Sunday, April 5, 2009

Indepenence on equal terms, is it possible?

I hope that as women now earn 60% of college degrees that they will not only reach parity with men but surpass us in earnings power and dedication to work in general. Continued affirmative action for women in college admissions and jobs (Women have affirmative action in Colorado) along with women only scholarships and loans as well as education policy and curriculum designed to advance girls only will hopefully push women from the current 60% to 70+ or even 100% of college degrees. The complete destruction of equal opportunity for men will force the cards on the table in the gender war.

When women out earn us it is men who will get to stay home with our newborn children as it makes no sense to remove the higher wage earner from the workforce. I also know that when they do this they will be required to support men outside of marriage in divorce through alimony. The last and only step needed for equality then will be equal joint custody of the children while child support will be paid to the man as again she earns more. Unlike women I am fair in this regard and see that a child has the right to both parents and it is also a god given right to be a mother and father. Men will be so glad to be "oppressed" as women are and have such choices. Men will gain abortion rights in this new order as only women have the right to abort responsibility after conception.

It is then the woman who will support us in and out of marriage. It is the woman who bares the consequence of being successful in the acquisition of resources. It will then be the women who bares all the risk, obligation and consequences of marriage and divorce. I only hope then that as women earn as much or more than men they will pay for our drinks and food in courtship and display their dedication to providing to us and potential to do so in a mated pair bond and in marriage. I hope they will evolve not to look for tall, strong, high status, intelligent, resourcefully successful males but good nurtures, fathers and child rearing abilities. Of course if we want to work we can work and our wives will be required to support this choice of ours as well. The ability to institutionalize our newborn infant in child care would be ideal. Unfortunately I see the denigration of the male will ultimately lead to low marriage rates, high divorce rates and an increase in loose knit cohabitation which are twice as likely to end up dissolved as well. Oh wait this is already happening. Ok then, I expect it to get worse then.

Hmmmm will women ever court us and display willingness for resource provision to men. Will women doctors even marry male nurses? Will women pilots marry male stewards. Will women resteraunt owners marry waiters and women business owners their male office clerk? So far women marry men that are on par or earn more than themselves.

I wonder if they will ever rise to the challenge and marry men for our nurturing and fatherly qualities where resource potential simply is not as important to them as is the case with men. I wonder if women would gladly be our providers and protect the family. I wonder if they will be "equal" in all regards and take responsibility to defend our nation by force of the draft as well. I wonder if they will ever be independent from male resource provision and protection. Or perhaps men will remain an underclass and the workhorses for resource producing women and society on "unequal" terms. I only wish women were taught in my Women's Studies class and in society that men and women compliment each other.

We are supposed to function as one. That we do indeed have complimentary roles to a mated pair bond that are necessitated by biology, real physical, physiological and psychological differences. That there is a purpose to having two sexes that are in my opinion virtually opposites in our makeup. That it is not about any one individual when you have a family but mutual sacrifice and servitude to a common purpose. That women do indeed seek male utility for provision and protection when selecting a mate. That men don't oppress women but that they are willing benefactors of male propensity to provide resources and protection to the women, children and the mated pair bond.

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