Monday, June 21, 2010

VAWA Reform Is Needed RIGHT NOW!

A true humanitarian, Phyllis Schlafly, the wise and gutsy old woman that she is, comes to the aid of her countrymen (Article at bottom of this post). Thank you Phyllis, you are a kind soul to care for and advocate for the wellbeing and protection of men and boys. Advocacy for men and boys is mainly unheard of. Phyllis, your steadfast commitment to our country is truly exemplary.

I really believe that it will mainly be up to women to change the rules of their own protection, men just don't have the power to advocate for our welfare. When advocacy and action upon the welfare of men is related to or perceived to be related to the welfare of women, men will lose, women come first without exception. The welfare and wellbeing of women is more important than that of men..everyone knows that. When it comes to separate and secular representation by gender within government, women's advocacy groups have all the power. For what ever reason male advocacy just can not compete. Males in comparison simply don't matter.

Though men suffer from poorer health we have not been able to get women to share one of the 7 Federal Offices on women's health with men. They say that women need all the resources, protection and provision. I think women expect men to die rather than render aid to us...Isn't that strange? I don't know why men are less valuable than women but such is our plight I guess. Such is the male condition, it always has been.

I guess the only difference is that we were able to dictate our own terms of how we and government were servants to women. Now, with their representation in government they dictate the terms of our servitude.

We do try, no one can say that we do not try but whenever men lobby for equal protection under law, women say that giving men equal rights and protections comes at the expense of protecting women and that women should come first before men. Women always win in this argument and so we as men must continue to suffer. I think we really do believe that women's welfare and wellbeing should come before our own. Women are more than happy to benefit from male suffering. They actually see it as our rightful chivalry.

I feel that it may be the case that it will always be "women first" and that women somehow innately feel entitled to provision, protection and resources, Isn't that strange? For some reason I get the feeling that men may feel that women deserve unequal representation under law as well.. Isn't that strange???

I have the feeling women don't hold the same values as men when it comes to our welfare. I don't know if they have the same feelings toward men as men do for women.

I fear that men simply can not compete with women when it comes to such things. I fear we will never be as powerful as women and that we will never be able to change this. The forces involved in giving women such insane protections at male expense must be a biological part of human nature. I can't figure out any other reason why it could have gotten this far otherwise. I don't understand why women are put first to the detriment, welfare and wellbeing of men.. I can't understand...I just don't understand.

Why did this all start when women gained agency in our government? Why do women use their representation in government to provide and protect themselves? Why do we deffer to women and why are they more powerful? Why don't females in government ever advocate for men as men do for women????? Why don't men advocate for men as men do for women?

I can only hope that someday, men and boys will be treated fairly and that our wellbeing and protection is just as important as a woman's. I truly believe that when men suffer women and society suffer along with us.

Article: A Good Father's Day Gift by Phyllis Schlafly

A good Father's Day gift would be to reform the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), make it gender-neutral, and assure men that family courts will accord them constitutional rights equivalent to those enjoyed by murderers and robbers. VAWA will be coming up for its five-year reauthorization later this year, and that will be the time to hold balanced hearings and eliminate VAWA's discrimination against men.

VAWA illustrates the hypocrisy of noisy feminist demands that we kowtow to their ideology of gender neutrality, to their claim that there is no difference between male and female, and to their opposition to stereotyping and gender profiling. VAWA is based on the proposition that there are, indeed, innate gender differences: Men are naturally batterers, and women are naturally victims.

Feminist supporters of VAWA obviously share Jessica Valenti's recent assertion in The Washington Post that American women are oppressed by the "patriarchy" and that "it needs to end." One way they hope to end it is by using the extravagantly expensive and discriminatory VAWA, which was passed in 1994 as a payoff to the feminists for helping to elect Bill Clinton president in 1992. VAWA is not designed to eliminate or punish violence, but to punish only alleged violence against women. Most of the shelters financed by VAWA do not accept men as victims.

VAWA has been known from the get-go as "feminist pork" because it puts nearly $1 billion a year of U.S. taxpayers' money into the hands of the radical feminists without any accountability for how the money is spent. Feminists have set up shop in shelters where they promote divorce, marriage breakup, hatred of men and false accusations, while rejecting marriage counseling, reconciliation, drug-abuse treatment and evidence of mutual-partner abuse.

Feminists have changed state laws to include a loosey-goosey definition of family violence. It doesn't have to be violent -- it can simply be what a man says or how he looks at a woman.

Domestic violence can even be what a woman thinks a man might do or say. Definitions of violence include calling your partner a naughty word, raising your voice, causing "annoyance" or "emotional distress," or just not doing what your partner wants.

VAWA makes taxpayers' money available to the feminists to lobby state legislators to pass feminist laws, to train law enforcement personnel and judges in using those laws, and to fund their enforcement. VAWA provides women with free legal counsel to pursue their allegations while men are left on their own to find and pay a lawyer, or struggle without one.

Feminists have lobbied most states to adopt mandatory-arrest laws, which means that when the police arrive at a disturbance and lack good information on who is to blame, they are nevertheless legally bound to arrest somebody. Three guesses who is usually arrested.

Feminists have lobbied most states to pass no-drop prosecution laws, which require proceeding with prosecution even if the woman recants her charges or wants to drop them. Studies show that women do recant or ask to drop the charges in 60 percent of criminal allegations, but the law requires the man to be prosecuted anyway, which means he loses his constitutional right to confront his accuser.

Charging domestic violence practically guarantees that a woman will get custody of the children and sever forever the father's relationship with his children even though the alleged violence had nothing whatever to do with any abuse of the children. Judges are required to consider allegations of domestic violence in awarding child custody, even though no evidence of abuse was ever presented or proven.


Anonymous said...

A guy who gets it.

and you are a guy who does not

Anonymous said...

"A guy who gets it."

We have a word for "guys" like this.


And if by "it", you mean "pussy", I can assure you he does not.

Why exactly does this man hate himself so much, and why does he think women are so special?

We went to the moon, you women go to the mall (which we built for you).

Fuck you madam, and fuck your sackless neutered lapdog.

I don't think I need to explain to any of the men here why you are delusional if you think that mangina's point of view is anything other than a result of deep-seated gender identity issues, in other words, a psychopathology.

admin_nds said...

I agree that VAWA needs to be addressed immediately. I've heard social service folks are getting a lot more use out of this in foster care cases, abuse cases, etc.

It's just another tool used to shackle and control ordinary men.

Anonymous said...

I admire Phyllis Schlafly. She has long been an ally of men fighting in the war against/on men.

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joven said...

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Alrietto said...

There is a law in this country (The Violence Against Women Act - VAWA) that provides motives and incentives for an immigrant woman (man) to prostitute herself (himself), lie, deceive, abuse etc. an American citizen in order to deceive him (her) into marrying her (him), and then that same law provides motives and incentives for her (him) to falsely accuse the innocent American citizen of DV, rape and abuse.


The VAWA immigration loop-hole:

The formula is simple: Pretend you're in love with an American citizen, get them to marry you, then, a few months later start making unsupported accusations of abuse. The accusations will stick, even if completely unsupported by facts. In no time they're on the path to permanent residency and with plenty of help from US taxpayers. The innocent US spouse often pays a heavy price in terms of psychological distress, legal bills, damage to reputation, and in many cases even a criminal record.


My VAWA fraud story: