Sunday, March 28, 2010

Women Mounting What Could Be Final Assault Upon Men and Boys!

The Communist Women's Party is planning what could be the final blow to men and boys!

The Women's Party feminists MUST BE STOPPED BY ANY AND ALL MEANS NECESSARY, hopefully this will not become violent. Make no mistake WE ARE AT WAR with women as a socio-political class with separate class interests! Women have made "the personal political" as they have promised. The gender war is in full swing!

There is not much time left! Men must mount a counter attack immediately, hopefully a peaceful one... This is something that needs to be taken VERY SERIOUSLY! This information will be relayed to senior command elements in the Men's Movement immediately! It is suspected that Women's Feminists plan to starve men off at both ends, educationally as you will see below and economically with THE DIVERSION OF THE STIMULUS PACKAGE which has already been done. This is a classic pincher maneuver accompanied by a rear guard action assault. It is up to all of you to sound the alarm. Do not be lulled into complacency, Women's Feminists are mounting what could be the final blow to men and boys in our colleges!

below is a graph created by extrapolated data from:

During this time Women's Party leaders plan to mount a classic rear guard action to defend the Bradly Amendment at all costs. This Amendment makes it virtually impossible for men to lower their forced labor payments of alimony woman support to women who have abandoned their family during and prior to what economists have labeled the "Mancession". 80% of all jobs lost in this recession have been to men! The goal is to push men out of educational institutions and the workforce simultaneously then immediately and over time through such methods of cruel attrition, capture and arrest all the marginalized and displaced males who are hopefully unable to support their ex wives and estranged children. Make no mistake, these men who fail to give what remaining money they have left to the women who left them in no-fault divorce WILL BE PLACED INSIDE OF JAIL CAGES! At this time my very own brother is getting his unemployment garnished and given to his ex-wife who is employed!

This is a classic three pronged assault! Gentlemen, your adversaries are no fools and are masters at manipulation of our social fabric and governmental social policy. This is not a drill! Man your battle stations!

Gentlemen, we have been HIT HARD already! Women's Feminist Leaders have inflicted heavy casualties! Do not break ranks and retreat, we must regroup and counter attack immediately!

And now a special review of the feminist intelligence report known as "A Woman's Nation" has been brought to my attention.

Psychological Warfare operations against men and boys is under way and is the first stage of the assault. It is designed to soften up strategic targets, embolden, empower and swell the ranks of female forces while demoralizing the male enemy. The report advocates plans for the second stage educational element of the assault upon males. It is speculated that the underlying goal is to eradicate opportunities for males in some of the last places males still reside in our colleges.


Shriver's "A Woman's Nation" Misses the Mark
-By Mona Charen

Maria Shriver's new report, "A Woman's Nation Changes Everything," has received a full dress media rollout. We are invited to examine the changes in women's lives over the past several decades and to deplore, as usual, the obstacles to full equality that women supposedly face. Published in cooperation with the Center for American Progress, "A Woman's Nation" claims to be reckoning with the new era but arguably fails to grapple with the most profound challenges to women (as well as children and men).

Some of what's in this report is a recycling of long-discredited data. Heather Boushey, for example, regurgitates the statistic that women only earn 77 cents on the dollar compared with men. But as the Hudson Institute's Diana Furchtgott-Roth and other economists have shown, this number conceals more than it reveals. It is only true on average. But when you begin to compare like with like, the discrepancies narrow considerably. Comparing men and women who both work 40 hours per week, for example, reduces the pay gap by 10 cents per hour. You have to look carefully at what is being compared. Among workers labeled "full time," hours worked by men tend to exceed hours worked by women. When men and women performing the same job are compared -- whether supermarket checker or first-year associate at a law firm -- the pay gap nearly disappears.

"A Woman's Nation" declares in one breath that the "war of the sexes is over" but in the next launches a broadside about women's educational opportunities. It requires some ingenuity to complain that women are educationally shortchanged, when, as even the chapter's author, Mary Ann Mason, acknowledges, "Women today receive 62 percent of college associate's degrees, 57 percent of bachelor's degrees, 60 percent of all master's degrees, half of all professional degrees (law and medicine) and just under half of all Ph.D.s." But there is a problem lurking beneath the surface of this evident success. Though they dominate higher education, too many women are still choosing "traditional female majors" like education, health care (including nursing), and psychology.

Some people look at these data and see free people making free choices. The report doesn't see it that way. Some unseen hand (the patriarchy?) is herding women students into psychology class and blocking their enrollment in engineering and computer science. Women shouldn't cluster in the "helping professions," the report complains, because those jobs don't pay as well as some others. That women may prefer these fields anyway is not considered. Yes, Mason admits, women choose fields that offer job flexibility so that they can fulfill family responsibilities. But that just shows how much the world must change to make these tradeoffs unnecessary.

The solution to the educational "problem," the report argues -- and here we come to the nub -- is more government action. "Our government has already started" to tackle these problems, the report chirps, through laws like Title IX. But Big Brother must do more! Title IX must be used "as a tool to level the playing field for women in the sciences, just as it has done successfully for sports." In other words, schools must be coerced into "equalizing" these programs or risk the loss of federal support.

(THIS PLAN AGAINST MEN AND BOYS HAS SUPPORT AT THE FEDERAL LEVEL. HERE: Women's leaders discuss the STEM program and Title IX "women first" policy. The goal is to force this "women first" policy upon any and all places males still preside in our colleges! Women's Party Feminist leaders are also seeking the reauthorization and elemental advantages be given to women in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act)

There's so much for benevolent government to do. The U.S., the report laments, "is the only industrialized country without any requirement that employers provide paid family leave." Employers must be required by law to offer generous family leave, flexible working hours, and other benefits. The government must "increase support to families for child care, early education and elder care to help working parents cope with their multiple responsibilities." Would that be the same government that is already trillions in debt?

Hundreds of pages, lots of photos and charts, and it's the same old song. It completely misses the most important fact about modern women's lives -- the decline of family stability. And not just women's lives. The decline of marital stability and the rise of unmarried parenting (currently almost 40 percent of children are born to unmarried parents) has not only been a catastrophe for children, it has also made combining work and family harder than ever. Just at the moment women entered the workforce en masse, marriages -- so essential to providing stability to home life -- unraveled.

The solution, says the Shriver report, is for our "social insurance" programs to "recognize" how family life is changing and increase benefits for a range of domestic needs. See how it works? The more that families disintegrate, the more demands are made upon the government to step in to fill the gaps. That's a downward spiral from which there may be no escape.

-End of Emergency Action Message-


Anonymous said...

hello. ive made some mistakes in my life but at least i never got married or had kids, ESPECIALLY to an american woman. if i HAD, id probably be living in a garbage can.
BUT! that doesnt mean for a second i havent endured ENDLESS insults from these scum. yep, theyve even called their best friends, the popo shit on me.
all buulshit charges were later dropped, but i had to wait 5 months, and it cost me cash of course.i want a woman? i HAVE to go overseas, no choice. all my friends have!''all men are potential rapists''. i knew we were in trouble when i heard that fuckshit years ago.
false rape accusations are routine.
anyway, im ant_misandrist on twitter and i go AFTER the misandrists with their made up stats. i dont just retweet. needless to say, ive been blocked a LOT. my name is john halder. and i could use some followers! cya, on twitter

Anonymous said...

Another resource for men looking to end Feminism:


Tanya Thibodeau said...

Wow. Can you say misogyny?

Discount said...

@Tanya YOU SAY: "Wow. Can you say misogyny?"

Wow, Can you say misandry?

I don't hate women at all but they are my competition as a separate socio-political class with separate class interests.

Understand that women are in competition against men and in terms of civil rights women's leaders are my enemy. If you support "women first" laws that would make you the enemy of men and boys as well..

Again, Can you say misandry??

Bwec said...

Also Tanya, I'm excited that you are one of the few women who actually say something here on my blog but I regret that your reply has no substance for intellectual conjecture.

Do you have anything other than ad hominem shaming language to add to the conversation..

Let me help you along with a quick rebuttal to your statement....I love and respect the essential nature of women and how the sexes naturally come together and complement the other.... I have had several deep loving relationships with women and enjoy the company of women sometimes above all else and this does not include sex.

Is that "women hating" enough for you??

I wish a woman could come here to my blog and add something to the conversation. Women are surprisingly absent from participation now that men are coming to the table to talk after 40 years of feminism.

I not only do not hate women but welcome their voice here. This is more than I can say for feminist sites which are hegemonic in nature and routinely censor, delete or outright shame men for our feelings, thoughts and experiences.

I welcome women here but they do not speak. What a shame...

Anonymous said...

Just to make it clear this poster does hate women and is a misogynist. I see no reason not to hate women. I was not born hating them but somewhere along the line that is what happened.

Now my eyes are open to their malign base natures I don't think I will ever be able to stop hating them.

My misfortune is that hating them does not exempt me from having to support and provide for them.

Anonymous said...

My life was ruined by the family courts & a feminist judge. I did not start hating feminist women but I do now. I still don't hate all women.

My life has been destroyed. If I am driven to suicide, I have vowed to take as many feminists with me as possible.

Discount said...

no no don't do that! Chance of male suicide increases several times over for males over female rates AFTER DIVORCE. I know the powerlessness you feel! You have been raped of so much and even your kids most likely....I AM HERE FOR YOU SIR! I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU ALONE TO THIS!


Bwec said...

manhood101 is somewhat adolescent in it's core presentation but it is a sign that men are trying to find their way in all this.

I much prefer

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! Honestly, it's late and I don't have time to read this entire blog - I only stumbled across it from a curiousity search of my own name and found that another woman by the same name had posted here. Interesting site (wow), but not really surprised that you don't get a lot of posts from women (aside from the fact that the author of this blog has chosen to approve posts before allowing them).

So yes - here you go, a post from a woman.

1) I hate feminists.... OMG get over it ladies! It's because of damned feminists that I am the money maker in my household, that I am the one who earns the larger income, work the longer hours, PLUS had the babies, clean the house and do the shopping.

2) I hate all activists and extremists - middle of the road people - balance.... NONE of this is equality no matter which side of the fence you're on.

Seriously, I understand the number of men out there who have been royally screwed over by women. I understand the number women out there who have been beaten to near death by the men who supposedly love them.

But, people, when it comes right down to it.... YOU and you alone have the power to take control of your life and do something about it. To make it better, to make it what you want.

If someone told you that you were stupid or ugly - would you believe them? If they told you to jump off a bridge - would you? If they told you that you weren't capable of doing something that you really wanted to do - would you just accept it without trying?

If you answered yes to these.... go see a shrink.

Balance and harmony come from within - period, the end. No one else makes you miserable or ruins your life - YOU do - YOU control your life by how you react and whether or not you choose to move forward.

Cheer up boys - not all women are evil... but for gods sake stop snivelling like you are women and be the MEN you're suppose to be.

Shania Twain said it best in her song "The woman in me, needs the man in you." And the feminists who despise that statement can go to hell.