Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What Men Want

Lou Dobbs trying desperately to find out what women want now after 40 years of non stop second wave feminism. What it is exactly that they want from men now?

"What Men Want"?

Wow, have you ever heard this question asked when it was not a headline on ALL the women's magazines deducing us to sex crazed limbic cortex driven animals who need a little dose of pussy here and there and we are satisfied. You certainly won't see a whole week long segment of the news devoted to it nor magazine covers. Everything women speak of in terms of men's needs is reduced to sex. Men are simple creatures after all right??? we are primitive apes right???

Even Maria Shriver who wrote The Shriver Report on the supposed state of women tells us men that if we contribute to more house work we will get more sex...oh boy...oh boy..caveman get sex if do "what women want" like!

Honestly to tell you the truth I really don't care what women want anymore. I figure it is time to tell them for once in 40 years what it is that we want. Growing up I was told over and over and over what it is that women want and the answer it seems is everything. It is always male male competition for female choice. What can I do to please women so I can get a date so I can bend over backwards for an opportunity to mate with her. The biggest lie ever told is that men and women are the same and as such are equals. The biggest lie ever told was that men brought women here, that it is men who control and run everything, that men do everything they do to serve themselves.

God forbid it be recognized that men don't have inherent value. Men don't get approached on the street by women for the simple fact that we exist. Men must be, we must produce, we must brutally compete, we must sacrifice, we must provide and protect, we must give, we must give, we must give and even die for "what women want".

When "equality" is reached will women still require us to court, to produce, to provide both in and out of marriage? Will we still allow women the option to be dependent? Will the mating dynamics change or will something still be required of men?

"If, then, you suffer (give suffrage to) them to throw these off one by one, to tear them all asunder, and, at last, to be set on an equal footing with yourselves, can you imagine that they will be any longer tolerable? Suffer them once to arrive at an equality with you, and they will from that moment become your superiors."
-Cato the Censor (234–149 B.C.) Rome (215 B.C.)

How self serving it seems women are when it comes to maintaining and pampering their inherent worth. Couple this with their demands for the relentless toil of men without nurturing, loving and supportive deference to us and "what men want" and need. When will they honor what we are and do for them. Why for once can they not understand "what men want".

Do they not realize that if men do not produce we end up under a bridge like the 85% of the homeless that are men? Do they not understand that a man stands alone and on his own two feet, that he has no choice, no one to be "dependent" on like women can for the things women demand. If there was ever a version of male "independence" it would be a free market, an opportunity for equal opportunity for competitive advantage, rules that allow for free enterprise, liberty, freedom and justice to make and mold of the world what we will so that we may be ever more worthy of high status and resource potential so that we may be of use, of value to women. How selfish, self centered and delusional is the ideology of feminism.

When men speak of our needs we are quickly put in our place and told it is only our "fragile male ego talking" or that we are chauvinist or misogynist woman haters.

For god sake can we stop placating to women and making movies and prime time newscasts placing them on a pedestal constantly. It really has gotten out of hand.
Think about it, have women ever once included us in conversation or listened to what we want without shaming language and the ad hominem retorts I mention they care to arbitrate or compromise?

God knows, I love women to death but her nature seems to be that of a voracious entitlement to herself and to what she most assuredly sees as "her" offspring. I have no doubt that if the male served no other purpose than as food for sustenance after mating, the human female would surly consume us whole! Such collective representation of such propensities in politics will surely collapse the mightiest of empires.

In all 40 years of the second wave feminist assault have we ever met somewhere in the middle with all of their demands or do we legislate over and over again against ourselves and our basic rights as equals, as members of a family, a husband and a father in fruitless acts of chivalry? When will we stop sacrificing our very lives for women in their insatiable desires to be oh so ever more provided and protected for at our expense to give them all the more "choices" "a womans choice"

If there is anything men are the best at it seems we are more than willing to compete and destroy each other for the favor of women, to sacrifice and die for them. I ask you brothermen, do you feel respected for this. Do you have rights within the institution of marriage?

Many great philosophers, many of eastern origin specifically have pointed out that the opposites define each other, there is not one without the other. The opposites are the equal and that we are meant to be complimentary. When will women realize this, when will feminists see the truth.

-"Man and woman have each of them qualities and tempers in which the other is deficient and which in union contribute to the common felicity. Single and separate, they are not the complete human being; they are like the odd halves of scissors; they cannot answer the end of their formation." -=Benjamin Franklin=-

I ask you my brothermen, is not marriage defined by divorce and as such is not marriage now an obligation and risk from a man to a woman? Where is our reciprocation, where men, are OUR choices we've so graciously sacrificed and given to women to have? To marry and to divorce (as neither is of any risk to them) ,to work or stay home, to approach and spend on a woman and to be allowed to date her or be rejected or even the choice to have sex? Where is our choice to conceive or abortion of responsibility after conception? Is not sex a mutual act or should it be he who is responsible and he who should have "kept it in his pants".

Did you know gentlemen that if a man and a woman are mutually intoxicated on alcohol and or drugs regrettable sex is your fault! Did you know this is rape? Did you know that it is you who should have maintained the control and power to make decisions while in a state of mutual inebriation!

It is time to arbitrate, it is time to resolve the battle of the sexes. Men, it is time to rise up and join the growing voices of your brothers, to speak out, to no longer be shamed for being male. You are not a brute, you are not an oppressor, you are not redundant, you are needed as part of the family and as a husband and father whether women admit it or not. Do not back down. Your sexuality is not perverted, you are not a pedophile if you interact with children in public. You are a MAN and you have just as much a right to exist, to an equal education, to equal healthcare, to fair divorce law, family law, and child custody. Men, my brothers you deserve better than your ever giving chivalry and sacrifice, you deserve RESPECT!


Talleyrand said...


No. It is time to no longer care what women say they want, because it doesn't matter.

You get more being not serving women, then by doing anything they want.

It is time to recognize that the government is not the friend of men. That it does not belong to us, it belongs to women. They cater to women, not men.

The relationship between the governed and the public servants is broken.

Anonymous said...

What women want, if a majority of their ACTIONS are to be used to judge what they want, is to have a man for cosmetic purposes while dominating him, or to die alone, lacking their inability to find a mangina who will put up with their moods, indecision, self-centeredness and indifference to anyone but themselves.

There's always the exceptions to such women. Men who find such rare creatures must treasure them. But such women are rare and nearly impossible to find.

Anonymous said...

Yes I don't care what women want either. I see women as my enemy. I hardly see them as human at all but as something alien and threatening.

But there is something else. I see my own need for women (you can call it my sex drive if you want but I think that is not really correct) as something wholly destructive. It is too late for me but if I could have chosen then I would have chosen to be free from sexual need altogether.

Marquis said...

i would say the key is in knowing that women don't want what they say they want. they say what they want as a way to maintain the status quo. the say this to maintain their benefits (now virtually everything) in the mating game.

curiepoint said...

I can't speak for other men, but for myself, what do I want?

To be left the hell alone by these harridans.

To live my life my way, no compromises.

To metaphorically raise my middle finger at the question "what do women want?"

glimmer-glass girl said...
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glimmer-glass girl said...

Whoa there, men. Whoa. You really could have perhaps could have presented your, uh, greviances less in the tone of an angry rant and more in the tone of rational discussion. Perhaps you could stop talking about "women" as though they're a nameless mass of people with the same ideas and desires to destroy men. Obviously it's your blog, but speaking as one PERSON to another, hatred against a faceless group of any kind never does any good. Also, by denying that there has been any disadvantage against women EVER, you seem to have forgotten that women were just given the right to vote in 1920...

Bwec said...

Non land owning men received the vote shortly before women did, what does that have to do with anything..Furthermore, who said anything about hating women?

Bwec said...

To: glimmer-glass girl

Listen, Men's and Father's Rights activists do not hate women. Every movement is going to attract the polar ends of thought and action to its ranks.

Understand that men are angry yes...but the movement is not about hating women nor has it allowed radicalism or hatred as it's central tenet of thought and action to be expressed or exercised.

As you have noticed we practice gender politics in this country and are divided by gender as a nation. Men are seeking political advocacy and should be allowed to have a voice.

You have the Council on Women and Girls who is now a part of the federal government with a direct liaison to the President Of The United States. simply want a voice...

Jonathan Harris said...

I'm looking for a book on early feminism (turn of the century). I want one that's accurate. Any ideas?

Bwec said...

Yes, thank you for the question Jon. I would recommend the writings of Alexandra Kollontai.

She was a member of the Women's Party and part of the early ideological formation of feminism around the turn of the century. A search of should turn her up.

Here is a little history of early feminism you should enjoy......

The First Congress of Working Women was held on November 19th 1918. This for Kollontai was a real advance, and a vindication of her agitation for a separate women’s section within the Party which she had been advocating since 1906.

A year after this took place it became evident that something more was needed because it was proported that the oppression of women went so deep. The Women’s Department or (Genotdel) (replicated by Obama and the new Council on Women and Girls) thus replaced the committee.

This new department was to mobilize them for practical political activity. Jessica Smith in Women in Soviet Russia (1928) describes conflict between men and women in Changing Attitudes in Soviet Russia and records debates in which women accuse the men of condescension (oppression) and patronage or (misogyny) & (patriarchy).

As the communist revolution grew and took control over the state The ‘Genotdel’ was dissolved in 1929 with the official explanation that "equality" or the Marxist ideal of a classless society had been achieved and as such an independent women’s movement was no longer necessary. However the implementation of the age old "divide and conquer" strategy was still in play and implemented.

What is now International Women's Day began during the Soviet Revolution. March 8th was heralded in propaganda posters as the day for the communist woman worker to rebel against the babbitry of domestic work.

It is important to note that one of the first orders of business for the Council on Women and Girls was to divert the stimulus package to women in vast entirety.

Upon meeting the approval of the Women's Party ( Council on Women and Girls) Obama tasked Christina Romer and Jared Bernstein, Joseph Biden's chief economist, with preparing an extraordinary report that calculated not only the number of jobs the plan would likely create, but the gender composition of the various employment sectors and the division of largess between women and men.

Romer and Bernstein delivered "The Job Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan" on January 10. Though what is now 82% of all jobs lost were to men, they concluded that the stimulus package now "skews job creation somewhat towards women." (Please google and read "No Country For Burly Men" by Christina Hoff Sommers.)

Karl Marx recognized the importance of usurping to populous through women. Through the feminine and in defense, protection and provision for her, in being told she is not fairing well, her inherent sense of entitlement to such and the labors of man and the State will emerge. In being told it is his fault men can be usurped. He will not dare question the advocacy for such provision. Women will surrender to their own needs, men will surrender to the needs of women and both to the provision of state and working industry.

- "Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval. Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included."-- Karl Marx

Anonymous said...

i don't think men or MRA's hate women, I think they are angry with women and i think they have good reasons, And they are both angry for the same reasons, The difference is that MRA's can point out why they are angry and most men cannot. They live their lives wondering why they are so frustrated, Well one reason is that woman always tell men they have it easier.

How would you feel if somebody who had it far better then you told you that you had it better? Angry? Well how would you feel if almost EVERYBODY was telling you that you had it better when THEY had it better. VERY ANGRY? Yeah, probably.

I read somewhere that the main cause of a woman throwing something at a man is because he wasn't listening, This sums up the modern man quite well actually.

We are not listening, Not anymore.

From here on in we are only going to look out for our own interests, We did look out for your interests before but the kindness was not repayed. We have spent millenniums testing every dangerous thing in the world so you wouldn't have to, So that your lives would be better then ours in countries that we built.

Well done feminists, Well done. You have successfully fooled millions of people with insane amounts of dishonesty akin to religions that have all their benefits AFTER you die.

I don't believe in the new world order but if i did I'd say the same people that made christianity made feminism such is the masterful manipulation and lies.

Well played.


Anonymous said...

We haven't stopped listening BECAUSE we are angry with you, But we are angry with you. We have stopped listening because our problems matter more to us more then yours matter to us. It's as simple as that really.

Anonymous said...

Actually that's stupid.

Most men will always look out for number 1 and that's why shit for men as a gender never gets any better.

So disregard my nonsense

Anonymous said...

The mainstream media concerned that women might be "less happy", or "unhappy". Are they, are they not? I don't care.

Of course, the media would never consider for a second the happiness profile of men. It is all a one way street.

Anonymous said...

"Whoa there, men. Whoa..."

Your opinion doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

Obviously it's your blog, but speaking as one PERSON to another, hatred against a faceless group of any kind never does any good.

That's rich. Is this a case of women projecting again?

No group refuses to see the individual more than feminism does. "MEN" are their class enemy - women see "MEN" as a universal block to be disenfranches any way they can get away with.

The women's movement s guilty of depersonalizing on a very great scale, so I hereby invalidate your plea.

you seem to have forgotten that women were just given the right to vote in 1920...

Yes and this society - a matriarchal man-hating man-restricting one - is the inevitable end result. Your point?

Anonymous said...

"I'm looking for a book on early feminism (turn of the century). I want one that's accurate. Any ideas?"

No but I'll simplify. It's the same as contemporary feminism. It's all the one movement. What it is today is what it is always. Look at what it is now to see what it was in the past.