Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Women Provide To Men?

Well as you may know the vast majority of people who end up homeless are men. The vast majority of health issues plague men. You really wouldn't know it because the only health advocacy you will see in our culture is for women. Men for some reason feel inclined to provide for and protect women and women for some reason feel inclined to provide, protect and pamper themselves. They really do expect to come first and this goes for a state of emergency as well.

Can you imagine if the social code was "men first"??? Why couldn't it be? How is it that women have "choices" and men do not? How is it that men are not allowed to be considered or even put first? Is chivalry really now dead? Maybe anti chivalry sentiment is growing in the hearts of men, but no, chivalry or women insisting that they are first is not dead by a long shot.

In a time of imminent danger women expect men to die for them. Isn't that strange. What is it exactly that makes women of value? What are women expected to do for men?
Please can someone tell me what women are supposed to do for men??? I'm not talking about "choices" but obligations. Can someone tell me what obligations women have for and toward men?

Women actually have 7 Federal Offices on their health. It blew my mind to hear that President Obama's Council On Women and Girls wanted 3 more Federal Offices for women's health added to the healthcare reform package. I was hoping that since men have no gender secular advocacy within the Federal government that maybe The Council On Women and Girls would ask for an Office of Health for men. I've always found it strange that the dynamics between the sexes plays itself out in women's relationship with the government. The government will provide and protect women. I think women love the government so much because they actually have secular representation to tell the government just how they want it to provide and protect them.

It makes me think of the very different forms of government that men and women have in mind for themselves.

Benjamin Franklin once said: "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." Can anyone imagine women saying this? I can tell you that women hold the majority vote now and this is now their government.

Think hard about this one, have you noticed that women are willing to trade the Liberty of men for her own security, particularly in regard to the divorce laws women created in the 70's for Marriage 2.0?

CAN YOU IMAGINE IF POLITICIANS CATERED TO MEN LIKE THIS EVEN IF IT WAS AT THE EXPENSE OF WOMEN. I want you to do me a favor. Every time these men in the video below use the word "women" replace it with "men" and every time they use the word "men" replace it with "women". Pause the video if you have to. Watch it several times if you have to as it's loaded with good information.

Also while you do this I want you to observe their mannerisms, the winks, the lip licking of Obama toward the women when he debases and defiles men with a joke against men. Watch closely for the anticipatory lip lick just after Obama throws men under the bus with his joke. Watch closely in the opening scene of Obama's segment and you will see him give a special wink while he satiates himself with female approval.

I watch the discovery channel a lot and you may not realize it but body language speaks volumes..Obama is actually attempting to court the females, he wants their approval more so than anything else, all of these men do.

Could you imagine if men had this much representation and advocacy for our wellbeing in government! WOW!

Think very hard about this one....Exchange the politicians in the video above and pretend they are female politicians, could you imagine her catering to and advocating for men like this??? Could you see her winking at the men and going so far as to make jokes at women's expense? Could you see her calling this a chauvinist society (anti-man) and advocate that the money should not be used to create jobs for women but rather given to men and minorities, to in fact make economic decisions based on race and gender?

Government actually courts females. Given no restraint from this the system becomes gynocentric, matrifocal and matriarchal very quickly and at the expense of men.

Anyway, on average men are in poorer health than women and now die 7 years earlier than women. It sure is a shame. I've always been surprised that when working safety standards were lowered for our working men in industry by the Federal government that no one said a thing.. Isn't that strange? The men in the Virgina mine did in fact complain that they did not have enough air to breath. They complained that explosive gases were building in pockets while they were hoveled down in their filthy holes digging up the raw resources that power civilization.

I realize now that ALL raw resources come from men and that 98% of all on the job deaths are of men in working industry. I'm looking at everything around me right now and realize that everything around me was procured from the earth by men, these men.

Isn't it strange how the wives of these men don't gather in the streets with signs advocating for "safety standards for our working men"? Do you know how much more powerful that is than men advocating for protection and provision? Why don't women take care of men in any way?

Men are more subservient to women than anyone likes to admit. Put in feminist terms, men are more oppressed by women than anyone likes to admit. Though I do not frame it in feminist terms for a reason....it is because feminism, (which has become the dominant female mind set) wants to liberate men and women from bondage, servitude and dependence on each other, feminists want to destroy our sacred and complimentary bond. THEY HAVE DONE ENOUGH DAMAGE!

Isn't it strange how much men understand that our value to women and society is by what we produce and our pride in our ability to take pain and suffering to do it? Some men won't go to the doctor until the last minute. We are terrified of not being useful or of external utility, especially to women.

You see men don't get approached on the street by women for the simple fact that we exist, men have no inherent value. Men simply will not say or do anything to provide and protect ourselves first, we will not take care of, nurture and pamper ourselves. We have an inclination not to call out in pain until it is unbearable or in many cases to late. We will not look after our health as much, and women, for what ever reason, will not nurture the health of their own men??? Why don't women have reciprocal obligations to men, not choices, but obligations as men do toward and for women?

I never could figure out what it is that women are supposed to do and what obligations they have that they have not made "choices" for themselves.. If someone can please help me answer this I really can use some help trying to figure it out.

So now that I'm aware that it is actually men who bear most of the suffering and neglect of society I am proud to say that I enjoy giving a helping hand to my brothermen I see on the streets. I do not donate to any women's charities. Even though there are no men's charities or advocacy for any male issues in society I always make sure I give to the Boy Scouts.

Sometimes I sit and talk to these homeless men and many I find are not stupid at all but very resourceful and cleaver in the ways they survive. Other times I give them money as I drive by.

You can really learn a lot about the uniquely male condition of homelessness. I learned that these men are not lazy as people say and that many times they once had a life and a good job. This is not to say that they have not developed a drug or alcohol problem since then but if you talk to them and get them to talk a bit you will discover something fascinating about society that we don't want to accept about ourselves. Some even worked in manufacturing and construction. I learned that many of them are veterans and many from the Gulf War and even some from the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some are missing arms and legs or walk on crutches and others are in wheelchairs.

Since I've been involved in Men's and Father's Rights I pay attention to culture more closely and the subtle nuances that can easily go unnoticed. I often wondered why it is only men who are standing on our corners and sleeping on our streets and under bridges. I understand now....men are worth nothing to society and to women unless we produce and it also occurs when we sacrificed our bodies so much that we have nothing left to give like the veterans I've met.

Men actually pride ourselves on our usefulness and our external utility because women will not have us if we don't cultivate this and employ it the best we can. I find it so strange that women don't nurture men in anyway and that their representation in government is for women's interests only (which for some reason does not include men).

I've seen other men give their money to their brothers and it makes me feel good. "Here you go man", "here you go brother" they say. I know now that men must help men but most importantly men must help ourselves because women are not there to be dependent on, women will not advocate or support our wellbeing, safety nor provide or protect us in anyway. They will not come to our aid if we are in danger. They promised us that they would free us from having to do so for them. They gave us their word.

There could be no such equivalent to "a strong independent woman" for men. Male independence in fact is something that is required by default or you end up under a bridge. If anything, an independent man is one who can not only take care of himself and keep himself from the male condition of homelessness but one who does not have a woman who is dependent on him.. True independence for women can be defined by lack of dependency on men and most specifically for male resources. When women leave us as is most often the case (women initiate 70% of all divorce) why can't they take care of themselves? (of the 30% of divorces initiated by men, the vast majority do not involve children)

According to Los Angeles divorce consultant Jayne Major: "Divorced men are often devastated by the loss of their children. It's a little known fact that in the United States men initiate only a small number of the divorces involving children." The strange thing is that even when men did get custody of the children we never abandoned women and divorced them. Only when women changed the laws to no-fault did things start to deteriorate.

I am afraid to say that women lied to us. They will always be dependent on men and will not free us from our gender role. They will not pay for dates, they will not support us in marriage while we stay home. Come time for divorce as always it will be the man who has to financially support her when she leaves under the Marriage 2.0 law women implemented in the 70's called no-fault.

Essentially they want to be able to leave men when no breach of marriage contract has occurred and still be supported by him. I don't really respect women for what they have done. I want to respect women. Did you know marriage is about a man getting down on his knees and giving woman gold and diamonds as a symbol that he will be her provider both in and out of marriage?

Respect and earning respect is a very big deal to men and so is a cultivated sense of duty, honor and sacrifice. So can someone please for the love of god tell me how women show respect, put men first before themselves or employ duty, honor and sacrifice toward and for men in private and public life as men do for women??? Also can someone please tell me why men have no rights to our children or the fruits of our labor after a woman leaves us? Is she required to serve men with her body or the fruits produced by it's labor after she leaves us as well or is it only men who do not have control and choice over our body? Also, why are men's bodies the property of women and the State?

I've been playing close attention for the last several years and I've noticed something peculiar, everyone I see stick out their arm at the stop light to give to a homeless man are actually other men, women will not have them. I think women are disgusted by them and viscerally feel disdain for these men, men who do not produce.

I realize why women never give to them. First it is beyond her nature to provide and protect men. Women would never take care of men and support us financially while we stay home and take care of the children, and we most certainly wouldn't feel so entitled as to say that women were oppressing us by doing all this for us. Women in fact will never do the same for us, they just won't let us. They would never risk themselves to come to our aid either...Isn't that strange?

Women retain their inherent value even when they take on more masculine gender roles but male value seems entirely weighted in external utility. Women will simply not have men unless we produce. They simply won't let us engage in their gender role as we have allowed them to do along side us.

I don't think women will ever free us like they have freed themselves, they will never marry men who do not produce. I've known two women who actually married while living at home with their parents (in their parents basement) so to speak. I know that this simply could not happen to a man. Women would not date us and they would shame us for "living in our parents basement"

It really is true, women hold inherent value for the simple fact that they exist and men do not. Again, if we do not produce for women they will not have us. By law if we do not produce for women we are placed inside of a jail cage. Isn't that strange? If men do not sign our bodies away to the State in Selective Service, we are placed inside of a cage or denied our basic rights. Were I live men are not allowed to get a drivers license unless we sign the Selective Service contract. How did men ever reach such a deplorable condition compared to women. Why are men made to be expendable and our bodies along with the fruit of it's labors transferable to women and State by force of prison??? Why can't men have rights like women can?

Everything in society and social customs are designed to provide and protect women from courtship, to marriage and after divorce. She will not free us from this, she will never be independent as she promised but rather has afforded herself all the more freedoms and choices. ISN'T THAT STRANGE!?

I can not figure out for the life of me what mandated obligations women have to men?
I'm absolutely serious here and am hoping someone can help me answer this in the comments section.

What is it exactly that women do for us? I know they conceive children but children are women's sole property before and after birth and even after divorce. Beyond reproduction I can't really think of anything women are supposed to do for us. It really kills me but I know they must have something they are supposed to do but what? Is is simply that they exist and maybe we can have sex with them? What is marital rape? Why are women allowed control over their bodies and the fruit of it's labor?

Why do women get access to men's bodies and the fruits of our labor after they leave us? Why does the State control men's bodies? Why do men have so many responsibilities and obligations? Why are we the Workhorses? I can't really figure out what makes women valuable. What is it that they are supposed to do?

So I and many men have begun to ask ourselves, over all, is marriage a liability or an asset to men? Are women themselves a liability or asset to men? These are very good questions to ask ourselves.

I ask myself, since we have to pay women for their services in all aspects of life are they worth the liability? Are the mandated obligations that men have toward and for women worth what women give us in return? Why are women so dependent on men? Why can't they support themselves after they leave us?

Is their dependency on us worth it, even if the only thing women do for us is provide company, reproduce or have sex with us? Now a days, can't we get this without marriage at a much lower liability and cost? What is the difference? Why would someone feel compelled to get on their knees in front of a woman and offer her gold and jewels? What is the trade in this transaction????

Who is marriage really about, a man or a woman? You know, the proposal, the ring offering, the wedding, the choices and benefits to work or stay home, choices and benefits after divorce to be provided for by force, ownership of children etc. Who is marriage really about? What exactly are men supposed to get out of it? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME...WHAT OBLIGATIONS, (not supported "choices") DO WOMEN HAVE TOWARD AND FOR MEN IN THEIR PUBLIC AND PRIVATE LIVES?


Anonymous said...

There's nothing a woman can do that my hand can't do better.

Gpholtz said...

Great article ! Few people realize the obvious: give jobs, right to vote, anticonceptive and divorce/alimony to women and you destroy family and make men disposable. Period. This is feminism, sociel engineering, anti-christianism, it is trasvested communism. Jobs are a national security issue, is not for fun, but for men to support their won families. The results are easy to see, just open your eyes....

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

I am a married woman, and for the life of me I cannot raise one credible objection to your argument or questions.

When I take an objective look at the social/political landscape, it becomes clear that the deck is increasingly stacked against men.

As`for me personally, it is a daily and earnest prayer of mine to always be aware of the things I can do to make life easier for my own husband, to honor his leadership, and train our children to respect him, not only through my words but through my actions.

Keep up the fight. There are women who agree with you.

Bwec said...

Thank you Terry, your support means a lot to me. I bet you have a warm wonderful and healthy family : )

Anonymous said...

the problem is one of biology, and therefore cannot be irradicated. women know, and have known, for millenia, that they are in possession of a never diminishing resource which men desire. sex. is it any suprise that women are naturally superior and adept at giving up this nothing while simultaneously gaining the very same thing, in addition to using this infinite resourse as leverage for gaining EVERYTHING else?

Anonymous said...

the problem is one of biology, and therefore cannot be irradicated. women know, and have known, for millenia, that they are in possession of a never diminishing resource which men desire. sex. is it any suprise that women are naturally superior and adept at giving up this nothing while simultaneously gaining the very same thing, in addition to using this infinite resourse as leverage for gaining EVERYTHING else?

Bwec said...

I would not speak to soon Anon, men are on to what women have done to us.

If you read through the rest of my blog you will see that we are going our separate ways in terms of male commitment to women in general, commitment to "her" offspring and dedication to seeking out marriage.

If you look at all the graphs and data I present you will see that all the changes that women have made over the last 40 years since the second wave has begun has come with consequences, consequences that I believe will increasingly fall upon their shoulders.

There is an awakening taking place among men, an awareness and consciousness of our position AND WE ARE TALKING. This has only just begun my friend....Read on....

Anonymous said...

What obligation women have to men you ask?
What obligation mistress have for slaves? The answer is none.
For them this is exactly what we are: slaves. We existe to serve, provide and protect them. This is our only pupose.

Mariage thing is a man who knee behind is mistress giving Her a tribut of gold and diamond for the privilege of bieng HER slave for the rest of his miserable life. While the mariage end after. He lost the little freedom he had under the gynocracy.

The so call patriarcal time was nothing more than a soft gynocracy where male was compensated by few rights for being good slave and dying in countless war to provide greater confort to their mistress.

Anonymous said...

Women seem to have the obligation of bringing down society after society. Other than that I cant think of one damn thing.

If you know you history this pattern has been repeated over and over again. Just look at the last play from the Greek empire where the story goes of lesbians dancing naked on the mountaintop and the king climbed up to watch and they cut off his head. Rome, where the philiosphers of the time wrote they hung thier heads in shame at being a male roman citizen.

From the sultans to the egyptians to the ming dynasties, they all fell the same way. The rise of feminism and homosexuality to the destruction of society. It's the same old dance to a different tune. Nothing has changed.

Anonymous said...

This is in response to the last comment "The rise of feminism and homosexuality is a destruction of society". Clearly this person doesn't know anything about feminism or homosexuality.It all plays a part in racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. Women are making significant improvements and are surpassing men in education, and are also making more money per year for the first time in U.S. history than men.But, their is a history of men being dominant and in control, and we are not taking it anymore. We are standing on our own feet. The second wave of the feminist movement is intended to help men and women have equal equality across the board and continues today with the third wave. Men are feminist as well. Men's role are changing in our society. Men are staying home taking care of children, and women are simply grossing more per year. We are not intending to do this but, the roles are changing so, you should not feel less then a man it's just what it is.

Bwec said...

"Women are making significant improvements and are surpassing men in education, and are also making more money per year for the first time in U.S. history than men.But, their is a history of men being dominant and in control, and we are not taking it anymore."

Does this mean we can do away with men having to send independent women our money, diverting stimulus packages to women, women first laws such as Affirmative Action in college admissions and business hirings, women only loans and scholarships, default female child custody etc and change curriculum models back to support the learning needs of boys in early education? Does this mean that men will finally have some money so we can have at least one office on our health in government?

I'm really looking forward to equal marriage rights and equal rights and representation under law. Do you know when this will happen for men and boys?