Sunday, March 20, 2011

Exchanging Sex For Survival

  • "Two male fiddler crabs fight on a beach on Inhaca Island, Mozambique. Researchers from The Australian National University in Canberra found that male fiddler crabs will happily defend a female neighbor against intruders, partly because the females will dole out sex in return."

    The scientists are trying to find the variable of why they do it on the surface during these exchanges. I will place a good bet and say she does not get pregnant from the exchange but only at the end of the culling cycle of weak males. Probably once a year. Meanwhile she happily grazes on his territory and resources while waiting for stronger more dominant males which then have more territory and resources to come along to kick his ass. Other life forms such as ducks have false vaginas. Human females have their own methods of extracting resources and also engage in paternity fraud \ cuckolding. Gynocentric and hypergamous to the hilt lol.

  • In the mean time, within the territory he shed blood, sweat, tears and death for she most certainly complains about a food gap between the male crabs and herself and other female crabs. Most likely if these crabs formed such complex social structures as government like humans do, the dominant males would take his food and territory and give it to the females when they complained. They would then continue to demand more and more "equality" until the vast majority of male crabs have nothing left to give or any incentive to do so even to the point of not placing paternal investment in their own offspring who are considered female property. She would see the government as alpha for sure and happily screw over every male crab in the land with her government husband who gains dominance by it.

  • Like crabs, human beings are no more than animals who's base instincts and nature heavily influences what they believe to be free will and reason. Feminists will tell you the whole thing is by male design and a social construct, a big conspiracy to rob females of the resources males compete for in order to be worthy of them in the first place.

  • Right now we have ventured outside our territorial lines our males secured in the same fashion as the fiddler crab males in order kick Gaddafi's ass while at the same time our young men sit in their "women's studies" classes being throughly shamed and emasculated. Cartoons will be shown of females rolling their eyes at the inferior male. Like human males, The young crab males will be taught how terrible males are along with their "toxic masculinity". Everything female will be promoted as superior and everything male and masculine as an oppressive force used to harm females. The goal is to turn out legions of castrated men into society. These poor hapless and impressionable young male crabs unfortunately mistook this class for an actual science course rather than gynocentrically motivated nonsense.

  • In the video below I'd place a good bet that the females who are happily and obliviously grazing on grass in the background complain about a grass gap between female kangaroos and the males who are adamantly competing for it for no other benefit but to the females in the first place. I bet they won't shut up about it. It must drive the males out of their fu*king minds every new legislation that is passed by the kangaroo government:

I bet the female crabs and kangaroos will eventually have the dominant government pass so much "female first" Affirmative Action, Title IX, female only loans and scholarships that they will gain 60% of college degrees and out earn male kangaroos and crabs until they make more than them in every major metro animal city in their kingdoms. I bet the females will change marriage law so that resources and offspring get transfered to them no matter what. The male crabs and kangaroos will no longer have incentive to compete, produce or commit to females for anything and instead lay around playing video games, drinking beer, watching sports and hanging with their buddies.

The females will then gloat at what losers the males are for not producing the very things the females seek to remove them from and disenfranchise them from obtaining fairly.

I bet the single crab and kangaroo mother birth rate will shoot through the roof. More and more advocacy for gynocentric policy in the public and private realms of society will be established. Committed mated pair bonds and male paternal investment will plummet not only because of his own disincentive but alienation from having incentive or opportunity to make paternal investment in his offspring all together. I bet her relationship with government and the propensity for related gynocentric policy will become self perpetuating and self compounding. I bet it will create its own necessity, a self fulfilling function of its own ideology. Perhaps when males have nothing left and the crabs and kangaroos live in a full blown single mother matriarchy she will then consume the only resources the males have left....the males themselves:


Anonymous said...

Male crabs get laid after defending the rights of their females. Get a clue! Maybe you'll get a date!

Discount said...

LOL...what "rights" would those be.
You mean choices and privileges financed on the alter of male liability and responsibility.

Discount said...

What "rights" are you attempting to gain by your prostitution? I would really love to hear it.

Discount said...

In case you didn't catch the purpose of the article it is about how your "rights" are bullshit and nothing more than gynocentric female nature combined with hypergamy.

Discount said...

Of course your gynocentric nature precludes you from understanding this. You have nothing to say other than that it is all about you. You prove my point.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can tell my comment excited you. Considering it took you 10 minutes to write all four comments, that only left one hand available. Even Rosie Palmer and her five fingers get sick of you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Something only an unarmed person in a battle of wits would say.

Bwec said...

"Wow! I can tell my comment excited you. Considering it took you 10 minutes to write all four comments, that only left one hand available. Even Rosie Palmer and her five fingers get sick of you."

In defense of the last commenter... Touché..something only an unarmed person in a battle of wits would say.