Friday, August 6, 2010

List of Male Grievances and Injustices

“It is the Department of Human Rights’ position that ladies’ night is illegal,” Commissioner James Kirkpatrick wrote in the memo. “Gender-based pricing violates the Human Rights Act.”

I've noticed States and municipalities cracking down on free or discounted services for women. The above was issued by the State of Minnesota. It's about time, equality is equality so lets get to it....

It reminds me of the time I went into a restaurant a couple of weeks ago and tried to order a margarita. The woman told me that the prices are for women only. I told her I will not be having a drink at all then.

Next is getting women to share custody of children and thus expect them to financial support their own children equally while providing meaningful contact with the father, paying on dates, and not expecting men to support them after they leave in divorce.

Removing female gender separatist and secular representation in government which is in violation of the Constitution and Equal Rights Amendment. This would include all "women first" and "women only" provisions in all political, economic and social policy.

Laws against and penalties for paternity fraud, enforcement against parental alienation, extending rape shield laws to protect the accused, providing equal domestic violence and family trauma services to men.

Rescinding gender biased domestic violence laws and procedures under VAWA. Rape law reform so that each party is responsible for the decision to have non violent sex while under the influence of alcohol and or drugs.

Advancing male contraception technology. Lawsuits and boycotts against companies that portray men, husbands and fathers as dogs, pigs, horses asses, donkeys and jack asses. Revision of sex offender laws so that 8 year old boys are no longer arrested and marked for life for playing doctor.

Protections for boys under statutory rape laws some of whom have been ordered to pay their rapist child support. Protection for sperm donors anonymity and liability as some have been tracked down by lesbians and ordered to pay child support. Code of ethics laws so that male genes are not just handed out to anyone but limited to those with problems conceiving and for married couples only. The concept of trivializing the role men play in reproduction and the lives of children should be legislated against. Selecting male genes from a catalog by what celebrity the male specimen looks like is amoral and reprehensible. It is no different than men selecting female genes and growing children in artificial wombs from the comfort of our home. We have laws against cloning and stem cell research meanwhile it is legal to cut men out of the process of reproduction with a simple doctors note and have male genes sent overnight male to your front door.

Extending Selective Service Military draft registration to women.

Equal reproductive rights where sex and conception is viewed as a mutual act requiring mutual responsibility and therefore the equal exclusive right of each sex to abort responsibility. Each sex should have the right of disregarding the others moral ethics and life choices, not just women.

I hope that as women have property rights over their own bodies and the fruits of its labor both the money they earn and children, that men will someday have property rights over our bodies and the fruits of our labor, our children and our money as women have so that we are no longer coerced by women to provide to them or forced by law to do so in order to enable her choices to leave a marriage by no-fault legislation without any reciprocal obligation toward the man what so ever. The days where female choices are enabled by male liabilities, lack of control and choice over our own bodies and the fruits of our labor should soon be over.

Men's bodies can no longer be the property of the Government to use as cannon fodder by force of war nor to be forced to produce for women that are Independent, Liberated from obligations to men and self supporting.

Anthropologist Helen Fisher states in her book Anatomy of Love: "Unfortunately right now all the blame is on men. Sexual harassment is an issue that has been controlled by women."

Dr. Fisher is referring to passive female solicitation of male sexual response by exposure of their bodies. Though passive in nature female way of dress has to potential to be overtly sexual without direct action. Female way of dress is not just something men see but feel as well. As such female way of dress has the potential to be sexual harrasment of men. It is common conception that women should have no responsibility for the cloths they wear and how it makes men feel or how it affects men personally, emotionally or sexually, though actions of men that are direct or indirect and affect women likewise is classified as harassment. Feminist legitimize female behavior and attempt to define what men find sexually solicitous. They call it "victim blaming". Women shall no longer have the right to define male sexuality.

I hope for a day where women are responsible for how they act toward and treat men, a day when their "choices" come with responsibilities and liabilities and obligations toward and for men as men have toward and for women in our private and public lives, sometimes by law.

I hope that as women now acquire 60% of college degrees and control 60% of the nations wealth, that we should now restore male friendly curriculum models and funding for boys in our public schools. Admission of females to college and in business hirings should no longer be done by "women first" Affirmative Action but on grades and merit so that boys and men will have an equal chance to succeed. I never understood why women have demanded that women be put first in almost every social, political and economic policy I can think of and I hope to convince them to change the laws they made. Men have always given up our seats for women for some reason but I don't know why. We as men must make change socially, politically and economically for our own health and wellbeing and not that of women.

You have all been taught that your lives are less valuable than women and when the time comes it is you that should die so she may live. You have been lied to. The lives, health and wellbeing of women are no more important than your own. We can no longer treat women like children. We must demand they have responsibility and abide by the rules. We must demand that they do so not only for themselves but to have reciprocal obligations toward and for men.

These things will be a good start.


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Matthew Graybosch said...

If you're going to insist that men and their bodies should no longer be property of the government, and that the government should no longer be able to throw men's lives away at war, then why not demand that Selective Service be abolished instead of demanding that it include women as well?

Bwec said...

Good point, I agree sir. However if the American people want to be the property of the government and there is popular support for it, we would be better off supporting the idea that women should have some obligation to their country in a time of need.

Maybe they can bake cookies or something I don't know. Everything women do is a "choice" and not an obligation or responsibility. I can't really think of any responsibility that women have toward and for men and society. In fact female choices are financed by male liabilities. I can't think of one liability women have that enables men to have choices.

Women won't give us choices. Nothing has changed for men. Women still try to force men to provide the them while dating, married (while the woman stays home) and after divorce when she takes your children and forces you to support the matriarchal family from an empty apartment.

Men have very few rights and choices compared to women. Our lives, health, wellbeing and rights are just not seen as important as women's .

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your site for quite some time and this will be my first post here. First off I'd like to tell you what an outstanding job you've done. I particularly liked you arguements with Ryk I believe it was, on a previous blog. It makes you wonder about libs, how can they see fact's and come up with the opposite conclusion? Personally I think they're easily manipulated by the indoctrination centers we call higher education and are quickly promoted to position's of power, or that their pavlovian tedencies towards women overrides any common sense. Again they get put in positions of power.

The oppresive system of Big Daddy Guv that all men live in today is exactly what the Banker, Guv, Media corporation wants. Divide and conquer has always been the goal and women have always been the means to acomplish the police state. Soon to be world police state, with entities like the UN, IMF and the world bank promoting things like I-VAWA and other such nonsense.

Affirmative Action promoting supposed "Equality" is a fraud. If this mythical state of equality were ever reached they would put themselves out of business. No corporation in it's right mind would promote something that's self annihilating. So the only comclusion is they will foster a constant "state of emergency" to stay in business.

We have over 60 million statutes in the USA governing our actions, so adding more "rights" for men isn't the answer. We need to strip away all the entitlements and privledges afforded the special interest groups. Pretty much bring back the constitution in it's original form, before all the ammendments.

Donna said...

it's sad ow the athorities are handling it , equality should be a primary concern

Donna said...

so many sexual discrimination in the army and all over, it's sad that we can't find equality and balance