Friday, November 5, 2010

2nd. Annual Male Studies Conference: Men Form Ranks For Round 2!

Good news, against feminist opposition, men are forming ranks for round 2! The goal.... to establish a means of defense for men and boys against the feminist war machine.

The Second Annual International Conference on Male Studies is set to convene at the New York Academy of Medicine on April 6, 2011. Paul Nathanson, PhD, and Katherine Young, PhD, will be there to discuss the negative affects feminism has had upon culture as well as the mainstream elements of the female supremacist movement and associated memes which have infected modern American culture.

This type of intellectual coalescence will soon become a formidable force against feminism and our associated matriarchal society. I believe perhaps that sometime in the future men may gain equal rights to property, education, business hirings, sex and conception laws, our bodies and our children. Perhaps we will also be able to restore the Constitution of The United States and the equal representation and rights of men and boys it is supposed to protect.

The Foundation for Male Studies is sponsoring the event, which will be co-chaired by Marianne Legato and Thomas Mortenson.

Dr. Legato is the founder and director of Columbia’s College of Medicine Partnership for Gender-Specific Medicine. She is the editor of The Journal of Gender-Specific Medicine. A widely acclaimed author of works on men’s and women’s health, her most current book is Why Men Die First.

Mr. Mortenson is a senior scholar at the Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education in Washington, DC., and the recipient of major national awards for contributions to educational research.

Other panelists will include Florida International University Professor of Psychology, Gordon E. Finely, Ph.D., who will speak on the need for a national fatherhood policy; and Michael Gilbert, a Senior Fellow at the University of Southern California Annenberg School and author of The Disposable Male, who will speak on the effects of job loss on men.

Paul Nathanson, PhD, and Katherine Young, PhD, will round out the panel. Both of McGill University, Nathanson and Young are the authors of a series of books on misandry, collectively titled Beyond The Fall Of Man. The first volume, Spreading Misandry examines the concept of misandry popular culture; The second volumn, Legalizing Misandry gives consideration to trends in law; volume three, Sanctifying Misandry, explores the roots of modern goddess movement. A final volume, Transcending Misandry, is upcoming.

In addition, the Foundation for Male Studies has issued a call for academic research and programs focused on the need “to reverse the downward spiral now effecting virtually all aspects of the lives of men and boys,” said Dr. Edward M. Stephens, founder and Chairman of the Foundation for Male Studies. “The Foundation is calling for papers from academics on how to best deal with increasing levels of male unemployment, depression, suicides, high school and college dropout rates.”

Scholars seeking to submit papers for the conference may do so by writing to Dick Elfenbein, email: elfenbein |at| before March 15. 2011. Or call 845-362-0893.

Visit for more information.

It is my hope that men will continue to form ranks as a political class in order to mount an effective defense against feminism. Representation for men as a gender class is ESSENTIAL in a time where women have made "the personal political" and enacted laws and policy accordingly just as they said they would. When they stormed the beach front of gender harmony at the beginning of "second wave" feminism they refused to negotiate. It was a clean sweeping victory for them but the time has come for action.

This is a battle between men-government-women and women-government-men. Gender relations and related laws and policy can no longer go uncontested by men. We must defend ourselves and mount effective resistance in order to defend our gender from further assault.

Of primary concern to me is how men will either be given equal rights in the family, to our children, our bodies and the fruits of its labor so that we may form a family again or failing this, how men can liberate ourselves from the matriarchal family, women and "their" children so that men may be independent from female dependency. The goal then would be to continue the feminist construct of independence and mutual dis-need and thus equal rights. True independence for women is independence from dependency upon men, as such men will be equally liberated and independent.


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