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Gynocentric Consummation & The Totality of Female Power

Evil: Unmitigated self interest.

I like this definition but think it an all encompassing term for something that is not evil in it’s own right but certainly can and is indeed so when exercised without restraint and that is GYNOCENTRISM. Gynocentrism, given forth with no restraint has proven to have the propensity to manifest itself as “unmitigated self interest”. I have great interest in understanding it because I believe it to be a part of something integral to females. This is to say I believe it to be related to the process of sexual selection and hypergamy as well. Gynocentrism is an element of female nature that when given agency can manifest itself as "the dark feminine". Sometimes it is exercised purposefully to harm and other times it meets it's balancing force....male options.

I do know this much, it has biological origins without a doubt. I do know that males have a predisposition to feed it what it wants. I do know that of all things, it is men\males that give it its power. I do know that this force does not seem to have limits when not put in check by the balanced force of the equally enfranchised masculine. I do know that when made systemic through political agency it is a run away train. This is so because ordinarily, in the personal realm, gynocentrism is kept in check by male options. Male options are it’s natural governor.

The more options a man has, either to select females other than her (which itself is earned by gaining the ability to serve them), options and rights within marriage and family law or simply options given forth by equal protection under law\organizational policy the more gynocentrism is kept in check. However, when it is given agency in government under law as well as public institutional policy it is no longer males that have control over whether we serve it or not and to what extent nor do we have the equal opportunity to do so.

Female nature dictates that their representation, naturally, is gynocentric and therefore that she is represented disproportionately in healthcare, education, programs, job hirings, women first quotas, monetary flow, entitlements, family law, the judiciary and in general all aspects of public social infrastructure. As a socio-political class she organizes around the needs of the self.

Government is the be all and end all arbitrator of ALL male options.

“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence. It is force, and like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

-President George Washington

Gynocentrism, when given political agency, but more importantly, DOMINANT political agency, the nature of government as a functional organism works in a symbiotic fashion with it. This is to say that government by nature seeks to grow itself as does any social organization of function built by human beings. Personified within it, as in any representative democracy is the tendency to seek approval and direction from the majority Will of the people.

Under a Constitution and a Bill of Rights, a representative democracy is supposed to be kept in check. There is supposed to be equal protection and representation under law. “Democracy (in and of itself) is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.” It is mob rule, the "tyranny of the majority".

So here is the crux of the matter, females are the majority vote in the political realm and yet also they are a socially dominant force in the public realm and this includes the domination over the dialog of our social fabric, gender issues and the public conversation itself on such matters. Their representation as a social class united towards it’s own interests is unparalleled by men. Furthermore, without the natural limits placed upon it by male options, equal rights and representation, gynocentrism becomes dominant over men in the personal realm.

When all three realms of female dominance are combined, the social-personal, the social-public, and the public-political, gynocentric nature becomes the driving force of social, political and cultural movement. It is in this way and in this fashion that it becomes consumptious and consummate. It is by the superior representation of females as a socio-political class in the realm of public (non governmental institutional policy) combined with her superior representation in the governmental realm of political and lawful policy that confounds the realm of the personal and thus the prospects for and private process of male options.

Ironically and most of all PARADOXICALLY it is male options that served her in the first place, it is male options that enfranchises men and most of all it is male options that keeps gynocentrism moderated. It is in fact the violation of the personal through secular and separate representation in the realms of public policy but also political and lawful policy that exacerbates the break down of the common felicity we naturally form with her. Subsequently, through her own actions she nullifies the very male options that served her. Her response,… reach out further with outstretched arms to the cold metallic arms of the government, to seek out more empowerment, protection and provision from public infrastructure to fill the void.

And so it is the case that without male options, we no longer have the power to serve her, which, incidentally, is where male power ALWAYS came from.

The ends of female agency IS gynocentric in that the ends of feminism and female nature itself is to serve her needs and in so doing, perhaps inadvertently, makes her “independent” of the need of men to fulfill them. Without male need there are no male options.

Feminism is not a separate collective from women. Feminism is the product of and the vehicle of agency manifested by female nature itself. Feminism IS the manifestation of collective female gynocentrism and it is the synergy given to it in the personal, public and political realms that makes what we are experiencing now, a self compounding, self consuming and ultimately a self destructive process. Ultimately, as the divide of representation grows between our increasingly divided gender-classes the personal social contract between us is destroyed while power is ceded from the BOTH of us toward that of State and working industry.

In past history this process has never ended well.

Idealogues in our human history who have, of all things, seen this process as a good thing, knew that female nature was the key. They knew that through the power of gynocentrism, through the power of the female along with the nature of both men and women to serve it we both could be usurped. They knew that if they fed it, it becomes an all consuming process of male enfranchisement. They knew that if power was offered it, that it would take it beyond limits, they knew that men as a class would yield to this. They were right…….

“Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included.” -Karl Marx

‎"Women do not conspire against tyrants; and they are of course friendly to tyrannies since under them they have a good time." -Aristotle

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