Sunday, April 12, 2009

Matriarchal and egalitarian societies

Matriarchal and egalitarian societies.

It is my belief that feminism has perverted the definition of patriarchy and matriarchy to mean the balance and struggle for power between men and women and not a dichotomy of and function of the social structure. To indeed create conflict between the sexes, the "battle of the sexes" as it is said. A type of collective hierarchical and solely male system designed to oppress women is said to be in place at this very moment.

During the 19th century, scholars such as Johann Jakob Bachofen advanced the idea that matriarchy represented an early stage in the development of human society. According to Bachofen, humans originally lived in a state of sexual liberation, where descent was traced exclusively through maternal lineage. This view, however, is now largely discredited, and both anthropologists and sociologists generally agree that there has never been a human society where women competed for and acquired territory, resources, committed crime and warfare for such and focused on utilization of resources in equal proportions to men nor provided the fruits of their labor in such respect to men in courtship, marriage or divorce. It is speculated that a primary element of this dynamic stems from male-male competition and female choice in sexual selection. That male contribution to the human mated pair bond is more heavily weighted in external utility. It is speculated that male utility to provide and protect a mated pair bond is an intrinsic element of sexual selection in humans.

It is speculated that such physical characteristics of male design such as muscles are attractive to females by the implication of employment of the action and utility of them and internal characteristics of male design and propensities of male utility and behavior yielded more mating opportunites for such males. As such conclusive DNA evidence shows that about 80% of women but only 40% of men reproduced. That modern day human gene expression represents 40% of the total male population over time. That predominantly "successful" male gene expression through reproduction has represented itself exponentially to create this selective disparity among males that is evident to this day. Such pressures has created dimorphic disparity among males that skews above and below the median average between male and between males and females. Such dimorphic disparity was what Lawrence Summers the former president of Harvard University mentioned that caused such a controversy that he was forced to resign as mentioning such empirical data was in violation of feminist doctrine and political correctness i.e. equality.

(He was then summarily replaced by former Women's Studies Department head and feminist Drew Faust (a woman though her name conforms to the feminist "gender queer" ambiguous equal being archetype)

This fact illustrates the intense selective pressures that are placed on male through male male competition and female choice. Furthermore as female choice in sexual selection is evident in the mating dynamic of humans, more selective variables and pressures are placed on the male and as such are expressed in competitive and aggressive male-male competition toward and between males for utility in such respects as provision and protection of the pair bond and competition to acquire territory, resources and propensities within the male to utilize resources intelligently.

Men have a unique interest in the design and function of resources as well as interest and aptitude to build and fix them. This may be why men are disproportionately represented in such fields and the technical and engineering occupations as is evident by such minutia of social behavior such as a magazine subscription to popular mechanics magazine etc and other male behavior or male hobbies or pass times. Walk into any R/C hobby store and you will find a myriad of metal parts, gears, raw electronic circuitry and not surprisingly an almost exclusive male customer base.

The preoccupation of the human male for territory and resources is evident in that all lines between countries are drawn in the blood of men. The theory of male oppression of the female is nullified in this model as indeed males are in actuality performing such actions for the benefit and sexually selective choice of the female and is in fact doing such things for females and the benefit of a mated pair bond. Nevertheless, there is variation in the role that gender plays in human societies. Although there are no known examples of matriarchal cultures,there are a number of societies that have been shown to be matrilinear or matrilocal, especially among indigenous tribal groups. In addition, some gatherer-hunter groups have been characterized as largely egalitarian. These however were close knit communal or communistic groups which were quite different from the single autonomous family units of only male and female that exist in Western societies. Child care and tribal groups were a communal affair though gender roles then as now were naturally inclined to a differing roles of men and women. In these groups families were not autonomous and isolated from the rest of the community as in Western culture. Men were not ostracized into fatherlessness, financial devestation and isolated resource producing males for women that were not their wives and children they could only see 4 days a month.

Though case in point, modern anthropologists and sociologist agree that there is no evidence that a matriarchal society has ever existed: Seemingly it appears that there is a reason for having two sexes in order to perform differing and complimentary roles to the mated pair bond. That indeed perhaps each sex plays an equally needed yet different and valued role to the selective reproduction and propagation of our species contradicting all known feminist theory that gender roles and differences are socialized and not innate, natural and in their historical application, disproportionately a larger burden to the female.


Anonymous said...

Women are honestly too stupid to know what they want. Their think with their emotions and not with logic. They deserve no control in any matter other than raising kids. The American society is getting castrated and it's only a matter of time before we are no longer a super power country.

Bwec said...

It is my hope that the bitterness and resentment caused by feminism will not be reciprocated by the Men's Rights Movement.

When a psychiatrist was asked the difference between men and women he stated that women often speak of what they themselves or others need and men of what they themselves or others deserve. Women have an innate sense of entitlement towards their needs and it is clear to me that they are not meeting the requirements so that men feel they deserve.

This is of grave concern to me as women do deserve from men but they are not meeting our needs. I hope that the Men's Rights Movement will let the voices of men be heard as indeed we have never spoken up until now. I only hope that women can listen.

Anonymous said...

Well, unless the paradigm shift in your brain occur, nothing will change.
One thing is the role we play another the gender.There are qualites that women have which, if the woman in question did not suffer from a dualistic approach to identity, would not only help men but the world.
They are relationship builders and for that, they should be diplomats.
If all countries in this world would have female diplomats, all wars would cease.
Povery would be averted, the environment saved, houses would be better built and men would have more time to play golf.

rebukingfeminism said...

YOU SAY: "If all countries in this world would have female diplomats, all wars would cease.
Povery would be averted, the environment saved, houses would be better built and men would have more time to play golf."

Yes, I've heard it all before Ms. If women were our servants we the world would be rainbows and butterflies.

If women really believed this they would stop voting for men CONSISTENTLY against their female opponents. Women control politics because they control the vote. If you believe you are better servants then by all means start voting for women to serve you rather than men to provide and protect you. Women will not do this because men serve their needs more avidly than women servants.