Monday, February 28, 2011

Why Men Must Be Independent and Liberated

I was reading an article written by a woman who is opposed to the establishment of matriarchy and female supremacist society.

This comment stuck out to me:

"I agree with you. Many men won't like the female supremacist society. I'm also not sure what it will look like. Let's face it, it won't be the 1950's with the roles reversed. The large majority of women (even Lesbians) do not like feminine men, let alone want to make one their house husband.Even feminine women and stay at home moms are criticized by society today. What will we see? Some things we see already. Women will not put up with men who cheat or even go out drinking with their pals. They are financially independent and will just get a divorce. Hence, the higher divorce rate.

Other women don't even bother getting married. If they want a child, they hook up with a man and kick them out when they are pregnant. They then take him to court to make sure he pays his child support or society will throw him in jail. Women like this call men a "wallet". I know men who work two jobs just to pay child support and live like paupers. We will see more and more of this.

We will also see men leaving jobs to follow their wives when their wives are promoted or take leave to raise the kids as their wives will make more. We will see men trying hard to save their marriages. Women will therefore make more and more of the decisions and men will have to like it. The male approach at work (assertive, loud, aggressive) will be less valued than the woman's approach (nurturing, caring, team building, understanding of family issues). Women already own the majority of small businesses. These trends will only grow."

-It is important for men to understand what matriarchy means and as such realize that we have no obligations or enfranchisement in supporting it. In fact we are subjugated to quite the opposite. There is no stake for men in any of it. Men must look out for ourselves as a separate class and toward the ends of our own self interests and not that of a prospectful symbiotic relationship with women as members of the family and lives of our children.

In Great Britain it is no longer required that men be listed on the birth certificate of the child. I see this as a step forward in Independence and Liberation of men from women's families and women's children. There is liberation in being downgraded to sperm donor. Men owe women, women's families and women's children nothing. The only thing men need to look out for is ourselves.

The above reasons are why men should withdraw from commitment to women, to family and to the prospect of children or fatherhood. Even if a man is a father in the United States and the west it is considered a revocable privilege and not a right. The comment from the woman above demonstrates what women have done to marriage, divorce and family law. Men should not get married.

The good thing is that since these law changes and other mandates of female supremacy have been implemented marriage rates have been on a precipitous decline:

The graph below is a little DATED, THE SINGLE WOMAN BIRTH RATE IS NOW 42% OF ALL BIRTHS. It is important for men to recognize what is happening. It is important to realize that increasingly women are a separate socio-political and socio-economic class and that social, familial, political and even economic policies are made accordingly which serve to exacerbate, accelerate and reinforce these trends. Men must adapt in self preservation and seek Liberation and Independence from subjugation. There is no other choice. Yes, you can become a Men's Rights Activist and fight for change but in the meantime you must protect yourselves.

Here is a primer to warn men of the changes women have made to marriage and divorce law:

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