my brother is getting his unemployment garnished to give to his ex who takes vacations in Europe while my brother and other men struggle to feed ourselves. If we don't provide to you we are placed inside of a jail cage like an animal...isn't that nice ladies! I know I know, women first right?!

Women I hope there are some of you wise enough to understand that you will pay for your gynocentric focus in regard to the social fabric and your gynocentric representation in government. You will pay for this. Thanks ladies...Thanks a lot...


Dr. Snark said...

No, no, don't you understand? History is sexist. We must rewrite history books so that women invented half of all things, so that the next generation doesn't grow up with 'the wrong idea'.

Hestia said...

Google might really be out to make men happy. ;) For about a month last winter Google would auto-complete with something sexual whenever I began a search with "how to", usually with something about oral sex being up first. It was hysterical and we couldn't figure out why this was happening. Then it all went away as quick as it began. Now the closest thing I get is "how to get pregnant"

Professor Hale marveled about this Google issue about the same time.

Gooogle said...

If women want to invent great things, by all means do it, but it seems the best they can do is bitch and complain about stupid things like this. How about you stop wasting time complaining and start inventing shit