Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Syndication: A Necessary Rant

All the recent discussion on various blogs about the decline of marriage and fatherhood has got me to thinking. Suppose you were on a cruise ship that got sucked into a maelstrom and landed on an island in a parallel universe. While on the island, you notice a odd phenomenon about the natives. All the men insist on only marrying healthy, attractive women. However, they routinely deny women adequate nutrition, exercise, etc. The end result is that most women are not attractive enough for the men. Also, the men routinely ignore some of the women who are partially attractive because the men have such high standards. So many partially attractive women grow old without a husband. Then the men ignore these women even more and accuse these women of having issues. The men also complain about their being "not enough good women to go around."

How would you feel about these men? How should one feel? You know where I am going with this, don't you? Yep, let's turn the tables. Now you know just how despicable many women are. There is a systemic problem with female expectations in this society. Let's face the facts: Men have been betrayed by women. When many of us were growing up in the shadow of feminism, we were told that women wanted equality. Did that mean true equality? Men were promised that they could be sensitive and they didn't have to be success objects. Men were led to believe that social dominance wasn't not as important as a man's character. Men were led to believe that women would love them for who they were and not for the roles people expected men to fulfill. It's all been a lie.

Too many women are not interested in equality as they are in "eekwalitee" (having their cake and eating it, too). Women are the choosier sex and often express a preference for socially dominant males (men who are confident, ambitious, resilient, industrious, and who have social assets - whether that be looks, wealth, intelligence, or whatever suits the whim of women for that given moment). After all, we are told that women need to pick wisely in order to maximize the benefit for their offspring.

And yet what have we seen?

1. Men being socially disenfranchised as women compete with them for social, legal, and economic power. Men are left scratching their heads. How can women expect men to provide something that women are taking away in the first place?

2. Men have been psychologically beaten down by an anti-male society. From an early age onward, they receive little or no affirmation or encouragement. They encounter very few positive male role models and they receive no real mentoring. Mostly it's blame, recrimination, ridicule, vilification, and neglect they receive at the hands of others and the hands of culture as a whole. The end result is that these men either don't have self-confidence or don't have any ambition (traits women find attractive in men). How could the men have these traits? How could they feel that they have a stake in a society that repeatedly demonstrates indifference, distrust, or outright hostility towards them? Again, how can anyone expect men to possess something that is being taken away in the first place?

The bottom line is that men are having an increasingly difficult time being what women want them to be. And what's even more disconcerting is that many women don't even seem to be bothered by that. It's make one wonder if women have just seen men as a means to an end: genetic material and resources for the offspring. Now that women can receive much of what they want without men, look how many of them act. Women in the mainstream media revel about the demise of men. If these women said similar things about blacks or Jews, they would be dismissed as mentally unhinged. Indeed, they are mentally unhinged, but very few people challenge these women on their sick, mindless, androphobic drivel.

Don't you dare tell me it's "the way women are" and that I need to deal with it. If we place social constraints on the behavior of men, then corresponding constraints need to be placed on women. Churches rant and rave about male promiscuity, the "male gaze", and men "being hung up on looks." Where are the church sermons that address the problem women have in objectifying men as success objects? Have you heard any lately? In the animal kingdom, a lot of female organisms work to accumulate resources for themselves and their offspring with little or no regard for others. Male organisms are reduced to a disposable resource. What are faith communities doing to challenge women to move beyond such a base mode of existence? We talk about a "Christian worldview" but I think a lot of conservative women act like Darwinists in their relationship with men. We are hypocritical when we suggest that masculinity and the male sex drive are sinfully disordered (a result of the Fall, or whatever), but the behavior of women is just "something natural" and the "way they were designed." Excuse me, but I have a difficult time believing the Creator designed women to treat men like tools, or worse, like garbage.

A lot of women are being incredibly foolish if they think society can move on just fine without being concerned about the welfare of men. Readers should take note of this: Women have no power unless men consent to it. That even goes for sexual power. If men don't have a personal stake in the welfare of future generations, then there won't be any future generations. If a critical mass of men start caring more about video games than about impregnating women and parenting the resultant offspring, then this society will fall flat on its face (or it will be replaced by something more rooted in reality). The future is not independent-minded white women. The future is traditionalist, brown-skinned women of an "ancient and enduring" people "whose language you do not know."

Women can't expect to play "top dog" and yet be married to the "top dog." There can only be one "top dog." Embracing gender equality means ditching the Alpha Male Fantasy(tm). Embracing the Alpha Male Fantasy(tm) means ditching gender equality. Remember what I said about the New Gender Deal. Women can't have it both ways.

People also need to start showing genuine compassion, concern, and respect for men as human beings; they need stop acting like men need to earn these things. Otherwise, an increasing amount of men are going to get the idea that nobody genuinely and honestly cares about their inherent worth as people. When men start believing that, they are not going to show much care and concern in return. I think that lies at the heart of much of the crimes men commit.

In short, if nothing changes, then women are going to destroy this society. It's going to be a classic case of the Tragedy of Commons. You don't like me talking about women? Too bad. There's going to be little or no real progress for men and women until women get their act together and rethink their behavior. We can blame the government, the liberals, the New World Order, technology, chivalrous men, genes, or whatever, but here's the indisputable truth: A critical mass of women are primarily responsible for the mess that has come about. Someone needs to point this out. When women constantly belittle, demean, and marginalize men at every turn, someone needs to say something. When women try to have their "eekwalitee" cake and eat it too, giving men the shaft in the process, someone needs to say something. Otherwise, the whole mess is going to explode in the face of women, and they will have no one to cry to.



conceptualclarity said...

Thanks! Boy, have you got it right!

Anonymous said...

I disagree - Please look back in time and see who left who - I think it was the man who would leave his family. Then who would have to step up and take care of the home front? The woman of the house was left to do the best she could with the bills, home, Childern, extened family and what ever else was thrown her way. Over time they have learned to stand because some had to make it without a decent man/husband/father to provide/protect them from this world as they should.

conceptualclarity said...

Anonymous,I think you've got it seriously wrong. When I was a boy, if there was a child who was growing up in what was called back then a "broken home," it was spoken of with great sympathy as a profoundly tragic thing. I think it was on this blog that I saw statistics that show that the explosion in the divorce rate took place at the same time as what I would call the beginning of the Feminist Ascendancy in this society, when feminism was incorporated as part of the progressive establishment, which since the 1960s has been THE establishment in the U.S. So my supposition is that the explosive increase in divorce in this society was mainly the result of an explosive increase in wives leaving their husbands and not vice-versa. My impression is that husbands abandoning their wives has never in this society taken place at a rate comparable to today's rate of wives abandoning their husbands. Bwec, you're the man who has the handle on these sort of stats. Please set me right or confirm me as the case may warrant.
There is a book that I'm going to buy soon that has significant insights into why women leave their husbands these days, Women's Infidelity by Michelle Lanley at womensinfidelity.com. As I understand it, she's a woman who left her husband, then later felt remorse, and decided she wanted to figure out why she and so many other women like her with decent husbands did it.
Bwec, I get the impression from this blog entry that you are like me a believing Christian. Care to elaborate?

Bwec said...

Anon,,,No actually women abandon their families most often..70% of all divorce is initiated by women...

I am not sure what goes on in the newer "cohabitative relationships" "See: divorce declining but so is marriage" but eventually men will feel little obligation to stick around in these loose knit relationships...

Men only initiate 30% of divorce and many if not most of these do not involve children...Men vary rarely abandon their family by divorce....

I am not sure why main stream pop culture and government want you to think otherwise but I suspect it gains them power....The feminist establishment loves it because they get more funding.

Feminists want single motherhood to be supported by "isolated resource producing males" and the State. They don't like the idea that men are a part of the family.

Bwec said...

I find it interesting that of all the rest of divorces which are initiated by men (30%) only a fraction of those relationships involve children. In many cases men only initiate divorce when they have no children.

According to Los Angeles divorce consultant Jayne Major: "It's a little known fact that in the United States men initiate only a small number of the divorces involving children."

Again, men rarely abandon their families as women do..

conceptualclarity said...

You are exactly right in this. Men are reputed to be unconcerned about children. The reality is different. In sexual refuser marriages when the woman is the one refused according to what I have read the husband is dumped on average after 4 years of it. When the wife is the refuser, the husband hangs on interminably, because the husband doesn't want to leave the children.

Men need more friendships with other men. They become totally dependent on their wives for friendship, which leads to wives figuring out eventually they can get away with murder.

Also in reference to your main article, I think the idea that women are less hung up on looks than men is another one of those self-serving female myths. If that were true, how can you explain what everybody knows--that exceptionally good-looking men need not do much more than snap their fingers to get large numbers of desirable women in bed with them? That's why they turn into world-class backside orifices (if you'll pardon the expression)--because women spoil them rotten!

But back to my point, I believe feminism preceded and caused the divorce explosion rather than the divorce explosion causing feminism. Any poster who can shed any light on this disagreement over history between Anonymous and me will be appreciated.

conceptualclarity said...

Pardon me. Bwec has established the chronology about divorce and feminism. The issue is when did divorce become an overwhelmingly female-initiated phenomenon. Was it long after the divorce explosion or was the rise of female abandonment of husbands the essence of the divorce explosion as I suspect?