Thursday, April 23, 2009

Need Men Or Don't Need Men But Nothing Between

We have two choices in the new world of nullification of the need for a male within a mated pair bond.

Scenario 1: If indeed I am not needed and expendable to the mated pair bond I insist on female independence from me. I will only be needed for reproduction and as such will take NO responsibility for offspring as is done so in nature. I will take no responsibility to provide alimony woman support to a woman that is not my wife. Children will be raised fatherless and solely by the female. Polyandry, rampant wide spread serial monogamy, loose knit cohabitating couples and brief mating or "hook ups" will take place when males and a mated marriage or pair bond is not needed.

Society will have to bear the consequences of fatherless children, marginalization of the lower echelon of males from mating opportunity all together and increased violence and crime among such males. Along with an overall lower production incentive among these beta males which will constitute a large portion of the male population.

Unlike in nature human males are aware of polyandry and instead of increasing and encouraging male-male competition and productivity, it serves to destroy it. I suspect this will manifest itself in lower male achievement and production, college enrollment or degrees, societal obligation and duties, increased crime, suicide rates and depression, alcohol and drug use as well as erratic male behavior and pathologies etc. All of these things have been increasing among males in our society. Should females ever be able to reproduce through scientific means without a male, in no way should this be legal. If made so rape should not be legalized or of little penalty but rather government funded prostitution provided to offset male marginalization, nullification and its consequences.

Children will be raised by corporate child care facilities paid for by women alone as females will now have higher capital production than men in the workforce. Or government will bear the collective burden of supporting new mothers by paid maternity leave which will come from maternity taxes applied to all female workers.

True equality will only be possible when females loose no capitalist productive capacity in the workforce by having children. As such it is possible that maternity leave should not be available and the child turned over to a child care facility from birth or very shortly thereafter. The cost of such facilities will distributed to maternity taxes paid by women in the workforce.

Affirmative action, women only grants, loans, scholarships, and enforced Title IX gender parity in all occupations and in academia should be mandated as is currently and increasingly happening. Though through these polices male and female will eventually reach equal productive capacity and the raw wage gap of 78cents to the male dollar will no longer exist, overall free market principals and productivity output will have to take second stage to achieve this as is currently the case.

Scenario 2: I will take part in the raising of offspring but demand equal rights of joint custody and the right to be a father to my children should the the marriage dissolve, equal paternity leave as women are afforded and equal property rights to the home and other assets should the marriage dissolve as well as the abolition of alimony and child support as the woman is indeed "independent" and the child shared.

As no primary parent exists child support is not viable or proper in such an arrangement. As the woman is independent from male resource provision alimony is not viable or proper. If I produce more income and a higher standard of living than the women or vice versa neither party will have the right to offset this through alimony or child support for the sake consistency in the standard of living of the child but in fact bear the natural consequences of such disparity if any party chooses to divorce.

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