Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Mangina

After reading a discussion on I began to realize how important it is to define more clearly the phenomenon of the Mangina.

We have to accept that male value in sexual selection is external and as such we are the primary variable from which to choose. This being the case men will always be a class divided in this gender war we find ourselves in. Mangina is the term MRAs use to identify men who support an anti-male stance because it is male biology to do so. Mangina is a very important designation for men who (because of our lack of inherent value and as the variable in sexual selection) take the side of feminists in order to be worthy of women and thus mating opportunity.

We will find ourselves on two sides of the fence for this very reason. Men like Garcia join the women’s team. He is adapting to be selected for by females. In MRA vernacular it’s called a “Mangina” though I believe we should take from Paul Elam’s dichotomy and begin to use something more palatable as we move forward. Anyway, the point is that men WILL NEVER organize as a collective class for our interests as women are able to do, it is simply biology at work… It is important that we define and recognize this phenomenon.

It is important that we begin to deconstruct the Mangina into respective components or “tells” so that the MRA can define and identify them. A major one being that NO CULPABILITY OR CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS ALOUD IN REGARD TO WOMEN, this is always the most definitive give away. The mangina phenomenon is something unique to male biology in regard to sexual selection.

Moving forward it is important that we define the Mangina so as not to delegitimize our argument into ad-hominem when we identify such a man. This is very important.

More examples of a Mangina:


-"Even if you've never disrespected the feminine yourself, the first step is still to say "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what we have done. I'm sorry for what my gender has done. And I come to you with a fresh start."

I think as male studies moves forward, men will be able to slowly but surely reconstruct history to reflect reality. A real holocaust has happened here and it is up to men to rebuild from the rubble.

“The first took place less than 100 years ago with suffragettes demanding the right to vote. At that time men moved from denial and ridicule, to violent opposition, to acquiescence and finally to support.”

Actually IN REALITY, the largest objection to women’s right to vote was OTHER WOMEN. Men never organized against women’s REQUEST to vote.

It is the job of MRAs to set the record straight and to develop concrete and factual historical curriculum in male studies. The male gender owes women an apology for nothing. Men are limping around wounded and confused from the gender war battle field. We need to collect our wounded and evacuate them to the small plot of territory called Male Studies to nurse men and boys back to health from the gendercide that has taken place against us.

By helping the Foundation for Male Studies with a tax-deductible gift, you will be personally responsible for making a change which will help our sons, fathers, brothers, grandfathers, husbands, and uncles, as well as the women in their lives.

Simply visit and fill in the form to choose your 100% tax-deductible gift as allowed by law. You can also mail a check here:

The Foundation for Male Studies

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday I made a contribution of $125 to The Foundation of Male Studies. I hope everyone on this side take his/her responsiblity. This is a historic chance for men! It's time to defend ourselves and this Foundation is maybe the only chance we'll have in decades! I hope everyone realizes this!

Bwec said...

To Boycott American Women: I understand your anger but your blog is not very constructive. It almost seems like you are a feminist ourself.

What is with the intentionally bad spelling and the generic i.e. Bob, John, Sam, Doug, James, Mark.

What is is that you are looking to accomplish?