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MRA's Continue Organizing On University Campuses Despite Bitter Opposition.

First I'd like to say that I have spoken before about our British brothers in arms and the bond we share, the common ends of which we seek. The British have been instrumental in bringing Fathers 4 Justice to the United States. I firmly believe that there should be no distinction of where the opposition to the rights of Men and Fathers lies and that we as men deserve equal rights and representation. It is imperative that we do so together. It would not be the first time our brothers have joined us in battle. This will not be our first victory together.

Our movement has no bounds, there is no border to the commonalities of the human spirit. As men's groups have formed in the campuses of Great Britain so to have they begun to form here in U.S. universities. When you read the article below you will see how pertinant it is to the same forces we face in the United States. Make no mistake, the forces that seek to silence the voice of men are great, only together will we be heard.....

By The Rights of Man | Source | November 29, 2009

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The biggest and widest breeding ground for the anti-male feminism that drives UK public policy is our universities. They always have been the intellectual heartbeat of the country and many who are indoctrinated at university go on to dominate both politics and the civil service/public sector. Often there is an incubation period, where they join the public sector and then have to wait to rise to gain power.

Over the past 30 years or so, the plethora of women's officers, women's societies and other such organisations have been the norm at every student union. This means that even where there is a university that does have a gender studies department there is a ready and able place to stir up anti-male feeling on every campus.

The reason for raising this is the recent debate has been the small growth of men's societies on some campuses. The papers covered this week that both Oxford and Manchester universities have inaugurated such societies though others have or have had them. Ben Wild who set up MENS in Manchester has an excellent article in the Guardian (comments worth reading as well). These are a welcome antidote especially as many members are actually women, you know, the one that actually like men, appreciate their role in society and their life, those who may have brothers and certainly have fathers and certainly do not agree with the nonsense spouted by the anti-male feminists.

There are others mens groups on campus. Kent University has one or certainly had one - an attempt to abolish was made here - see page 9) as does Hull University, Lampeter, De Montford, Southampton and I think the University of London.
Of course, this is all good news and if there is to be equality then if there is a women's officer then there should be a men's officer.

What has been astounding, but of course, not at all surprising has been the usual backlash. The National Union of Students (a body meant to represent all students including men) does not have a men's officer and Olivia Bailey, NUS national women's officer, said in the Guardian: "Discrimination against men on the basis of gender is so unusual as to be non-existent, so what exactly will a men's society do? To suggest that men need a specific space to be 'men' is ludicrous, when everywhere you turn you will find male-dominated spaces," she added. What planet??

Rumour has it that the Fawcett Society and the Equalities and Human Rights Commission are involved in a recruitment tug-of-war to employ her because she is so on-message for those two organisations. What is so sickening is the fact that the NUS and Ms Olivia Bailey are so anti-male, they even publish a document called "I will win the arguments".

The documents sets out the themes to be used to secure women's representatives on campus student unions and openly admits what should be said to stop men's representatives from being established. Just reading this scandalous document you can taste the anti-male vitriol.

It should be dismissed as the absurd but in today's anti-male Britain this document will be circulated to all student unions plus their women's officers so that everything can be done to stop men's officers and men's societies from being established.

This author and anyone who uses its argument does not believes in equality - they are anti-male feminists and they will be all working in senior positions in the public sector within a decade. Let no one be fooled.

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Gogonostop said...

I donno about you, Red, but the more I hear about Feminism, the less tolerant I am about it. We can expect this at every stage of the way. The question I am wondering is: when we are presenting our cause, how much of it should be framed in a perspective of pro-men, and how much should be framed as counter-feminist? It's very hard to do one without the other to some degree. And, whenever people like Olivia openly declare war, shall we not openly declare war back - in defense, no less? Why not openly declare the attacker (Feminism), instead of simply being pro-male?

I swear, virtually every time we try to be pro-male, a Feminist jumps up and wants to monopolize the discussion, and frame it as "men are hurting us." Are we not, then, justified? I'm thinking about distributing fliers around the campus that say "Stop the Radical Feminist war on men!" with some information about Feminist anti-male laws, propaganda, etc.

Fidelbogen said...

First they ignore you, then they fight you . . . then you win.

Isn't that how it goes? ;)

Anonymous said...

Gather roses while you may........................................

Anonymous said...


Well if that's the case we are at stage 2, For years they have ignored us, Heck we even planned a global fathers/mens day and what did it achieve? Nothing, It was not opposed, it was simply ignored.

Now they are fighting us, They realize that simply ignoring us is not going to make us go away, For our cause is just.

This is actually my favorite part, We get to see who our enemies are, Those that have been hurting our cause indirectly for as long as our cause has existed.

I do expect the road to TRUE equality (something that has not been conceived in any culture) to be a bumpy ride, heck some feminists have even attempted assassination (valerie solanas) this was many years ago though, And it was attempted on a man simply because he WAS a man. Think what the same person would do to those that are not only men, But are pro men.

Our lives have always been significantly harder then womens, And it isn't going to get any better if we don't band together and work what issues effect us and how we can fix them, Like women have done. With this said, It should be no surprise that womens lives are easier then they have EVER been.

And kudos to them because not only have they wisely grouped together to make life better for the majority they have set the example for mens groups to follow, The mens rights movement is merely mimicking the feminist movement post 3rd wave (which was the most sexist and hateful wave of them all in my opinion)

Female privilege is firmly entrenched in western culture and won't be removed by any amount of pushing and budging. And so even if we wanted to we could not get rid of it, What we can do is make life better for ourselves and other men. In the words of arguseyes: We defeat bad ideas with good ideas.

Have a great day to all MRA's/masculinists/Anti feminists

Stay motivated and active.


Anonymous said...

Amiable fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.