Friday, March 11, 2011

Unplanned Pregnancy is Not a Man's Problem

Unplanned pregnancy is not a man's problem. Not anymore.... In fact it's not a woman's problem either.

Men don't "get women pregnant" It is a mutual act requiring mutual responsibility and thus (since abortion is legal) under Constitutional mandate (along with the equal protection and rights under law that it affords) the equal right of each party is afforded to absolve themselves of such responsibility....or at least it is supposed to be.

If abortion is against a woman's values who cares. Cut it's head off latter or something...Right?....What is the difference? Nothing is stopping a woman from getting an abortion:

No one cares if it is against men's values. No one cares about men's "choices". Men have the right to walk away. Men have the right to abort responsibility and the ramifications of conception just as women can. Her body, her choice, her baby, 100% her property, her problem.

Men don't necessarily have anything to do with conception. Conception of life by law is something only women do and women choose, even to the point of not requiring a man to conceive life all together. Men are no longer a part of nor are we necessary for conception and this is the sole choice of women...for now. What men need to realize now is that we also have the power to take our exclusion into our own hands and make it our own choice, we have the right to exclude ourselves from having any part of it. By law we are already excluded. Male genes are sold over the internet by what Hollywood celebrity the male specimine looks like:

There are no laws against paternity fraud and cuckolding committed by women when it is discovered. Men don't necessarily have anything to do with conception now a days. Women and THEIR children are THEIR problem and THEIR responsibility. Conception is something they is THEIR choice not ours. It doesn't have to be this way. Men don't have paternal rights to children anyway. Fatherhood is not a right but a revocable privilege.

It is said that women have choices, a choice to work or stay home, a choice to conceive or not conceive, a choice about her gender role, a choice to be a single mother, a choice to conceive a child without a man by purchasing male genes, a choice not to serve her country by military draft, a choice to pay on a date or not pay, a choice to divorce with no liabilities, obligations or responsibilities AND at no-fault....Even then a man's responsibility to women and THEIR children remains.

Yes it is said that women have, responsibilities. Not anymore.....

Equality by the way women have implemented it in practice means Independence and Liberation which equates to dis-need, and choices. As such, Independence, Liberation and Equality for men means the same...that is, choices and the right not just for women to practice dis-need but the right of both sexes to practice mutual dis-need of the other and mutual choices to absolve ourselves of responsibility and the role we play to the other.

Men are beginning to understand that we have choices in ALL realms that women do.....or at least we should. It is only fair. This is the other half of Feminist ideology that men must complete for ourselves. Right now the whole house of cards of women's "Independence" and "Liberation" is held up by men's half of the bargain and thus lack of equal ability and choice to absolve ourselves from it. Men currently are made to be responsible and accountable to women while women are not made to be the same...they are not accountable toward and for men or even service to country.... This is are waking up to exactly what feminism really means, men just have not completed the picture yet...It is MUTUAL Independence, Liberation and Equality.

As women have taught us, only through "Independence" i.e. dis-need and lack of liability or reciprocity can the selfish "rights" of the individual be realized. Only through "Independence" or dis-need and thus no liability to anyone can "Liberation" and "Equality" be reached. Men must continue to move toward the complimentary ends of "equality" that women seek. This means equally liberating ourselves from liability to them as well. Men must now create choices for ourselves.


Anonymous said...

This shows how far women have taken things. If men were to make equal and opposite choices for ourselves then female "independence" and "liberation" would completely collapse.

It all depends on male responsibility to enable female choices and the lack of male choices what so ever.

Christian J. said...

Excellent article, well done.

Anonymous said...

The male birth control pill is soon to be a reality. This whole discussion will be moot then:

Pregnancy Articles said...

"Men have the right to walk away." In contrary, yes the can walk away but they don't have the RIGHT to walk away. As a REAL MAN they have to do all the necessary obligations attached on their actions.

Anonymous said...

Okay.. um.. men don't get women pregnant right? Because women have both eggs and sperm in their bodily capacity. If everything is 100 percent hers - such as her body, her baby, etc then where did the sperm come from? It's also the father's child. If she decides to have the baby, then the father should help her because it's the thing to do out of human decency and being responsible for the being that you helped to create. It's not a double standard. If mras don't want women to need more money to raise a child, they should stop suggesting that women should get paid less anyway. Second of all, it's not a double standard if a woman isn't ready for a child and gets pregnant by accident (the condom broke or god forbid she was raped), then it's her body and she is the one who has to go through almost a year of pain and suffering. You don't. Sometimes a person isn't in the right mental state to go through that added stress. How is this a sabatoge of your rights? If you want children with a woman, then you need to plan it out with someone who wants to have children with you mutually and would be willing to go through a pregnancy. If a woman gets pregnant by accident and she doesn't want the child, why would you want anything to do with someone who isn't in the same state of mind as you anyway? That would not be fair to the child either. If you had to face so many months of mood swings, physical pain and then something that hurt like hell, wouldn't you want your own choice? That's what the difference is. You can't compare abortions which is a biological issue - to abandoning two beings - one of which you got into that situation in the first place. Oh but wait, I forgot - women just get pregnant by themselves. and it doesn't make any sense at all that some mras think women should get a consent form from a father if they want an abortion - then they don't want women to have kids and need financial support from them either. It's like, they complain because women can get abortions, and then they complain when they're expected to be involved with their child.