Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Female Keys To Victory Over Men, An Agenda

Below is an Exposé, a hypothetical commentary that contains real facts, the feminist\female political as well as social ethos and exemplifies the key elements and indicators which are helping to form the establishment of Matriarchy:

I agree with Lisa, the reason we should be concerned with other women’s sexuality is because it affects our social position in relation to men. Men gain power with women by getting and producing what we want. Women gain power over men by having and controlling what men want as well. They key difference is that what we seek in men can be taken from them while what they seek in us can not. Even so much as suggesting theft of female assets is met with dire consequences for males.

The goal of feminism is to obtain power and control over the things which we are able to be dependent on men for while creating the options and choices that allow us to depend on men when we want to without explicitly needing them and thus “independence”. This, combined with our sexual barganing power will allow us to dominate and control men in their public lives i.e. on a societal level and in their personal lives and relationships. If we can gain such control men will have no choice but to continue to do what they have always done for us anyway, namely provide resources to us and sacrifice for us and this includes their vary lives. Women will have more choices than ever before and less reciprocal obligation or liabilities to men at the same time... We will be liberated. We now have choices and men do not.

We must do this while asserting strong property rights over our bodies and the bodies of children both pre and post conception. If we can maintain control over the things we are able to get from men while able to do so and gain such resources for ourselves while also having control over sexual property, the property of reproduction and children themselves we will be able to have more social, economic and sexual power than men and thus dominate and control them in entirety.

In essence we will have them under our thumb. Double standards will have to be tolerated because men will have no choice but to woo and court us. Men will have no choice but to meet what ever requirements we demand of them. Likewise "the system" should continue to be harsher upon men in all realms...why...because it can be, and to our benefit. This goes for male health both physical and mental, education, judicial and family law, and even in our personal lives demands and obligations from men to women should be fitting to what women demand. They will continue to pay for us and support us at will and this includes after we leave them in divorce...Why you ask???, because we can and because they have no choice.

Men are terrified of displeasing us and will often times turn upon other men, and government upon men as a class to gain our favor. The white knight is our greatest ally in establishing matriarchy. Males can and will be used against themselves, they are our workhorses and our enforcers. Do not think for a moment that if we voted women into power we could get away with talking like THIS VIDEO (Workhorses of The Matriarchy). We need men to be the workhorses because they will serve our needs and be rewarded for it just as we do in their personal lives.

The whole point is to have men need us more than we need them while at the same time and precisely because of this fact we continue to uphold the laws which establish control over men’s bodies and the fruits of its labor i.e. force them to continue to provide to us and our children outside of marriage and after divorce under threat of jail and in their personal lives while even so much as dating us. The ultimatum, men must produce for us and our children or face the consequences. The male must dance for us. Then and only then can the matriarchy be completed. We are mostly there now. While the male supports us we are free to pursue our next mate and increase our genetic fitness while his resources which would be used to court another female are diverted to us. Men have one shot to please us and if they do not this is their fate.

We have accomplished much if not all of this and have done so by force and blatantly anti-male \ pro female laws.

-We now obtain 60% of college degrees yet have Affirmative Action and Title IX not only in private business hirings, school admissions but also federal contracts.

-We now outlive males by 7 years and they now outpace us in suicides 4 to 1

-Males suffer from health problems, injuries, birth defects and health problems both mental and physical in greater proportion than us yet we commander the majority of funding for healthcare provision and have 7 and now possibly more Federal Offices on our health under the new healthcare bill. Men have zero. Males are also 85% of the homeless.

-We now constitute the majority of the workforce with men only marginally outpacing us in seasonal contract work. While 80% of all jobs lost in The Great Recession have been to men, the Stimulus Package was devoted to women in growing industries upon the request of our women's gender secular leaders in government. We are now adding "women first" provisions to the House Financial Reform Bill See: Subtitle I, Section 1801 of this bill which will further entrench Affirmative Action and women only advocacy in economic and social policy.

-We now constitute the majority of voter participation

-We now are able to obtain Alimony in cases of no-fault divorce

-We now obtain child custody by default and have no liabilities in divorce

-We have no Selective Service draft obligations to serve the country in any capacity
in its time of need

-We are independent and self supporting yet socially coerce and lawfully mandate men
provide to us even while dating and after divorce.

-We hold all the cards in reproductive rights and absolute control over reproduction.

-We now control 60% of the nations wealth and the majority of gender secular government resources are devoted to us. Male resources flow from men to women in multitudes of proportion than from women to men both in their private and public lives.

-Though the wage gap of 76 cents to the male dollar is the Raw Wage Gap or the disparity of earnings production by measurement of monetary acquisition over the entire labor force and not the same job we are able to convince the public and solidify support for women only and women first legislative policies along with provisions for litigation and lawsuits to control wages and therefore the means of production. We are able to continue women only loans and scholarships as well. We are able to convince the public and private sectors along with society at large to contribute to the wellbeing, support and advocacy for women only.

-We have established complete control over our bodies, the bodies of children and the bodies of men and the fruits of their labor. All of these are transferable to the female and are in whole or in part female property. We are in fact the only gender with property rights over these things.

-We are able to select and use male genes as we see fit without the contribution or
requirement of the male by way of sperm bank farms and artificial insemination by
way of a simple doctors note and are able to have them sent by mail to our home.

- 40% of all births in the United States are now to single women while males are forced to support us outside of any reciprocal obligation to them while at the same time ostracized from the family and the lives of their children. We initiate 70+% of all divorce and hold no liabilities but choices in the social contract of marriage and thus divorce while the male has none and foots the liability of loss of property and fatherhood.

It remains that what we as women must do is maintain sole control over sex, reproduction and children. We must maintain control over the male body and its mandate to produce and transfer to us the fruits of its labor. We must be supported through our agency in government through gender secular representation, advocacy and laws for women's interests while at the same time keeping male secular gender representation out of government, gender specific university course subject matter, social institutions and organizations of gender advocacy and the social and political dialog. This is easy to do, it is our strength. We control the social fabric. We must use our female strengths to benefit females alone. We must build a multitude of supportive organizations and groups to communally support women and women only in all aspects of society and life needs and in all realms of our health and our health only. We must use the coffers of the public treasury and tax base to support us as well.

I believe we are masters at commandeering the social fabric and the social dialog as well. Under such structure we are able to drown out male voices of objection or advocacy while simultaneously shaming men for speaking up. Females are more important and when the time comes the ultimate proof is that men should and will die so that we may live. The males own lesser power in sexual selection can be used against him. We can and do have him throwing his own under the bus in male-male competition. His chivalry will not stop, it is his instinct.

He knows we hold to the key to reproduction and to pass on his genes he must do what we say. Men are terrified of displeasing or not being useful to us and on a relational level we are able to use emotional volatility and the threat of disengaging from him or not engaging and accepting him in the first place as a tool to supplicate him. He actually prides himself on sacrifice, on the ability to "take it" or "hack it", on the ability and vitality of his strength\health often to it's own neglect in order to produce, to be worthy. We shall not help him in this but let him sacrifice, let his health suffer for us. He does this to be of external utility, to be of use to us and we should make him, we should let him and under law and social custom coerce and force him. We shall not nurture this supplicated being who vies for competitive advantage, vies to produce and provide, vies to protect and please and all for our very acceptance alone.

Remember for the vast majority it is females who control and end relationships. In terms of liabilities, we have none, we have all the power. We must continue to empower ourselves. Marriage as it is now under our rule is a liability and obligation from a man to a woman and although marriage is on a drastic decline we still have men getting on their knees with gold and jewels for the opportunity to mate and have children that they have no right to. We have them getting on their knees to allow us choices to work or stay home, to marry or divorce with no obligation or responsibility but our inherent fertile value our female selective choice.

We have hoodwinked men and society into believing that it is we who are oppressed and we who do not have choices. We have them believing that men are in control when they are in fact our workhorses. Since we are and will establish control by the use of chivalrous legislative mandate, since we rule The New Economy yet will not give men the choices they have given us, since we have control over the social relationship and contracts of dating and marriage, since we hold the keys and control over reproduction and conception and sex itself we will rule over men in the matriarchy, we will live in a world of possibilities and subjugation over men that is hardly imaginable. It is happening and it is here and now, it is real and it will be worse upon him than he could have ever possibly dreamed. It already is.

Remember, the personal is political. We have the ability to use male chivalry which is personified in government against men. Our male workhorses in government will do anything for the female majority vote. We control them and government will continue to seek our acceptance, it will court us as you have seen in the video I linked above. It will not stop with women only and women first laws. Secular and separatist representation within government by gender is the key. We have been quite successful at this. In the years to come female secular laws and implementation of power will be consolidated and the matriarchy complete. We are almost there.

I can say that males are becoming aware of their subjugation to us but we must remember that as they are in competition with each other and most importantly in competition with each other for external utility in a very real political, economic and social sense they are a class divided. They do not contain inherent value to us as we do to them. We hold the key. They will not and can not coalesce into a force of advocacy for their own protection and provision and in fact will come to our aid to gain power over each other. They will die and help us and not their own. It is his nature and it is now his fate. It is not us that will advocate for him as well, we are entirely consummate.

The single greatest threat to us now is to keep him producing, to keep him under the false cognition that he is enfranchised and in control. We must keep his productive incentive and capacity up no matter how disenfranchised he has become. We must push him to his limits. We must turn him against himself to do this. We must continually empower him with reward and lawfully mandated punishment to serve our needs. This will not be hard, it is his instinct and nature. Again, he is a class divided and we are not. We must convince him that we are in danger and that it is he himself that is a threat to our wellbeing. In doing so, in creating the males false perception of his genders station in relation to us we will convince him to turn on his own and allocate ever more protection and provision to us. We must call upon his instincts and biological imperatives. Remember, he will die for this.

Will we achieve these ends...yes, we already is our destiny and the will of evil itself. A death that does not give back to life, an all consummate darkness that is easy not hard, that is deception not truth. We are his weakness, it is we that can destroy him.

These things will always be the key to domination over men politically, economically and socially. Independence (dis-need) and Liberation is the key! Women I call upon you to free yourselves, let it become you and you will see the power, you will feel it. Empower and liberate yourselves, you do not need him, become free from him and not bonded.

He has been hiding these things from you, he has been taking the power for his own and oppressing you, take it back, it is yours to have and you are owed a debt from him, take him, your are his weakness. In doing so you will overcome and become his being and his essence, everything he promised he is to you and for you, seize him and that which was supposed to be his complimentary form to you but was done for himself. Starve him of nurturing sustenance and do not tend to his wounds. Tend to yourselves to stave off his oppression.

Take from him what all along was and is his selfishness. Throughout history he has made you bear the most pain, the most death, the danger, the most subjugation and most of the suffering, risk, toil and used his complimentary nature and strength to dominate, control and oppress you and not to serve you. He did these things to himself as well and not to serve you but to control and oppress you.

Look now what he does and why he earns. Look now upon what he controls. Watch carefully where the fruits of his labor go. Watch him feast upon his spoils for himself and himself alone. It is not to provide what you demand from him, but to obtain what he is supposed to give you, what was and is rightfully yours. He does this to control you, it is to oppress you.

Do this and you can and will destroy him for what he has done. He will pay for his subjugation and oppression of you. Put yourself first and do it by law. Compete against him and you will win. Use his complimentary nature to you against himself. He will devour himself from within for you. He will put you first, it is his nature.

Take him and the world will be yours. The descent of man will be glorious and a magnificent triumph, do this and you will be free from him. The desire in you is there, can you sense it, can you taste it, do you know why it is there? It has been building in you from his neglect and his selfishness. The fruit is now ripe, it is yours and it should have been yours all along. Take it, taste it, become all consummate of him and all powerful you shall become.


TDOM said...

I have been discussing the issue of reproductive control for quite some time. While you focus here on the right to reproduce, I am concerned about scientific development that will allow women to reproduce without any contribution from men, including sperm. If technology can be developed to eliminate men from reproduction altogether, it will mean the total enslavement of men.

Any child conceived without male contribution cannot contain a Y chromosome and will therefore be female. Currently the male birthrate is about 52% of all births, however, since fewer boys live to adulthood and men die younger, women comprise 53% of the adult population. If only 5% of all births are conceived using two females, the female advantagein the population would shift to approach 60%. This would make men a decided minority, especially at the ballot box.

Women would be free to enact any law they so choose with men having little ability to stop them. Given that women do not feel the obligation to protect men the way men have always protected women, it will lead to figurative, if not literal slavery.


Bwec said...

Women already do dominate the vote. All male health and enfranchisement indicators are on the decline.

Male voting rates have declined sharply since mid-1960s i.e. the beginning of the Matriarchal social and political construct (feminism). Between the 1964 and 2000 Presidential elections the male voting rate declined from 72 to 53 percent.

In terms of gendercide women have been discussing how to do this on British Government run television as can be seen here:

The implications of medaling in the process of sexual selection and reproduction will be dire and lead to a lack of genetic diversity in ways that we have not yet even begun to decode or understand which will weaken the species and make it vulnerable to pathogens, disease and what I will call systems malfunctions and ultimately extinction of our species.

We know that mechanisms in play behind mate attraction and selection are vast. Pheromonal matching sequences that take place via the vomeronasal organ in the human nose are responsible for matching complimentary genetic sequences and immune system complimentary matching. This is only the beginning.

The implications of attempting to control complimentary genetic sequences and genetic diversity will bring about dire consequences for the species.

As is current women seek unfettered access to sperm farms where they are able to select male genes by only the most rudimentary of selective preference and that would be by what Hollywood celebrity the male specimen looks
like as can be seen here:

As is current and under the resource constructs that women have developed to support themselves and their offspring they now mate outside of committed pair bonds and incidental matings with males of alpha characteristics are common and sometimes result in conception either mutually and intentionally or by paternity fraud by the female. Never the less conception does take place with frequency in these short term pairings.

The resource constructs are three fold and include male forced resource provision to the female even in cases of no-fault, female enfranchisement in working industry to obtain her own territory and resources along with government husbandry resource provision.

This combined with default child custody to the female and provisions of legislation that can only be described as "women first" provisions and "women only" provisions serve to reinforce the matriarchal construct females are seeking to create.

Bwec said...

Looking at this graph below you will see the slight down tick in single mother births around 1993 which was when one of the resource constructs was reformed i.e. welfare reform took place. You will see the slight decline and reset of the trend momentum. A decline of angle of about 15 to 20 degrees occurred:

I am well aware that the female is all consummate and given the opportunity does not want to need males. This is essentially what female "independence" means.

When women write and speak openly in major academic news sources that they seek and speak of the death and demise of men without repercussion or reservation as can be seen here

When New York Times Columnists such as Maureen Dowd are able to write books such as "Are Men Necessary" I understand very viscerally that the threat from females is very real and furthermore culturally accepted. I understand that something within the female does not want males to be necessary.

Watch this video and you will see how here attempts to separate and nullify men from being needed have been in large part successful. Watch the end of the video to understand how hated men actually are by women.

By way of the enactment of their agency in government and changes in the law I understand that we are now in competition with her. We are now in competition for the very things she demands of us.

What becomes apparent is that the less she needs men or the less adequate males around her seem to be the more she disrespects and denigrates men.

Being our competition has not worked out well for her as can be seen in the graphs from the study of female hypergamy here:


Women may or may not understand the diametric opposition she has placed the genders in but it is very real and she is behaving in ways that in my opinion are desperate and an aberration from the normal dynamic.

"Meanwhile, more single women--especially those watching their biological clocks run down--are resorting to solo pregnancies, sperm donors or adoption agencies. While the birthrate has fallen among teenagers, it has climbed 15% among unmarried thirtysomethings since 1990. In the TIME/CNN poll, fully 61% of single women ages 18 to 49 answered yes when asked whether they would consider rearing a child on their own." (and from a sperm donor if need be)

Women don't seem to understand why they increasingly see the males around them as inadequate but much has to do with female hypergamy and the advent of resource constructs that are available to her without a man or by forced labor of one.

I think that women are increasingly unhappy but do not realize why.

Legislatively though she seeks to make men and even our contribution to reproduction and the lives of our children an optional accessory.

Bwec said...

Through my studies I understand that there is something about her that is dangerous, voracious and all consummate. If males served no other purpose than to serve as food after mating the human female would surly consume us, she already does consume the male and the fruits of his labor and feels entitled to male labor and sacrifice for the simple fact that she exists, for the simple fact that she controls certain variables of selection of the species that are not inherent but produced through external utility of the male.

She feels entitled to male external utility, to consume him.

I understand that marriage is on the decline as can be seen here:

I understand that since females changed marriage and child custody law divorce has skyrocketed and plateaued into a decline only because we are now forming loose knit incidental matings or short term cohabitations as can be seen here:

I understand that something is happening and the sexes are collectively divorcing and are in increasingly in opposition to each other.

I understand that if we form commited mated pair bonds where men are part of the family at all it is at an ever increasing age as can be seen here:

I understand that something big is happening and am turning to my own reasoning and other men for understanding on how to deal with it. Some suggest withdrawing support and commitment from women altogether and "go our own way". Others turn to PUA and GAME mating strategy and still others want to restore men as part of the family and lives of our children..

Personally I have feelings and inclinations toward all three but know that I must protect myself and that my competition against women is imperative in order to survive a world in which the genders are no longer complimentary.

I fear for but am willing to sacrifice the prospect of a family, marriage and meaningful contact with my potential children. I know that as I have no right to shared contact with them, since I only have the hopes of and isolated resource producing male and not husband and father that I must protect myself and must prepare myself emotionally to disconnect from my children and go into hiding, disappear or leave the country..

I will not end up like my father, like my brother and like my male friends. I will not be a part of this...... I am committed to helping myself deal with this and helping other men and women as well.

Bwec said...

Sir, it is greatly unfortunate that I do not believe I ever want to get married and if for some reason I were to decide to have children I will have to distance myself emotionally from them as parental alienation is real. Men lose custody by default and the right to play a meaningful role in the lives of our children.

I understand that we have a 50% divorce rate if we even get married at all anymore and 70+ percent of divorce is female initiated. Of the 30 percent of divorce that is initiated by men most do not involve children.

What we must understand about the graphs I've presented is that there is significant momentum behind these trends and I expect them to increase accordingly and exponentially.

Anonymous said...

I have had enough. I will not live as a slave any longer.

ScareCrow said...

A lot of good information in this post!

Where did you find this?

Bwec said...

Find what?

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of thing that will make a man unfaithful