Saturday, April 11, 2009

WIKIPEDIA Getting The Word Out: Sexist

I've made edits to the previously one sided Wikipedia article - Sexist

Popular Policy and Culture

Men are forbidden to sit next to children on Qantas and British Airways airlines as it is company policy to assume that all men are potential threats to children.[44]

It is much apart of western culture that men are less valued than women as the mantra of "women first" still exists to the extent at which men are expected to die for their favor. In January 2009 a US Airways Airbus A320 flight 1549 with 120 passengers on board crashed into the Hudson River. Upon describing the incident and what ensued a passenger stated "At first chaos, but everyone was kind of orderly, man. You know after a while everyone, we just, I just kept saying relax relax, women and children first. And then it just started filling with water, quick." Heading toward the forward exits, and then standing on the wings, the passengers developed their pecking order. Women and children went first into the rafts, then people who had fallen into the river and been plucked out.[45]

Men at 18 years of age in the United States are required to register for military conscription to be drafted to war or military service. Women hold no obligation to serve their country in any fashion should they be required in any reguard.[44]

Though women acquire 60% of college degrees in the United States women are granted affirmative action in some states such as Colorado as well as women only loans, scholarships, grants, funding and outreach initiatives. There are no such opportunities for men only.

In the United States, boys sports teams in colleges have been shut down in order to maintain gender parity with the amount of women who enter sports on campus through Title IX gender equality policy. [44] Young ladies at some campuses have shown solidarity against the ostrasization of boys by creating videos to bring attention to the issue.[45] The Obama administration is investigating the implementation of forced gender parity through Title IX to science, technical and engineering departments in colleges as well. Some organizations have expressed concern to the further denigration for opportunities for boys. [46]

Statistics are widely disseminated purporting that 1 in 4 or 1 in 6 women are brutally raped in the United States.[46] Campaigns such as Take Back The Night give the impression that rape is a very real possibility for women when walking down the street at night.[citation needed] It is well known that the majority of men do not commit nor are they capable of violent rape as an erection is unobtainable by most all men by attacking and hurting a woman.[citation needed] Normal and healthy male biology does not find this sexually arousing.[citation needed]The majority of rape cases take place in the home, are under the influence of alcohol and or drugs by one or both parties, is by someone the person is close to, and is non violent or forceful.[citation needed] Carrie Lukas of the Independent Women's Forum describes how the 1 in 4 statistic came to be [47]

It is widely purported that men commit the majority of intimate partner violence when in actuality the vast majority of these accusations take place by intimate couples that are classified as separated.[48] Under VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) the privilege is available to a woman to enact a restraining order if she feels threatened, like wise the intimate partner violence statistics reflect the abhorrent spike in cases for couples listed as separated. Because of the ease of obtainment of a restraining order, domestic violence allegations have become a more common process of a break up or divorce. Reputable sources such as the U.S. CDC and American Psychiatric Association have found that women commit 50.3% of intimate partner violence (See Domestic Violence Below).

Men, specifically husbands and fathers are portrayed in the media as animals or parts of animals such as a horses ass, donkeys or (jack asses) and dogs[49][citation needed] Sexist T-shirts are sold to girls depicting boys as stupid and disposable[50] while commercials in mainstream media further fortify the denigration of men and boys by depicting female power in relation to male disposability[51]

British home secretary Baroness Corston has proposed that all women's prisons should be shut down and converted to prisons for men. If adopted by the home secretary, Baroness Corston's approach would see Holloway and about 14 other all-female prisons in England and Wales shut down or converted into jails for men. [52]

In the United States it is popular and lawful conception that men are not meant to have a parental role with their children and as such custody of children in divorce is often rewarded to the mother. "As late as 1971, the Minnesota State Bar Association's handbook advised lawyers and judges that: "except in very rare cases, the father should not have custody of the minor children. He is usually unqualified psychologically and emotionally."[53]

In dating and courtship men are still expected to pay expenses in many or all regards. Men most often bear the responsibility to support a woman who has left him through divorce by way of alimony. Women in the United States initiate 70% of all divorces. Men loose custody of their children 90% of the time which relegates them to virtual childlessness as well as the child to fatherlessness as "visitation" to their own children is the norm. Men are also expected to pay child support for children they are not allowed to see on a regular basis.
The United States has created the Cabinet Level advisory Council of Women and Girls to oversee all governmental policy and functions of all Cabinet Level offices as to how they affect the needs of women and girls. There is no such high level council for men or boys. Excerpt from a lobbying letter by N.O.W: "This Office on Women should seek new ways to foster the full potential of tens of millions of women and girls of all races and from all walks of life -- through policies, budgeting, inter-agency coordination and special initiatives." [54]

In the United States men by law can not have a full or equal decision making part in the responsibility for conception in the act of procreation. As such men have no right to abort financial responsibility or parental rights on their own accord. Women however are able to exercise the right to abort responsibility of conception by aborting an unborn fetus despite the wishes, religious beliefs or personal life planning and health wishes of the father. Unequal protection under law to reach the same ends (abort responsibility for conception is not afforded to men) The proposition for each sex to make mutually exclusive decisions to abort and for the female to decide to abort or not abort accordingly is not afforded. By implication it is men who are responsible for conception and as such it is therefore something a man does to a woman and is not seen as a mutual act. For a full discussion on this matter, see Male abortion.

Anthropologist Helen Fisher states in her book Anatomy of Love, "The mating game is powerful and primitive. There's a great deal that both sexes need to learn about that. But unfortunately right now all the blame is on men. Sexual harassment is an issue that has been controlled by women."[citation needed] Dr. Fisher is referring to passive female solicitation of male sexual response by exposure of their bodies. Though passive in nature female way of dress has to potential to be overtly sexual without direct action. Female way of dress is not just something men see but feel as well. As such female way of dress has the potential to be sexual harrasment of men. It is common conception that women should have no responsibility for the cloths they wear and how it makes men feel or how it affects men personally, emotionally or sexually. Though actions of men that are direct or indirect and affect women likewise is classified as harassment.

Domestic violence

The U.S. Center for Disease control in conjunction with the American Psychiatric Association found that of heterosexual relationships involving violence, 50.3% involve non-reciprocal violence, and of that 50.3%, women were the instigators 70.7% of the time, although "physical injury was more likely to occur when the violence was reciprocal."[52] Men have no laws such as VAWA or Violence Against Women Act that afford them equal protection under law. Men are often turned away from shelters and services for domestic violence victims.[citation needed] Boys of 12 years of age and older are often not allowed to accompany their mother to domestic violence shelters.[citation needed] Linda Kelly states in her thesis, DISABUSING THE DEFINITION OF DOMESTIC ABUSE: HOW WOMEN BATTER MEN AND THE ROLE OF THE FEMINIST STATE in the Florida State University Law Review that domestic violence is equally the province of women. [53]


Rash said...

Re: the first two paragraphs.

I had heard that Qantas and Air New Zealand had that discriminatory policy, but I didn't know that British Airways had it too. As I am British I'm grateful to you for informing me. I won't be flying with them, I'd rather fly with some cheapskate budget airline!

And I don't get why in an emergency being a man means you are last to be evacuated. It is mostly men who design, build and maintain planes, ships, buildings etc., so I don't see why we should be the last to leave.

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