Monday, February 21, 2011

A Personal Letter To An MRA

Ryan, though Men's Rights and Fathers Rights is real, it is a real challenge we face, we have to remember that in our personal lives relationships with women ARE possible.

As compared to many, the challenges you face are two fold because of your personal history.

Though in our lifetimes we may never receive equal rights on a larger scale and as such this preclusion transcends into the personal realm, we have no choice but to establish as much personal sovereignty and trust with the right woman as possible.

We can not just give up. Though the forces of good are used against us and the tyranny of the State reigns upon us, there is at least hope, there is at least a chance that men can share our feelings and position with a woman and trust in her not to destroy us. The risk is great but it is better than the alternative.

Women hold ultimate power in the family and over many things by law. Oppression has plagued man kind since the beginning. Though women hold more Rights and representation in the realm of the political, social, economic, in education, healthcare, judicial, family and marriage law, paternal rights, conception and reproductive rights and in general are placed before men in all matters I hope someday to find the right woman and believe I will be brought to tears when I tell her how terrified I am of what can be brought to bear upon me by my slave status, lack of rights to my body and lack of paternal rights to my children. I am terrified of losing my children like my father was taken from me and like my brother lost his child. I hope to find an honorable woman, draw a line around us in the sand and defend what we have with my life.

We can also make prenuptial legal agreements with women to arbitrate the terms of a marriage though they are not always honored by the courts. Ultimately we do have a choice though. I know that I do reserve the choice to abandon my obligations as a slave and to gain some form of control over my body and I am willing to pay the price to do so. I am willing to go to jail to preserve my Liberty, Independence and Freedom.

I hope that Men's Rights is a source of wisdom and as such a source power for you in your life. Enlightenment as to our position as men in society and in biology is important for men to know, it is empowering.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that as men we face many challenges to obtain equal Rights and representation in society in all realms but our consciousness of these issues can be used to make our lives better. I also mean to say that as men, we are in this together. None of us are alone in this. Struggle is the nature of life. I know that good men like you and I can not give up. Good men like you and I have to go on. We are all in this fight together.

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