Friday, November 26, 2010

There Are GREAT PRICES On Anti-Male Fleece Throw Rug At Bed Bath and Beyond If You All Want Some!

There are GREAT PRICES on anti-male fleece throw rugs at Bed Bath and Beyond if you all want some!!! I like the one "Boys are Stupid Throw Rocks At Them". It is important that men and little boys learn how worthless they really are. They should all be beaten to death and trampled upon. What do you think?

Ok well, they don't go cheep, there is quite a demand for them.

David and Goliath® "Boys are Stupid, Throw Rocks at Them" Fleece Throw Blanket $29.99 ea.

Get them while you can, they are a hot seller. Women and girls can rest upon them, decorate with them or trample them below their feet. Single mother raised crush fetishists will love them as well!

I was thinking of coming out with my own line of clothing and textiles. "Girls are stupid, strangle them" What do you all think???

I like the commercials where men, husbands and fathers are pigs, horses asses, donkeys asses, dogs, dragged upon women's heals, thrown into garbage cans and stabbed in the head with knives, vacuum cleaners shoved up their asses and blenders grinding out their brains. High healed shoes sure make the best cerebral hematomas. They are very fitting ads because for some reason this portrayal of men sells things to women like hot cakes.

"Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper."

-=President Thomas Jefferson=-

Interesting our perceptions and place men, boys, husbands and fathers hold in the mind of ourselves, society and in the minds of women and girls. They sure do transcend these magnificent truths into popular culture don't they.




I've just been informed from an MRA that the product has been removed from sale due to numerous complaints. A thank you to Dawn Thomas for her tremendous efforts on behalf of men and boys. I am grateful for women like you Dawn Thomas!


Thag Jones said...

Pathetic. I the only one who thinks the rocks look like sperm though?

Bwec said...

Yes maam, they sure do. It's part of the emasculation and humiliation effort.