Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where Are All The Good Men?

Dear oh dear where are all the good men? There are no good men left in the world! Where have they all gone? Wow, you know things are getting bad when women start to wear the questions they have on their shirt!

Funny you have been shaming men with such language for about the last 20 or so years. I seem to remember these two cultural memes i.e. "there are no good men" and "men are afraid of commitment" since the early 90's.

I find it strange that women have failed to look in the mirror and ask "am I a good woman"? Am I worthy of commitment from men? Is it really true what they reduce men to in my Cosmo magazine? Is it true that "all men want is sex" and they are satisfied?

Are men really simple and easy to please as they say? How have things changed since the times when men were jumping over each other to commit to women? Has commitment, displays of chivalry and courtship wained away in men? Is it true? This brings to mind another meme of social culture that has sprung to life in the public consciousness over the last decade or so...."chivalry is dead"...

So what is it that has caused the divide between men and women, what has put us in polar opposition? The focus has been on men since this all began, do you think women will ever look inward and ask if it is something they have done or do you think they will continue to blame and shame men? Fascinating how good women are at bringing their needs to the forefront of the social fabric. You really do ladies, you dominate the crap out of the societal dialog.

Shhhhhhh Shhhhh stop chatting in your magazines and on Opera etc etc... Quiet please quiet..quiet down chat chat chat...shhhh shhhh.

Ok here we go......

Women really are gifted at commandeering the social fabric and societal dialog, men are very quiet about what we feel and think about this whole thing though our thoughts and feelings sure do show up in our actions, we just aren't chatty about why we do what we do. Men are starting to talk now and want to bring things to the table for discussion. Outside the internet it takes a special woman to find out what men are thinking. Here, in the blogosphere where it's safe, men have some things to say if your willing to listen..So here is what you have to say.....

"Where are all the good men"
"Men are afraid of commitment"
"Chivalry is dead"

These are all definitive socio-cultural memes that have come to life in our culture. Did you know that these social issues did not always exist? Did you know that this all began about 40 years ago?

Read on ladies, read on. Welcome! Welcome to the place where men feel safe from judgement! Welcome to the place where we can critisise you and you will not be able to shame our mouths shut with your fragile male ego insults etc. Welcome to the place on the internet where men talk about and say what we are really thinking and feeling!!! These things you HAVE NEVER HEARD BEFORE ABOUT THE MALE EXPERIENCE,isn't that exciting!

Here in the nether regions of the internet, where no one will know who we are, we share our thoughts and feelings about you. Here I give you gold ladies! I give you the dark corners of the blogosphere where men talk about our frustrations, our hopes our dreams our helplessness our vulnerabilities, our anger, our pain, our suffering, our thoughts and our feelings....Here we say things we don't dare say elsewhere yet shows through in our actions in the real world. the blogosphere you will find valuable insight into the answers to the questions above that have become so prevalent that virtually everyone in America knows them.....

Do you think you have what it takes to put YOUR ego away and really listen to what men have to say??? Do you think you can listen without getting defensive? Do you think you can listen without resorting to putting the blame back on men? I wonder if you really are as interested and gifted at relationships as you think. Woman can do no wrong yes? It's men who are not good listeners yes? Here in the internet underground where it's safe from your shaming, men will talk. Here, in the quiet, away from the social cultural dialog you dominate the crap out of men are talking. I don't know if you have what it takes. Men speak here in the blogosphere ladies, men give you the answers you have always wanted to know. Do you have the guts to listen???

Stick around a while, I give you a warm welcome ladies. Put on your comfy socks, grab a nice hot cup of coffee or your favorite tea and explore with me, explore with us the MRA. We are not big bad men but some of us are very expressive..can you handle it? Don't worry, men now a days may be fiercely independent from you now and keep our distance from you but we don't hate you. Though there are men who do, deep down I venture to say that even they want to like you and feel....only if they could.......

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