Monday, October 19, 2009

Thank God, the woman monkey is off our backs?

Thank God, the monkey is off our backs!!!

-A Rising number of women earn more than their mates: Recession likely thrusting more women into breadwinner role, experts say-

LOL, THANK GOD!. We've been proudly carrying women on our backs since the beginning of time. Now we get to call them out on the whole equality thing! We men get to stay home and breast feed the baby because it makes no sense to remove the primary bread winner from the workforce, that is if they will "marry down" to a lowly dependent male. All this and my brother's ex wife calls up and demands he send her more "woman support" money (She is married by the way). The inate sense of entitlement feminists and feminist indoctrinated women have is amazing!

Ahhh the trials and tribulations of broken families, I tell ya. I come from one my self. Anyway, my bro has to sort out the mess she created by claiming my newphew as her dependent on her tax return, the gaul of some women when her ex-husband of years ago is forced to support her and support "her" child with child support. Did I mention my bro has 51% custody. It cost him his life savings to purchase the right to be a father but who's counting right?

I'd say this independent woman is the dependent if you ask me. If he does not support her they will throw him in prison and then when he gets out award her 22% interest as punishment for not supporting an independent woman. They are now garnishing my brothers unemployment money.

Man oh man this country now has men living in the basement of their bosses and construction foremans house and still they garnish the shit out of their unemployment to give to independent women.

Hmm I wonder why they portend that women accomplished their supposed "independence" on their own merit....See below:

Couple this sea change with the fact that they just diverted the vast majority of the stimulus package to women (Read article "No Country For Burly Men" by Christina Hoff Sommers) while 83% of jobs lost are to men and the Supreme Council of Women (Council On Women and Girls) just announced the new Title IX battle plan called S.T.E.M. or Science, Technical, Engineering and Mathematics. Along side GET-EM or Gender Equality Through Engineering and Mathematics (I suppose "get em" meaning men) this one-two punch should knock men out for good.

If you know of anything about what Title IX has done to male sports teams and programs get ready for the further slaughter of males. Heck women already acquire 60% of college degrees. So the way I see it the idea is to exterminate the last vestige where males predominate. After all, we all know how much women are not allowed to take certain classes in college and are banned from earning whatever degree they choose....right?

Wow, women have won the "battle of the sexes" in an all out one sided selfish slaughter of men so lets see if we are the androgynous beings feminists say we are, lets see if women are not indeed hypergamous in mating preference of males. Thank god, they will no longer require us to earn more money and pay for their dinner on a date. Lets see if they respect us for this or end up miserable and frusterated and blame it all on men... Lets see if women will respect us for doing their prior important and necessary role.

Hmmm I don't think they can do it. I wonder if women will respect a father, "kitchen bitch" and homemaker like men respected with great honor the role of homemaker and mother.

This is getting good...the end game is here..victory by design, I love it! Superb social engineering at it's finest! I don't think Stalin or other fascists could have done a better job than the femi-fascists!

I always thought the religious conservatives were kinda nuts but then I turn on ABC the other day and it was a back to back line up of Modern Family showcasing "homosexual parents" followed by the show Cougar Town where middle age women regret "wasting" their youth being wives and mothers and having a family and instead decide to divorce their family and relive their 20's by fucking young high school boys and sucking dick near the pool in their former husbands house. Wait wait I'm not done, the last show.....I forget the name... was about witchcraft and evil witch bitches who are practicing "wicans" just like the femi-fascists!

Long live the Republic LOL .. How long do you give we're fuc*ed with a capital F.

BELOW: Title IX: - S.T.E.M. action plan discussed at the feminist round table by the supreme presidential Council On Women and Girls :

These Communist Gender Feminists are ruthless in their Marxist class struggle for "equality". Dividing the world by gender, race and religion has and will continue to cause the death of our free Republic. Allocating resources and creating women only laws such as Affirmative Action and Title IX has and will continue to become the downfall of our Nation. A nation which claims to be indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

"Equal laws, protecting equal rights, are found, as they ought to be presumed, the best guarantee of loyalty and love of country." -=President James Madison=-

Demand equality my countrymen they are using the philosophical concept of the symbiotic definition of opposites against you. "Equality" in the fashion in which the gender feminists continue to implement is at the same time oppression. It is so because men and women togther my dear countrymen make the equal and we are not and should never be divided, our bond is sacred and we must fight to preserve it.


Anonymous said...

The monkey might be off our backs but I doubt it. Somehow I don't think this can be avoided even in death.

But for me the problem is a bit different and I don't know how to solve it. I suppose I am like a lot of men in that all my mistakes where made long ago. I always urge young men not to marry though I myself have been married for over 30 years. So you can see that for me it is too late.

It is not as though I only came to the conclusion that marriage was a mistake over a long period of time. In fact almost immediately after I had been persuaded into marrying reluctantly I understood that I had done a terrible thing.

The problem is that once you fall into the pit the whole dynamics of your life change. The pit has steep walls and those who have not fallen in underestimate how hard it is to climb out.

A man is imprisoned in his pit by many things. Paradoxically one of the things that imprisons him is her dependence on him and his better nature which makes him feel responsible.

There is also a sort of shell sock. For many years I just could not believe that something so terrible would continue. Surely something would happen to end the torment. But it never did. Even an early death formed part of my fantasy for escape. I still think like that and wonder if I got a bad disease if I would not refuse treatment just so as to end the pain.

I think your entry is good but like a lot of similar pieces I have read it is much too kind to women. In the end you condemn the system but you omit to notice the utter baseness and worthlessness of women who are worse than a squalid disease. It also needs to be recognised that men's sexual nature is Gods perverse trick on men. It serves us badly and I despise it wholly. It is the sickness within us with which we are born and that destroys us.

Bwec said...

Actually when left to the natural order of things female choice in sexual selection is not something she uses over males. Males have what she wants as well. The purpose of feminism is to remove males from value to a female or make her "independent". The idea is to remove the need for husband and father.

I believe sir, that your perceptions of inequality are true but in a natural state do not exist. It is government and feminist doctrine that has made things unequal...

Please understand that left to essential natures men and women are partners and our bond is sacred. It is the State which enters into this realm of the personal and destroys this dynamic.

Talleyrand said...

We are not partners. One gender or the other gets subjugated. The subjugation of the females by men was more like the subjugation of children.

The subjugation of the males by women is total slavery and the loss of all freedom.

The path of female supremacy is tyranny and then destruction and chaos. Every society in the past that has ever gone this route has met the same fate and ours will be no different.

Anonymous said...

"Every society in the past that has ever gone this route has met the same fate and ours will be no different."

If anybody survives this "war" it will be us, at what cost,though, I cannot say.

Anonymous said...

The cost for me has already been too high!

Anonymous said...

we are not free of women and their tyranny.

only tonight I took my post-meal walk, which involves walking through a housing estate. behind me I hear a car acting suspiciously, but I walk on around the corner.

the car follows me around the corner, so I stop, look behind, tuen around and walk back the way I came. A minute later, the car is again behind me, and when I look back, it stops.

I carry on walking, the car starts up and follows me yet again. I stop. the car stops.

I carry on walking out of the estate, look back a few hundred yards later, no car. then suddenly, headlights and a reved engine. and I stop and look at this car for about 20 secoinds and it reverses back into the estate.

At this point, I am feeling really pissed off. basically I've just been forced off the estate.

so I walk back into the estate and look around to try and find the car, I cant find it, so I walk back out of the housing estate, and within a few seconds the car is again right behind me. so I look around and think "Im going to confront this person". guess what? its a woman.

So I gesture to her to open the window, and I say to her why is she following me? she says because I look suspicious, and have a scarf over my face (over my mouth actually, its starting to get cold here and I get chapped lips, so I use the scarf for propection).

she calls me a 'freak', so I say to her that shes just been stalking me, and that shes just a mental case, like every other women".

she then says shes phoned the police, I say good. the police turn up within a minute. and the women gets out of the car and says to the officer "this is him, officer, this is the guy thats been walking around.

I have to get into the police car and questioned. and the female officer (there was a male and female), says, well it is odd that you are walking on the estate at this time (11:30pm, not that odd surely).

I say to police that this women is paranoid and what a waste of time its been.

So now I cant even go for a walk after my evening meal, for fear that a woman will call the police.

Britain is a female police state.

Bwec said...

Well it is males that acquire territory and resources..This female that called the police must have thought you were out to do just that...

Don't worry about this isolated incident....I don't think it is that relevant.