Sunday, August 8, 2010

VIDEO: Male Studies Is Here! It's On The Horizon!!

The Men's Movement is Growing! An effort is underway for men to be able to examine the male experience free of feminist ideology found in the women's Men's Studies programs. This is an effort to allow men to define the male experience and what it means to be male FROM AN OBJECTIVELY SCIENTIFIC & MALE PERSPECTIVE.

THERE IS A COMMENT IN THE COMMENTS SECTION I'D LIKE TO ALSO CLARIFY HERE. There is one man in the video who objects to the creation of Male Studies and he is a member of the feminist camp.

MEN'S STUDIES already exists and this man was invited to provide an objective viewpoint from the other side. Men's Studies was designed and implemented by feminists. It's primary goal is to deconstruct masculinity which is viewed to be destructive, toxic and overwhelmingly negative. Traditional masculinity and gender roles are viewed by feminists to be the primary cause of what feminist term The Patriarchy or the male dominated system in which women are oppressed by men, society and by their role in the family.

Feminist believe that women are an underclass who are oppressed by this Patriarchy. Their primary goal for the last 40 years (the second wave) is to create Independence and Liberation of this oppressed class from the class oppressors and from women's subordinate station and status in society.

The Feminist Men's Studies programs are designed to deconstruct masculinity and rebuild it to form the feminist ideal which is to say the androgynous construct. Feminists believe firmly that the genders are socially constructed and believe in no form of biological differences. Unfortunately feminist ideology has created a massive problem in that men still have the same obligations, responsibilities and liabilities toward and for women that we have always had. The only thing that has changed is a loosend standard of reciprocal obligation from women to men. Women now have more choices but they are financed by male liabilities, an outright double standard and outright systemic and lawful discrimination against men and boys.

SO IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO GET THE TWO CONFUSED. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Male Studies on the other hand has the goal of creating counter points to feminist ideology and to combat misandry or the hatred and contempt for men and boys in society which feminism promotes. It intends to create a means of defense and advocacy for men and boys. It is an attempt to create a core infrastructure of thought and intellectual conjecture that now permeates the growing Men's and Father's Rights Movement. It is to help create a collective voice that for to long has been unheard and shamed into silence.

It will allow us vital intellectual coalescence which will increasingly take a political stage as well as create and raise awareness of the injustices, sexism, and outright discrimination and contempt for men and boys that shows through in all political, social and economic elements of society.

The goal of men's rights is to obtain equal representation under law and to allow choices and advocacy for men and boys in all realms of society. It is to allow men the right to play a meaningful role in the lives of our children. It is to give us rights to our own bodies and the fruits of its labor.

It is to amend the social contract which has allowed women choices while male labor is expected to provide these choices to women. To make fair and equal choices available to men and to alleviate the subjugation of men while dating, in marriage but most importantly after no-fault divorce. It is to provide this representation in the education system, in governmental services and resources and equal gender secular representation within the social fabric of society which extends to political and social policy, the justice system and family law.

Independence for men can be defined as Independence from women's dependency which now takes place under a double standard, lawful discrimination and social policy in the public and private realms of society.

The foundation is currently raising money to implement the badly needed male representation and voice within Universities nation wide. The first such course in the history of what has essentially amounted to a gender war which has created class conflict between men and women will be implemented at Wagner college. I can not stress enough that this conglomerate will serve as a staging area for male advocacy throughout the rest of society and into the political realm. THIS EFFORT IS A VITAL COMPONENT TO THE ADVANCEMENT OF THE GROWING MEN'S AND FATHER'S RIGHTS MOVEMENT SO PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT IN ANY WAY YOU CAN.

VIDEO: Male Studies Is Here! It's On The Horizon!!

Male Studies Conference Video:


Deansdale said...

I know it's the "proper" style for academics but this video is so boring my eyes started to bleed.
Also, I'm not against women, but if the whole topic is studying males from the MALE perspective, what the f*ck are those two wymyn doing there, right in the freakin' MIDDLE?! The left one also looks like a bloody feminist - I don't who she is but if I wanted to take courses in Male Studies and she was a lecturer I'd f*cking turn around and leave. I don't have a problem with women generally, it's just I think I knew more about being male than this woman when I was 6 years old.

Anonymous said...

I like the honesty these men seem to have, but ultimately, I truly doubt they will get anywhere, as they are stuck in a catch-22 situation - if they do not blame feminism, they will be basing their changes on an incorrect dogma, so they will not achieve much. If they do, on the other hand, they will receive absolutely no funding and will not be able to run their course.
And Deansdale, it's worse than you think - look at the women. it's not a matter of them not understanding, it's a matter of them not caring whatsoever. The one in the middle crosses her arms, fidgets, and backs away, eager to get out, and the older woman keeps looking around , or simply, spacing out. Either, like most women, they don't care, or have some kind of neurological disorder. I'm not against women either, but I simply refuse to believe that there are many who could ever even think about men's welfare - they have been brainwashed for centuries.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to comment again, I just watched more of this: they explicitly stated it was profeminist. Here's to "progress".

Bwec said...

Hello Deansdale,

The woman in the pink dress is Christina Hoff Sommers and she is definitely a full blooded Men's and father's rights activist and scholar.

She wrote the article No Country For Burly Men if you want to look it up but it pertains to the diversion of the Stimulus Package to women. She also wrote The War Against Boys.

The woman on the left, I am not sure who she is. I understand that you are skeptical of women's participation and I imagine we all are. I welcome their contribution but this effort and the Men's Movement in general has to remain something by men and for men. I do believe we can accomplish that as we forge ahead.

Bwec said...

NO IT IS NOT PROFEMINIST. The man in question was the only one opposed to MALE STUDIES.

HE WAS SPEAKING OF THE FEMINIST, MEN'S STUDIES.. Male Studies is a new academic discipline to develop counter points and intellectual debate to the women's men's studies programs.

MEN'S STUDIES already exists but it was designed and implemented by feminists. IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO GET THE TWO CONFUSED.

Deansdale said...

Wow. I always liked CHS but never seen a picture of her so I didn't recognize her.
But I still say she shouldn't sit there, especially not in the middle. I guess they thought about it and it boils down to the question of who they want to "please". If it's the neutral or "mildly pro-feminist" public then it's a good idea to put a colorfully dressed woman in the middle to demonstrate this new study is not "anti-women". But for veterans of the war against feminism this will seem a bad idea regardless of who that actual woman is. I always gladly welcome women to join our cause, but OTOH I don't want women telling me what manhood or masculinity is.

Anonymous said...

One of the few things I didn't like about the video was "Passing" on difficult questions. There was still a bias as to not offending the ruling feminist class. Now I understand when us lowly slave men are trying to make inroads you don't want to overturn the apple cart. However truth is what the MRM is supposed to be all about. "Feelings" do not trump truth, neither does tolerance. This is why we're in this situation, tolerance now prevails over ethics, integrity, morality and every other virtue. Tolerance should be relegated to where it belongs as the least of all virtue's.

Christina has done a world of good for the MRM and I'm grateful for it, but this goes to show what a misandric society we live in. Many men have done exactly what she has and their work has been ridiculed. If we're going to be honest we have to admit that her work has recieved good attention BECAUSE she's a woman.

Bwec said...

Interesting comment on Tolerance anonymous : )

"Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society"

-Plato \ Aristotle attributed