Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Part 1: 2nd Annual Male Studies Conference

Part 2: 2nd Annual Male Studies Conference

Conference on Male Studies: Looking Forward to Solutions Part 2 from Joseph Notovitz on Vimeo.

Outlines male disenfranchisement from education, the family, fatherhood, the workforce, health etc. Excellent top minds speaking about the fact that men and boys are far worse off than women in all measurable realms. This is what women call being "oppressed"

Personally, I think the best answer for men is to find ourselves for ourselves and to live for ourselves as individuals. You no longer have to define yourself as part of the family or as a father to children as these roles are dwindling away. I think men will have to find another home for ourselves on the margins of society. This role by all means has to be empowering to men and not defeating. You no longer have to define yourself by how adequate you are to be "eligible" to a woman or family. Patriarchal society is dead. The construct now is the same it was when we roamed our ancestral primordial plains and likewise the final days of the Roman Republic. Women's "liberation" is nothing new. Men must make the adjustment or face the consequences of your own exploitation. Like the man in the video said, look at marriage law and how fatherhood is valued by law, look at what men are valued for under marriage law. There is no point. The laws were changed in the 70's during the second wave feminist revolution. We must ask why women fought so hard to institute no-fault divorce law and default entitlement to child custody and male resource support.

Marriage was what they wanted to escape but that was only the beginning. The only reason men produce was never for ourselves. We can change this. We CAN live up to only ourselves.

Men should withdraw so to speak and live according to however we want to live. The future of manhood entails responsibility and accountability to ourselves and for ourselves alone.

In a way, men can now see themselves as free. There is no place else to go. Fighting against such things is humiliating and self defeating. For many I can see more empowerment for men in embracing our marginalization and making it work for us and for our own interests. Men can see this as our downfall or embrace it...Some call it MGTOW or going Ghost. It's not a bad idea really. If anyone else has a better solution let me know but despite the best wishes of men I see this as the nations future.

Now...there is the other side of things, there are the men who think we can make a change but that will not be possible without the efforts of women. Women will not budge. You will not see groups of women gathering and pondering how to make things better. Feminism is not about equality or creating a common felicity between men and women. It is a zero sum game when you look at the things feminism advocates for.

I watch the collective actions, political and social agency of women, many of us do. We have to understand what the massive distribution of societal and governmental resources women advocate to be directed to themselves is for. We have to understand what women's goals are. It is to be independent. Men must become independent as well. Incidentally this means cutting off the last aspects of female dependency upon men and embracing mutual dis-need. Mutual independence is mutual dis-need. Men just have not completed the other side of the picture.

Does any of this mean men have to be miserable..not at all. Like women, we to can "empower" ourselves and "liberate" ourselves. We have to ask ourselves what is it all along that women were wanting to "empower" "liberate" and seek "independence" from? Think about this for a moment and you will come to your answer.

We must complete what women have set out to do for themselves. The man in the conference thinks we will be able to divert resources away from women and towards the wellbeing of men, young men and boys. This will not happen. I do not believe women will allow this to happen. Diverting resource protection and provision away from women will never happen. They will always want more. We know this...

What men do have control over is our own resources and our own use and utility and who and what it is devoted to. Who among us wants to become an isolated resource producing male for an independent woman and her children? Who wants to become a "turnip" as the government now calls it? Who among us want to submit to such a fate? Male enfranchisement only exists in such a scenario if women allow it to. Look at the numbers and ask yourselves what is happening. Understand that female "empowerment" "liberation" and "independence" means polyandry and unattached hypergamy, it means matriarchy. Under ALL matriarchal structures males are not members of the mated pair bond nor the lives of their children. This is what the base animal instincts of women are acting out. What role will you play in this, where do YOU want your life to end up in all of this?

Work for change men but at the same time don't embrace your expendability and disposability to closely as it will make you angry, resentful and full of the worst of feelings. In the mean time while we are supporting the formation of a better and positive future for men and our roles in society we must live for ourselves...This is all we really have. 'Confronting feminism through an honest assessment of what it is, how men can utilize this understanding to get what we want, and how men bear responsibility and face the consequences for our own choices in a feminist paradigm can only lead to a better outcome in the future for men.'Men must learn to play the game.

Identifying and recognizing misandry, gynocentric societal changes and its religion of feminism does not entail whining about how you’re oppressed; it entails identifying your opponent, their strengths and weaknesses, and formulating a strategy to go forward and achieve success despite the changes women have made.' Men can be independent in this new order as well. No one says you can't live as an independent man and free from female dependency and choices that are financed by our use as men. Men must finance our own enfranchisement. Men must create the compliment of feminism for ourselves. We must finish the job.

Take what women have done and run with it men. Do what women have done but do it for yourselves. Free yourself and make the changes women have made work for your best interests alone. This will require an adjustment to what you were taught through the remnants of the patriarchal customs which remain. Following through on patriarchal expectations toward and for women is sure suicide and servitude to women and the State. Understand clearly that patriarchy is dead. Men must cut the cords or face the consequences of matriarchal law. It is your choice. You can hold onto the elements of patriarchy that served women but gain none of the benefits or you can cut the last cords and set yourself free. Understand that the two parent biological family and marriage in America IS NO LONGER THE NORM. We are officially living under matriarchy.

Understand that marriage, monogamy and the social mores that outlawed not only the extreme patriarchal advent of polygamy but also the expression of matriarchal female hypergamous rotating polyandry was a male idea. This male idea of a higher objective moral reasoning and the construct of a society based on punishment and limits upon our animal instincts has been destroyed. Understand that what women were seeking in the changes they made was and is in fact the license to increase their genetic fitness by removing all limitations upon obtaining this ideal. Women were seeking to open the flood gates of the mating dynamic of the past i.e. hypergamous rotating polyandry.

Understand the ways of our animal natures as this is the future of gender relations and the mating paradigm. This is life under matriarchy. We are indeed moving toward a matrifocal, matrilinieal and matriarchal society. Men must learn to survive and function well toward our own enfranchisement under this new order while at the same time learning to understand our own disenfranchisement and how to deal with this to the best of our health and wellbeing.


cybro said...

Bravo, you are absolutely right on but not only will women not budge to change anything they will not even listen when men try to explain why they will not get married or want to have children. They will have none of it because they know the laws are stacked in their favor and women want it that way. They have no reason to change but I have no reason to get involved with them either. Other men can throw themsleves into the meat grinder if they to but the only winning move in their rigged game is not to play. I got a new game of my own. It's called Mutual Assured Destruction. Women don't help me and I don't help them, then we see who dies off first. Now may the best man win.

Bwec said...


Understand that men will not gain representation in society nor the political realm as a social class as women have. This is a fact and it is also the case that men are a class divided. Males, as a class are the least represented and weakest social class in the nation.

Men, as history has shown will not be able to make the requisite changes we seek when women have political representation. As history has shown tyranny will grow upon men by the symbiosis of female nature and the courtship of State. This does not mean that men can't defend themselves and make choices which best benefit them given our circumstances. It does not mean that we will never be able to form large collectives with defined goals. It does not mean that men will not have a voice in this.

Quite to the contrary for the first time in history it is the mass communication platform of the internet that gives men just such an opportunity. For the first time the forces which keep men in their places are no longer relevant.

However as has been noted, men biologically are a class divided. Where a growing number of men draw the line others swoop in to tow the feminist\female line. Naturally it is also the case that women will not support men in any fashion in regard to a redress of the changes to policy, it is not in their nature.

Men must know now that the internet provides safety for men from the judgement of women. There is no consequence or danger that will come from women by forsaking your "use" and "worth" and thus you have what is largely an online voice for men. Will it take hold in the social and cultural dialog and into the public domain or remain in the margins?

If history is any lesson the voice and experience of men will remain in the margins. However, when you venture into the manosphere you find free men. Women are the dominant social and political class and as such they dominate the dialog and force of movement in both arenas outside the personal realm men have created for ourselves.

I do know that our gender class will never obtain representation. When petitioned to do so, to create a counter balance, an equal Council On Men and Boys the emissaries were thrown into the street by The President Of The United States himself. Understand clearly that this problem never would have arrisen if the Constitution of The United States were not usurped.

Understand that at a social and political level your grievances will not be redressed. It has always happened this way throughout history when women create a relationship with the State and it will happen the same way again.

What men can do however is understand that the Republic is crumbling from within as did others. What men can do is act and plan intelligently while this is happening. What men can do is come together with other men to understand the situation and make decisions for themselves accordingly.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the talk by the female on male health was empowering. It sounds like male victimology and her wishes are to cast men as the weaker sex.

Male studies should empower and instill a sense of honor, respect and dignity. These are masculine values and a sense of honor typically comes from military heroics but couldn't it come from other things? I think so.

Many male problems are due to civilization not feminsim. Feminism would not be possible without an executive government that is largely run by men. Let's not be duped into thinking we are the victims of women. I think it's about defining and redefining masculinity on our own terms gentlemen. The movie Fight Club is sweet!

I imagine most men on this website seek relationships with women. I don't wish to cast myself as the victim. I think it's about setting limits and deciding what I want out of the relationship.

P Ray said...

If women want a matriarchal society ...
why are they staying in one where almost everything around them was built by men?
They need to go where nature is celebrated and technology reviled.
I'm sure they'll make a good go of it,
they are strong, independent, empowered, and need a man like a fish needs a bicycle.
Not doing that, makes them out to be hypocrites.