Thursday, June 25, 2009

Early Feminist Rally Photos and Buttons

Since it's beginnings the Feminist's have polished their image and public perception of their agenda. Throughout my blog I will illustrate how indeed feminism has destroyed marriage and it's relation to socialist and communist theory; how the laws they have successfully lobbied to create have been instituted as law.

As I've experienced in my Women's Studies class ("The Psychology of Women") in college in 2002, the feminists have not gone away but are stronger and more influential and relevant than ever. The "battle of the sexes", the war between men and women is not over. More and more it has been a clean sweeping victory for feminists and the women who benefit from such entitlements.

As a young man in my culture I have taken a stand among the growing ranks of men who identify as MRA's or Men's Rights Activists. I know that someday men will be treated as equals and have the same rights as women. I hope that someday we can end this war. I hope to have a wife someday, I hope to have a baby child. I am afraid of marriage as I know I stand to loose my children, my home, my property and will be forced to support my ex wife through alimony and child support. I have seen what has happened to my brother, my father, my friends and other men.

This new phenomenon of explaining away the problem with pop cultural propaganda against men will not help. The precipitous decline in marriage is explained as "Men are afraid of commitment". I will tell the world one thing about men and what I know about myself as a man, the one thing the human male is not lacking in is his ability, strength, mental resilience and fortitude to commit to something he desires or believes in.

The endless movies (Failure to Launch, 40 year old virgin, Old School, Knocked Up, etc) portraying men as grown up children unwilling or
incapable of taking on the responsibilities of husband, father and family will not help mend men, women and the family back together.

"Don't Cook Dinner, Starve a Rat Today!"
"End Human Sacrifice, Don't Get Married"

"Vote Socialist Workers in '70". Recognize the symbol on the button? This was the beginning of the Feminist Majority an extremely powerful feminist organization in the United States at the moment and one of the primary opponents to the shared parenting bill that allows men to be fathers. They are also the creators of the "This is what a feminist looks like" campaign.

Initially, many feminist leaders spoke openly about their Marxist Communist and Socialist intentions. Though it became recognized that as classical, open advocation of Marxism could not be implemented in American culture a focus on introducing Cultural Marxism and subversion of the culture to Marxist ideas became the focus. Indeed this is still the focus of the Feminist Majority and feminism today.

Perhaps I should post the divorce rate graph here again but as you can see from the graph I've posted on my other articles, it all began here, with the above. It began with second wave feminism and change of divorce law that took away all of men's rights to their children, their property, their home and rights to his own working labor by forced alimony and child support. Why women were able to do this without a fight is astonishing to me. I think when women scream they are not provided or protected for enough men and government respond to help. Perhaps chivalry is a factor here, male instinct perhaps was used against men. They say chivalry is dead now. I think it is alive and well in the political and judicial sphere but mainly dead from what sociologists are calling our "hook up" culture. Commitment to women, marriage and family is dying in the hearts of men.

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