Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Counter Feminist Women's Groups

Here is a list of women's groups to follow. These women seem to be counter feminists
that want harmony between men and women and seem to believe more so toward equality. It seems anyway that these women are interested in the health and maintenance of our social fabric as a whole!?! They even mention the health of men and boys sometimes as if they see men and women as having mutual interests toward a common end and not just women or what benefits women and at others expense?!? Though I am skeptical and distrustful they give me a little hope..

It's always a good thing to get a woman's perspective on just about anything, especially since they are 50% of the battle in the problems we face. If women are not involved with Men's and Father's Rights NOTHING will get accomplished.

These women seem to identify with a more moderate faction known as individual feminism or individualist feminist. Wendy McElroy and Christina Hoff Sommers define individualist feminism in opposition to what they call political or gender feminism. Scholars and critics have commented that the label "feminist" is often used cynically in this context, as a way to co-opt general feminism rather than actually be part of feminism.[4][5] - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Individualist_feminism

Independent Women's Forum (http://www.iwf.org/) --recommended
ifeminists.net ------------recommended

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Kathleen Parker in her new book, Save the Males: Why Men Matter Why Women Should Care. http://gg2000.cachefly.net/pjm/audio/glenn_and_helen/20080620-Parker.mp3



Fidelbogen said...

"If women are not involved with Men's and Father's Rights NOTHING will get accomplished. "

I shall quibble with this.

A radical male-separatist movement could actually shake things up quite a bit, and it (clearly) wouldn't involve women.

However, in the main I agree that we need to recruit women as political allies, especially considering how many of them (a growing number) seem to be coming onside in a serious way.

However, a caution: Key sectors of the Movement must remain under strictly male control. Women can certainly participate, but they must not become too pervasive or they will tend to 'take over'.

Oh, and feminist infiltration would occur. . . :(

The following post and discussion may be of interest:


And THIS, will undoubtedly be of interest:


The broad picture, as you will note, is tangled and twisted. But that makes the game interesting..eh? ;)

curiepoint said...


I don't give a damn about what they say they will support, nor why they do. Four decades of silence at the outrages and injustices committed against men is a far better indicator of what women are really all about. Now that their version of Utopia hasn't panned out the way they wanted, now they give a shit about the men they shunned and castigated for all that time?

I smell bullshit.

Rely only upon yourself. Trust no body politic to have your back because they don't. Stay away from these wolves in sheep's clothing

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