Wednesday, October 20, 2010

U.S. Marriage Rates At Historic Low and Falling

The 2010 U.S. Census results are in. The census shows the proportion of U.S. adults between 25 and 34 who have never been married exceeded those who are married for the first time in more than a century. There is no sign of this turning around anytime soon. There is great momentum behind the trends of women's collective divorce from men and their marriage to their government husband.

The best thing men can do is stick together, form ranks as a separate socio-political and socio-economic class with separate unconstitutional representation within government by gender like women have. If we can manage to represent our gender class we will have a fighting chance to remove representation by gender and even race or religion for that matter and restore The Constitution of The United States. We have representation by gender and race now, and I fear that if we do not act now, representation by religion will not be far behind.

Unfortunately I don't think men will be able to compete with women's government husband and "women first" female agency in government. I think as men we must protect ourselves. One of the best things men can do is make the decision to protect yourselves and your property rights and this goes with the God given right to be a father. I think things will get a lot worse before they get better for us men. I hope that someday men will win property rights to our bodies and the fruits of its labor. I hope that we will win the right to shared custody of children. Whatever we do we must protect ourselves especially from Marriage. The best advise I could give another young man like myself is to never get married.

Sorry, the graph below is a little dated. The single woman birth rate is now 40%-42% of all births. Again, there is significant momentum behind these trends.

There is hope though. Look at the reset in the single mother birth trend momentum starting in 1993. This was when one of women's resource constructs was reformed i.e. welfare reform took place. If we can manage to establish more property rights in marriage and thus our obligations to women in divorce we will be able to reduce the trend momentum even more. Men must fight to establish property rights to our bodies and the fruits of its labor.

If we can establish shared custody of children, women will bear some sort of liability and reciprocal obligation toward men and the institution of marriage. They initiate 70+% of divorces now but if we are able to give women an equally responsible part to play in the institution of marriage they may be much less likely to make men and fathers disposable to the family.

We have a tough fight ahead of us men. Women organized in numbers in the 1960's. Their leaders lobbied for the creation and institution of no-fault divorce laws and no-fault entitlement to the male body and the fruits of its labor.

If we can reform "women first" laws in college admissions and job hirings we can reduce the level at which women are our competitors and adversaries for territory and resources. If we can manage a few of these changes or all of them we will have a fighting chance at being a part of the family again. The problem is that women's leaders have managed to devote the Stimulus Package to women and are now seeking further enforcement of laws which dictate that Federal job contracts be given to women owned businesses. The truth is that we have taken heavy casualties men but the fight IS NOT OVER! WE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO FIGHT! The bond we share with women is sacred. I don't believe women themselves are the enemy but rather their female nature has been given agency within government. The nature of government is continual growth. Our founding fathers believed that government is a necessary evil but by nature it seeks to be all powerful and seeks continual growth, they believed that government is tyranny. To men, family, marriage and fatherhood this will all continue to be the death of us if we don't fight.

Yes, women have married the government. Yes, all male property rights have been removed along with any right to the prospect of shared custody of our children. Those of you how are an MRA or follow these issues know that women are vehemently opposed to shared parenting. Without political agency we will be unable to defeat women's leaders. Please go to and sign the shared parenting petition. The American Coalition of Fathers and Children has been making valiant efforts to change feminist laws. We can't do it without YOU. I hope that women will join us in our fight.

I don't know what to tell you men. Women said they wanted this back in the 1960's and have not stopped since. They were not joking when they shouted "the personal is political". We have no choice but to continue to withdraw. I wish I had better news for you guys, I really do. We can only take comfort in the solace that this can not go on forever. When the Matriarchy collapses men will be a part of the family again. Hang in there men. I believe our decline as a nation will be exponential. Never stop fighting my dear countrymen. Never give up hope that we can turn this around. At very least if we are unable to form a mutually reciprocal bond with women then we must continue on course with staunch resistance to women's demands to be dependent on us.

In this respect I will make something perfectly clear. MEN HAVE NO OBLIGATION TO SUPPORT A WOMAN'S FAMILY AND "HER" CHILDREN....NONE!

The decisions we make as a nation now will dictate whether our country lives or dies. We must not give up. We must fight! I will fight along side all of you. If the time ever comes my countrymen I will kill along side you in battle. I will die along side you. This is our home. When it comes down to it, our homeland, our jobs and the prospect of family is all that we have men. We must continue to fight and NEVER SURRENDER!


Anonymous said...

Interesting stats, and that picture of the old feminist protesters is amazing!

I've been looking at similar stats on my own blog. One of the things which stands out to me is that they always lump the numbers together, but there are important differences between men & women, across races, and across age groups. It would be interesting to see the breakdown across racial lines for example for the two charts.

Anonymous said...

The answer to all of these problems is astonishingly simple, yet at the same time complex.

The solution is to lower women's socioeconomic status. Once that is accomplished, all this "girl power" bullshit will evaporate into thin air. Look at how the recession is affecting marriage rates. The key is money. Just like the old saying,"The love of money" is the root of our feminist evils.

The difficult part is to accomplish this without it backfiring on us.Nobody will happily give their money up, not even a feminist. If you ask me, the stimulus package diversion was Barry's deal with NOW and the feminists in the White House who knew that if women didn't have "economic security", they would abandon feminism in droves.

The reason women are fucking us over right and left is because they can, and the reason they can is because they don't have to wonder how they'll eat when they've pissed off all the farmers with their bullshit.

Their Achilles Heel is their purse, take the greenbacks out of the equation and this bullshit will evaporate. You won't be able to find a feminist ANYWHERE. The reason women aren't fleeing to the MRM in droves right now is because they've yet to figure out how to exploit a MGHOW financially. Bet on it.

ScareCrow said...

CRASH and BURN Marriage2.0!

Crash and BURN...

Goodbye and good-riddance!