Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Women's Leaders Request Right To Desertion From Combat

This is not our fathers military!

I have no doubt that Women’s Party leaders will not back down on this issue. Just as they did with divorce law, child custody law, “women first” laws like Title IX and Affirmative Action, mandated government contracts to women owned businesses, the diversion of the Stimulus Package to women, women support alimony, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. YOU NAME IT…! I’ve come to learn that women have an innate sense of entitlement.

Women and their leaders WILL succeed in their demands to “control their own bodies”. We must remember, women’s bodies and the fruits of its labor are theirs and theirs alone. Women have no obligation of duty and sacrifice. They don’t understand what being a soldier and service to country means. Duty, Honor, Valor, Sacrifice and Bravery don’t seem to be attributable to females.

Men’s bodies are for service of women and from the age of 18 on, for the service of country. Women have no obligation or duty to men but “choices”. Women have no obligation or duty to country……

Men’s children are owned by women as well.

It’s just they way it is. There is no equivalent for women as they have no responsibilities but “choices”. There is no equivalent word for women to “man-up”.

It is only expected that women will be given leeway when it comes to the crimes of desertion and cowardice as both of these things are simply more expected from women.

Women’s Party leaders will ensure that females have all the rights without responsibility, honor or accountability. They already have such in the rest of society, I don’t see how the military expects to end up much different.


Hughman said...

You know what, this may finally be a turning point.

The military is finally growing some balls since they were chooped off in the 90s, even if they are rather small.

People are also taking the red pill over this, as the video pointed out, the order actually makes things more equal.

The final straw will be in 2011 with female submariners. Once a sub carrying nukes has to abort to get rid of a pregnant woman, or they refuse to surface and she gives birth to a deformed baby, people will realise women have no role in the front line.

Anonymous said...

if you desert you should be shot no special favors!

Anonymous said...

"We must remember, women’s bodies and the fruits of its labor are theirs and theirs alone."
And as fruit of Women's bodies... Man was created by Women to be Her slave; To worship Her, to please Her and protect Her from harmfull and menial toil.

So Women have rigths and men not since they are properties of Women.

You speak of Duty, Honor, Valor, Sacrifice and Bravery You are right it's not attributable to females. Female are far above those inferior gender things.

The female soldier are made for entitlement, an glorification for the victories made on countless males bodies. You know thos brave WOMEN and men who give their life for freedom in WWI, WWII,...

In Canada, Year after Year prime minister pay honor to the brave Women and men who gived theirs lives to free us from tyranny in WWI and WWII. But the fact is that no Women not a single one died at war! But since they have a pussy they deserve (at least) an 'EQUAL' share of credit for the victory. EQUAL meaning more as is always mean when is apply to Women.

Women are aristocrats, they are above the rules and entitled to privileges. They make choices and inferiors must assume consequesnces.

Woman wanting to be in army expect the same status aristocrats had in it in 17th century. Staying far behind the line in safety. While the males are dying to preserve Her privileges and superior status.