Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The End Of Men (A Syndication)

Another Triumphalist Piece Consigning Men to Irrelevance

Wow, a truly powerful piece by The Atlantic but most importantly some absolutely fascinating commentary on The-Spearhead and The Atlantic in the comments section regarding the article. This is a must read but most importantly the comments on both sites.. Men must continue to make a full withdraw, organize and form ranks and go on the offensive politically, economically and socially. Men must form ranks NOW!

UPDATE: I would recommend my readers partake in the comments section on The Atlantic article as well. Some splendid commentary regarding the matriarchy is present there as well! Women will pay dearly for this celebration of male demise. The Atlantic is no side cart media outlet but a respected main stream publication. This is one of many publications I've seen as of late celebrating the victory over men... Again, women it is you who will pay the price for this, we will all pay the price!


Anonymous said...

That article convinced me that women were taking over the USA economy, and that the USA economy was losing its manufacturing power.

The article even mentioned that manufacturing is male-dominated.

Here's a hint: the ladies won't enjoy being at the top of the USA economy when there's nothing they can buy with their USA dollars.

Anonymous said...

The economy isn't changing. It's failing. We've shipped 67% of our manufacturing economy overseas and tried to build America's economy on services and retail. As a result, we have declining incomes, exploding private and public debt, and huge, chronic trade deficits. Is this the new economy feminists want to celebrate? Neither "Man Up" or "The End Of Men" mentioned 40 years of affirmative action programs that cost men millions of jobs or the fact that women get preferential treatment in a number of areas (Ex: seven federal agencies devoted solely to women's health and zero for men). Examples of women focused provisions also abound in law. That's OK but am getting tired of articles that describe men as lazy. Most of us work our butts off to provide for others as well as ourselves and most of us do share home responsibilities as well. So let's give "men bashing a rest for awhile".