Thursday, July 16, 2009

Destroy White Males

One man's story:

I was unable to get a job in the fortune 500 or Government service since I graduated summacum laude from a top university. I am a white male.

I had a friend that ran a recruiter agency and he was able to get the answer to why I was always getting to the final interviews but failed to be hired.

He would call the human resource people that were not allowed to tell me my why because they were afraid of being sued.

In every company the answer was the same; “we need a minority your guy scored the highest but we need a woman or a minority or both”. They apologized profusely to him but said corporate has told us we need to beef up our numbers.

Have any of you looked at the faces in companies today, they are becoming devoid of males and white males are becoming extinct.

I finally gave up. For people that think this is a bunch of bull, here is a link with the facts just in the US Government which are too common in the corporate world as well:

The fact that discrimination is illegal and it can be documented that it is occurring does not seem to bother some people as evidenced by some of the comments. I was lucky enough to start my own business and survive the blatant reverse and illegal discrimination.

The EEOC refused to take a complaint from me btw with no reason given for the rejection. The Federal Government is the biggest offender of white male discrimination.

With all the white males that are unemployed there just may be a powder keg that is about to explode. Can you blame them when discrimination so blatant exists in the workplace?

Where is the ACLU and all the grievance groups when you need them.

Affirmative Action is in direct violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. We can not discriminate by race, religion, gender or age. Discrimination against white males is against our founding principals as a nation.

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