Saturday, April 18, 2009

Title XI gender parity law to be expanded to science departments

For those of you who do not know Title IX is the federal mandate that men and women's programs within academia be supplied equal funding and towards the ends of gender parity about 50 50 representation not only in college but all occupations in society. Once again this is not a matter of equal opportunity for women but the expectation and implementation of policies to force equal outcome. All this so that women can be "equal" to men. Title IX extension into science technical and engineering departments will further serve to ostracize men from colleges even more. Women now obtain 60% of all college degrees. I expect them to obtain between 70% to 100% with further discrimination against men.

Women are heavily represented in the humanities, social sciences, life sciences and education due to their own choices. Meanwhile, men retain majorities in fields such as physics, computer science and engineering.

Women's groups have alerted their followers that American science education is "hostile" to women. Soon there were conferences, retreats, summits, a massive "Left Out, Left Behind" letter-writing campaign, dozens of studies and a series of congressional hearings. Their first public victim? Larry Summers, who was forced to resign as president of Harvard University in 2006 after he dared to question the groups' assumptions and drew a correlation between the number of women in the sciences and gender differences implied in math and science test data as well as innate gender physiological dimorphisms not to mention individual preferences of women for different fields of study.

The problem currently witnessed in sports programs is that the Title IX policy did not account for the fact that more men are interested in sports and seek to join college athletics. The result was disastrous and has led to many empty female locker rooms and program rosters. As a result and in effort to maintain parity universities began to shut down men's sports programs to maintain parity with the amount of women who entered sports programs. Men's sports programs were and continue to be shut down so that funding parity is achievable.

The United States government in conjunction with The Feminist Party and women's groups are preparing for phase two. Phase two is simply the extension of Title IX to science, technical and engineering departments across the nation. Gender parity will then take priority over all other factors including individual applicant aptitude, merit and talent. The results will be disastrous for The United States as this will come at a great cost to the advancement of science in the name of "gender equality" and "women's rights".

Here Christina Hoff Sommers explains the utter destruction of Title IX policy and the devastation that is to come to America's science base.

further stating: “Colleges already practice affirmative action for women in science, but now they’ll be so intimidated by the Title IX legal hammer that they may institute quota systems,” Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, told the Times. “In sports, they had to eliminate a lot of male teams to achieve Title IX parity. It’ll be devastating to American science if every male-dominated field has to be calibrated to women’s level of interest.”

I also like this woman's pointed expression on the matter: "What a disaster it would be to apply Title IX to college programs in the sciences. We want the best qualified applicants, not the politically correct ones. Title IX has indeed helped women get more scholarships to college, but at the cost of many, many athletics programs for men. Colleges have had to cut out men's sports teams in order to balance out the money going to each gender. Women argue that that is only fair. But would we want qualified men to lose out on opportunities to study science because women were admitted instead. Since women are already welcome to such programs and qualified female applicants can receive all sorts of pluses already as they apply to these technical fields and discrimination is already illegal, who are the females who will be admitted into science programs under Title IX? Will they be as qualified as the male applicants who get turned down in order to make room for more females? Is that what we really want as we try to prepare the next generation of the nation's scientists? Should gender parity trump ability? Is that the optimal scientific result?"

I have hope that the newest generation of women will rebuke feminist doctrine and bring back equality not only with laws such as Title IX but all aspects of society. The fine ladies at Kutztown College have put together this video in tribute to the once co-ed swim team. According to the video below in early April At 11 A.M. the boys were gathered into the locker room and told as of 11:01 A.M. all boys are to clear out their lockers and vacate the premises to maintain Title IX gender parity and that the boys team was canceled effective immediately. In the video one boys speaks of transferring from college to college because boys teams are continually shut down. I am so glad that the women of this team felt so much shame from the feminist doctrine that they put together this tribute to the boys.

by Allison Kasic
April 14, 2009, 1:17pm

The latest victims of gender equity appear to be men's soccer and swimming at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. The school announced at the end of March that it would be cutting both sports effective at the end of this season. Like many other schools who have announced cuts recently, Kutztown claimed that the cuts were merely a cost-cutting measure that would save the university up to $150,000 annually. Funny then that the coaches weren't notified of the cuts until the day they were announced -- giving them no chance to attempt to raise funds to save the programs. If it all came down to cost, attempting private fundraising would be a reasonable place to start. And, as our friends over at Texas Swimming point out, the school hasn't been very forthcoming with information on the cost savings.

More likely, other factors were at play. Readers of this blog will know that Title IX is chief among those factors. The "gender equity" law guides school's program decisions through its rigid proportionality requirements (aka gender quotas). For background on Title IX's demands, read this as a starting point. And, low and behold, after students, parents, and coaches started asking questions about Title IX, the school admitted that many factors, including Title IX were taken into consideration.

Fortunately, the athletic community at Kutztown is rallying behind the cut teams. Led by members of the women's swim team, a rally is in the works to protest the cuts on April 21st. If you're in the Kutztown area and want to show your support for these athletes, the rally is scheduled at 5pm outside of Keystone Hall.

Wow, a startling look at the feminist party agenda straight from the feminist roundtable conference in the White House. The feminists discuss their new agenda called S.T.E.M. or Science, Technical, Engineering and Mathematics. If you know anything about what Title IX has done to male sports programs this will surely exterminate the last of males from our colleges. Males only acquire 40% of college degrees. Policies like Title IX will surly make it 30% or less!


Novaseeker said...

It will be more and more the case that our sciences will be dumbed down to achieve "gender parity".

Where are the feminists and Obama about the lack of gender parity in fields like nursing, sociology or psychology? Or even the overall advantage women have over men in college graduation now? Silence from the people who profess to be about "equality" and to be interested in "parity". They do not care about instances where women are ahead. They see it as retribution, as justified, as "being about time".

This is a one-way street. It is NOT about equality. It is also not about parity, because where women have taken over fields to utterly dominate them, they do not advocate bringing in more men to even the ranks. Nope. It's one way -- female advancement only. Men must pay, and suffer, and be discriminated against because they hate us, they think we deserve it, and they want revenge against us.

Anonymous said...

True feminists do not wish the system to be "dumbed down" in order to let more women "into the system". They want to ensure that women can attain their goals as easily as a man, but they do not wish to be "accommodated for". It is the same stance many racial groups take towards company hiring to "fill their quota". this is a misguided governmental attempt to achieve equality, when really it is not achieving what they claim it will.

I, as a feminist, just wish to be on an equal playing field, so to speak, with the boys. Don't "make room" for women, then the equality point has totally been defeated.

Anonymous said...

And by the way, gender parity does not only go one a female looking to be an english teacher, I was told my chances are slim, because they would like to change up the demographic, and put men in the arts and literature positions, and women in the math and science positions. Great. Let's roll all the stereotypes into one now.

Bwec said...

--"And by the way, gender parity does not only go one a female looking to be an english teacher, I was told my chances are slim, because they would like to change up the demographic, and put men in the arts and literature positions, and women in the math and science positions. Great. Let's roll all the stereotypes into one now.""

This goes to show you the extent in which feminist ideology of men and women being the same and gender as a social construct has penetrated or government policy. It is not about equal opportunity but FORCED EQUAL OUTCOME. The agenda is to create parity in capital production potential and capacity between men and women at the expense of free market principals or individual gender differences, aptitudes and preferences..Please see my post On Feminism-Propaganda Posters and marxist theory below.

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