Sunday, February 27, 2011

Men's Rights Radio On Air March 1st 9:00 p.m. EST

Be sure to tune in: HERE
An Introduction to the Men's Movement
Length: 2 hrs 30 min
Radio On Air March 1st 9:00 p.m. EST


Our debut show at A Voice for Men Radio. This program will give an overview of the men's movement, take as many right hooks at feminists and manginas as we can in an hour, let you hear exactly why the men's movement is growing, and why it isn't going to stop. Paul Elam, founder of and former Editor-in-Chief of Men's News Daily is your host. One listen to this show and you will find out why the New York Times, CBS News and Ms. Magazine all have their panties in a twist over the work of Mr. Elam. Strap in and buckle up for this one. This is A Voice for Men you have never heard before

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SandyO said...

I really hope I can find this March 1 Voice for Men radio show. It's often so hard for me or women to get men to tell it "like it is" for them. We women can only guess and read books like Hazards of Being Male by Goldstein, I think.

We of Equal Rights Alliance spend so much of our time trying to explain what we think we know of men and fighting unbidden for their rights alongside ours, females' that it should be refreshing to hear men recount their thoughts on being male.

I am the one spearheading pro bono the returned Equal Rights Amendment ratification process through the Florida legislature while we help mentor 6 other states as they do, too.

You and everyone are invitd to esp. to read our ERA for Men piece. We'd like to update it with your words if you'd like to send them to us with your full name, email, and state of residence, thank you:

ERA simply reflects the fundamental, moral American value of equality for all regardless of gender:

"Equality under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex"/gender. Written in 1923, it's taken about NINETY years to declare particularly that females deserve to be a part of and be mentioned in this nation's contract with its people. We urge that because, without it, females have no guaranteed rights as they are not mentioned therein. We all know what that means to a conract.

Take heart, men: Wherever gender-equality (fairer child custody in divorces, issues of the draft etc., as well as equal treatment of girls and women) IS THE STANDARD, marital harmony climbs, divorce rates decline, communities stabilize! Not to mention that those nations which have adopted a similar ERA see THEIR GDP CLIMB anywhere from 1% to 3%!

That's no chicken-feed!

Shouldn't we do this winwin thing? Tell your legislators to agitate for this kind of path to economic recovery! Other countries capitalize on ERA, why shouldn't WE?

Visit us at and learn the complexities of the ERA/Equal Rights Amendment, find out why it is now so crucial (ERA for Men; ERA for Women; ERA for Moms:..for the Religious; .. for the Wary; en Espanol, etc. See the maps of the ratified states. WE JUST NEED 3 MORE TO RATIFY AND 7 ARE FILING BILLS IN THEIR STATES! lET'S JOIN THE REST OF THE NATION SINCE WWII which already has an ERA!!

Let America be avant garde once again. Please. me