Sunday, June 21, 2009

Girl Power, Princesses and Female Socialization

What do the below photo's tell you of female socialization in our culture?

While walking through a parking lot the other day I noticed a boy laying back in this car with the drivers seat reclined. I gave the car a long look and unabashedly walked my way around it observing the writings some girls had written on his car. I found so much significance in them that after returning to my car and the boy got out and left inside the store, I returned to take these photos. On each side of the car is written a different boy that the girl or girls love. What does this tell us in the way these girls view themselves? What connection do they seem to illustrate between power and love? What sense of entitlement and power is embodied in the word "princess". I have often seen "princess" displayed autonomously and independently of an individual girls relationship with males as has been displayed on bumper stickers, shirts etc that girls in our culture present. How do they see themselves and define their relationships with males? Is a princess someone who gives to or receives things from others?

What are girls taught about themselves and are these things true?

Would a boy displaying or writting "prince" or "king" and inscribing "male power" on a car have the same meaning? Is the message of female underprivlege used to give girls and women more rights, choices, protections and benefits in society than men? Is it used to give them less responsibility and obligations?





Anonymous said...

Yep the word princess epitomizes what Female Supremacy is all about… a “utopia” where females are royalty and males are peons.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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